The train to my heart

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Chapter 18: Escape

Zanders perspective:
The buzzing of my phone brings me to.

Zander: Yeah.

John: Page tried to call me from a diner off Highway 33, she left a message. She knows she’s not safe, and David is trying to take her to the penthouse in West Canada.

Zander: What does that mean. Is she still there? Is she still with the trader.

John: No the waitress who’s phone she used said she snuck Page out the back and then stalled David for a good 15 minutes before he became suspicious and ran out. I have people close by. If she’s still in the area they’ll find her. You stay put incase David does show up there with her.

Zander: If something happens to her John....

Anger is fueling my every being right now putting me in the wrong mind set to deal with this situation. I clinch my jaws and hang up not wanting to make an empty threat knowing Page would never forgive me even if this is his fault.

He was also right though. I needed to stay here just in case. It doesn’t set right with me. The idea of the traders hands on my Page if he catches up to her. He will be one of the first ones to die. I take a moment to clear my head and wait.

Pages perspective:
I run south of the dinner a good 10 minutes before my chest began to tighten. I can’t stop now. I push my self till I come to a clearing. There’s a gas station across the way. Maybe I can hitch a ride back to the states, but the open field with a half moon will expose me.

Not knowing how much of a lead I had on David I can’t risk going the long way around. I take a deep breath and against my better judgment I book it across the field.

Once I make it across I dart behind a dumpster to catch my breath and watch to see if he was following me. I take a few moments to compose myself and check the field one last time to see if I am in the clear before heading to the front of the station.

It’s practically a ghost town. But there is one older man with thin short grey hair in his late 60’s filling up his old beat up red ford pick up. By the looks of his old dirty jeans and flannel I’d think he’s a farmer from Montana. I walk up to him just as he’s topping off the tank

Page: Excuse me, Hi? Could I trouble you for a ride? I’ll pay you.

Old man: Where you headed.

Page: As far East as you can take me. I need to get back to Spokane.

I nervously keep looking around for any signs of David.

Old: You in some kind of trouble swear heart.

Page: A little. I came across the border with my boyfriend and realized he’s not such a good guy. So I’m desperately trying to get back home.

I lay it on a little thick with tears and it does the trick.

Old man: Hop in.

Page: Thank you.

I run around the passenger side and lay low. Reaching a hand out to the old man.

Page: I’m Page.

He shakes my hand.

Old man: Frank.

He looks at me with concern, but with out hesitation he drives off. Few minutes later he speaks up.

Frank: I think you’re in the clear.

I sit up looking out the side mirror satisfied there are no head lights meaning no other cars.

Page: Thank you.

Frank: So what’s the real story Page.


Page: That Obvious?

Frank: No you were actually very convincing. But I’ve been around a long time. I don’t doubt someone is after you but you mind telling me how serious this really is?

Page: Well it’s not far from the truth. I really am running away from an ex. When I left him I exposed him for what he really is so needless to say he’s pretty upset and has people after me.

Frank: How did you end up in Canada.

Page: I was raised by a bunch of burly Marines. A few of them have devoted their retirement on helping women escape abusive situations, so naturally that was the route I was taking. But then I met Zander. He was actually hired by my ex to kill me but It’s interesting how love works. Zander says for him he knew from the first picture he saw of me, and he took the job so that he could protect me.

Zander decided he was going to go take care of Clive my ex and thought it would be best for me to go to Spokane until he could make things right. For some reason they all decided it would be best to continue with the original plan and make me disappear. Like I said my ex is a really bad guy with a lot of connections, he managed to find out about Spokane and paid one of the guys who was supposed to be helping me, to actually kidnap me and bring me to him here in Canada.

Frank: Wow. Sounds like I should be watching for this documentary drama on Netflix in a year.

He makes me laugh.

Page: I wouldn’t be surprised.

Frank: How about this Zander. Does he know about the trader.

Page: I don’t know. I have no way of getting in contact with him. I managed to get a message back home just before running into you so hopefully.

Page: How about you frank, you don’t sound very Canadian.

Frank: Nope. Montana born and raised. My wife always wanted to come here to see all the great waterfalls of Canada. We saved up for years planning a trip till she was diagnosed with cancer. When she died 15 years ago I brought her ashes up here to spread off her favorite waterfall just North of Oliver and well I never went back.

Page: That’s sweet.

The word sweet seems to stick in the air like something out of a movie. My ears began to ring as my eyes became blinded by a light reflecting off the mirrors. Suddenly there was a death chilling silence as the truck spun into a 180 before going into a slow motion roll flipping us upside down in a ditch. Just like the movies time then sped up. The ringing became ear piercing.

The horn was blasting, engine was hissing, metal was cracking. I hear a gurgling sound and look over to Frank. His nose was broke and blood was suffocating him. I released my seat belt trying to reach Frank when a gunshot rang out. Blood splattered everywhere as his body went limp.

At first all I saw was his boots. Then he bent down looking past Frank at me with the same look he’s given me a dozen times and that same smirk. I grab my pack and slide out through the window attempting to find my footing. I kept slipping in a mixture of blood and mud.

Grasping at everything and anything to get out. Just as David jumps down behind me I finally muster the strength to get up on the road and run for his truck. It’s still running. If I can get in and lock the door.

His laughter echoes through the still ringing in my ears. I grab for the handle but as I swing open the door I feel my self yanked back then thrown forward slamming face first into the frame of the truck. My body becomes heavy as black dots multiply in my vision.

David: I know these roads blind folded remember.

His voice was muffled like I was under water. It’s the last thing I heard. Before total darkness consumed me.

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