The train to my heart

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Chapter 2: Dinner and a dance

Zander: You said your father was a Marine?

Page: He passed away.

Zander: How, if you don’t mind me asking?

Page: A brain aneurysm two years ago.

Zander: I’m sorry.

Page: I’m just thankful I got to be with him and he wasn’t still over seas somewhere alone.

Zander: Your mother?

Page: Hmm. No! Your turn. Tell me something about you. You have this whole spy thing going on. Or military?

His low chuckle vibrates through me. As he shakes his head no

Page: FBI?

He shakes again.

Page: Russian mafia

Zander: moy temnyy angel (my dark angel)

He speaks in Russian with a thick precise accent.

His smile meets two defined dimples making him look younger, and even more gorgeous.

Zander: I was born in Russia. After my father died in the Iraque war we moved here to the states. I worked odd security jobs until I saved enough for my own security business.

Pages: Private security. Like installing security systems or like walking around in a suit with a gun.

Zander : What do you think?

He smiles adjusting his suit with a wink.

A chill shoots through me as I lick my bottom lip. He smiles wider. I take a deep casual breath attempting to cool the heat still pooling in my center.

Page: What about your mom.

Nothing like parent talk to help with that.

Zander: She died in an accident.

Instinctively I reached for his hand.

Page: So did mine.

We shared a moment of silence before finishing our meal.

Zander: What kind of accident?

It’s not something I cared to talk about but looking in his kind eyes made me feel something I haven’t felt in a very long time. I felt safe. I felt like I could talk to Zander about anything.

Page: We were in Tel Aviv Israel back in 2004. I was 9? My mom being the humanitarian she was would always go out to meet with the people providing what ever she could to those in need. I admired her for it and most people loved her for it. Some hated her. Partly because, well she was not only a women but , an American woman, and a Christian.

We were in the market one day. Some of the local kids I had made friends with wanted me to go play soccer. I didn’t understand it at the time the feelings I was having like the chills you get when watching a scary movie and you know somethings about to happen. My mom insisted I go so I tried to block out the bad feeling I was having and went with my friends.

Not even 2 minutes later there was an explosion. 16 year old suicide bomber. A lot of people got hurt, but my mom! She didn’t make it.

Zander covers both my hands with his in a gesture of comfort.

Waiter: Would you care for desert or a night cap.

Zander: Desert?

Zander repeats to me with a wink.

Page: Just a coffee thank you.

Zander: 2 coffees.

Just as we finished our coffees the train pulled into the Dunsmuir station. Zander stood tossing a large bill on the table and held out a hand.

Zander: Come with me!

It wasn’t a question and my body was all to willing. I took his hand feeling an instant spark. Our eyes met at the exact moment. Did he feel that too? His raised the corner of his sweet lips and lead me out into the chill Northern California night air.

Dunsmuir was a small rurural city. Like something out of Northern exposure. Never letting go of my hand Zander walked us down a small cobble street. The lights were dim compared to the moon lit sky. The sound of Katie Perry’s song “Unconditional” could be heard from a near by bar.

Zander turned to me and bowed, lifting my hand to his lips.

Zander: Might I have this dance.

I bowed my head with a slight curtsy.

He pulled me into his solid formed chest, sliding one hand around my waist to the small of my back, lifting the other hand in his. We began to sway to the soft melody. Our body’s moving naturally together.

Finding my self a little too relaxed I lean in resting my head over his left tightened pectoral muscle. The top of my head just reaching the top of his shoulder. Showing his true height over me. He too relaxed as I began humming to the music, that soon muffled beneath the soothing sound of his heart beat.

Zanders perspective:
The smell of her cherry blossom and vanilla shampoo calmed my nerves as her petite 5’6” frame melted into me. The soft vibration of her hum was soothing against my pounding chest. The guilt of what I was hired to do faded as the need to protect her consumed me.

I lifted her chin to find contentment in her eyes, a smile of innocence and yet desire. I ran my thumb over her bottom lip. The slight sharp intake of her breath awoke my cock again. It took everything I had to contain him and not devour her lips then and there.

Zander: I never asked where you where getting off?

Page: Usually at the end if I’m lucky.

This woman was perverse in such a nonchalant way, the subtle ness would go over most heads. It made one of mine swell!

Zander: I could help you with that.

I chuckled as I watched the corner of her seductive pouty lips turn up and her cheeks turn red.

Zander: So Seattle?

Page: Yes but then I still have a little further to go from there.

Zander: This might come off as a little forward, and by no means does it have to mean anything or would you have to feel obligated but...

Pages perspective:
A slight blush rises on his masculine cheek bones as his sweaty hand drops mine to rub the back of his neck.

Page: Oh come now. We have been practically undressing each other with our eyes since this morning and now you’re gonna get shy on me?

Zander: What can I say, you have some kind of magic touch that’s got me all in knots.

He lets out a nervous chuckle that sends a flutter of butterfly’s through my body.

Zander: I’m headed into Seattle my self and well, I have a private cabin. We don’t have to do anything. I just really don’t want this night to end and would like to know you better. So, will you accompany me for the remainder of this train ride Miss Dalton.

Funny I don’t remember telling him my last name? Maybe that coach attendant Karen did? It’s clear he has secrets, but then don’t we all. Nothing in my subconscious is screaming no. I usually had a great sense about people. Being able to pick up on their emotions and or intent. I just didn’t always listen to my gut especially when it came to my last relationship. This was different. There was definitely something about Zander that made me want to trust him.

Page: I would like that.

His look of surprise quickly turned into that wicked smile he had this morning, as he took my hand once more leading us back to the train.

Like someone one on the run he remained on high alert. Protectively shielding me anytime other people passed by. Perhaps it’s second nature for him being in security. Or maybe he does work for that slimy ex of mine? But why then is he acting like he’s protecting me. Do I confront him, catch him off guard, or do I just disappear at one of the next stops in Oregon?

We make it back to the train where Zander oddly has us going through a different car before circling back to the upper cars and down below where the private cabins were.

We reach door 7, and he does another sweep of the area before opening the door.

Zander: After you my lady.

His dimples flash with a childish gleam like a young man getting ready for his first time with a lady. I shutter beneath his glare as the juices flood between my legs. I take a deep breath becoming intoxicated on his faint musk smell of cinnamon and spice.

A flutter of excitement rushes through me as the lock on the door clicks. He towers from behind pressing his aroused member into the small of my back. His hot breath on my neck as his nose brushed swiftly across the lobe of my ear.

He reaches out past me guiding me further into the room.

Zander: Will this suffice?

I nod as I take in the small yet comfy grey and white private cabin.

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