The train to my heart

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Chapter 20: Trader

The ringing in my ears fade as David‘s voice comes in clear. My entire body is stiff and sore. I cannot move my hands or feet realizing as I open my eyes slowly that they are bound. I am on a bed inside of what looks like a small cabin. David has his back to me with his phone to his ear.

David: I told you she’s fine, just a couple cuts and bruises, but you neglected to tell me how much of a hassle she could be. So if you still want her delivered to you alive the price just went up.

Think page you’re bound in a cabin somewhere in the woods of Canada, with a young naïve military guy who’s already proven to be unhinged.

My mom was always good about this kind of thing, being able to talk to people. She helped so many soldiers and citizens who suffered from different types of trauma. Sadly she couldn’t save them all. Sometimes a person goes past the point of no return. Like the kid that killed her.

I watch and listen. Without turning around he calls out my name.

David: Page, say hello to you ex lover.

He barely turns his head holding out the phone showing that smirk of his I could just slap.
I hear Clives voice faintly on the other line. What the fuck. Does he think I will cry for help to that son of a bitch.

Page: pourrir en enfer (rot in hell)

I yell out in French.

David: Satisfied......tomorrow.

He hangs up the phone and turns facing me.

David: Not sure what you said but it sounded sexy as hell.

He crawled on the bed laying next to me propped up on one side. His hand brushes away some lose hairs.

David: You’re a bit of a mess. I’ll remove the restraints and allow you to shower with the door open if you promise not to try anything.
But the second you do try something I’ll be forced to accompany you. Which you may or may not enjoy, but I certainly will.

Ok so David is as hot and cold as Katie Perry’s song. I play too nice he’ll catch on. Yet if I’m too defensive he could go off. Then again he’s a man. Who has in more than one way shown some desire towards me. It’s not like I’m new to the world of pretending. I just hope Zander can forgive me.

Without speaking a word I slowly lift up my hands towards David showing submission. He eyes me questionably, but there is no question how well I know how to play the submissive. He chuckles as he removes the tape from my wrists while sliding his hands slowly down my body to remove the tape from my ankles.

Page: Thank you.

I speak shyly glancing up at him for only a second before redirecting my eye down. He grabs my chin forcing me to face him. The look on his face almost concerned yet more curious it seems.

David: Is this how you were for him?

I nod looking him in the eyes so he knows it’s the truth. He smiles as his eyes turn dark. Anxiety flutters deep as my body begins to shake uncontrollably.

No sooner did it began, it dissipates. He rolls off the other side of the bed walking across the room taking a seat in a chair near the front door facing the bathroom.

He wavers me to go and I obey. Once in the bathroom I finally have a chance to assess my wounds from the accident. I close the door only enough to block him from seeing me as I undress. Upon looking at myself in the mirror I can see my face has been wiped and there’s three butterfly bandages over my left eyebrow closing a wound that could really use some stitches.

It is apparent to me that there could still be some hope for David in the fact that he in someway cared for me after the accident like a trained soldier would.

David:After your shower I will readdress some of those wounds.

There’s bruising across my collarbone and chest from the seatbelt as well as my lower abdomen. The familiarity of the bruising there causes me to take a moment as I rub the area with my hand, thinking back to what I lost.

When I get out of the shower there’s a fresh change of clothes on the sink. Thankfully David still had my bag and my pack. With my left shoulder in a lot of pain I find it difficult to clasp my bra. The door creeks open as David walks in startling me.

He holds his hands up in surrender and moves behind me clasping my bra.

David: Sit.

He orders me.

I take a seat on the toilet while David opens a first aid kit and re addresses the wound above my left eye as well as a longer gash to my
Right forearm I hadn’t noticed until David pointed out the blood dripping down onto the tile floor.

After he bandages my arm and finishes putting the last butterfly on my eyebrow I stare into his eyes. Hoping to find something.

David: Why are you looking at me like that.

Page: why did you join the army.

He shrugs and let’s out a huff.

David: To kill terrorists!

Page: There has to be more than that David.

David: My dad was killed in Iraq! I made a promise that as soon as I was of age I would join the army and kill as many of those motherfuckers that I could.

He stood up promptly slamming the first aid kit down on the sink.

Dave: What were you hoping for Page, that I would tell you I wanted to be some kind of hero so that you can try and change my mind about what I’m doing? No little heart-to-heart is going to do that doll face.

I follow after him not ready to give up.

Page: Why did you’re father join?

David: Leave it Page.

Page: Why. I know there’s more to you than this.

He spins on me quickly

David: For two days I pinned after you while you were still stuck on some fantasy guy that left you. You don’t get to suddenly try and become my friend in hopes the outcome changes for you. It’s not going to change for me.

Page: You’re doing this because I turned you down?

David: Don’t flatter your self doll. 5 hundred thousand dollars is a nice chunk of change.

Page: So it’s all about money. Then why not take what you’ve already been given and let me go.

David: You seem like you can handle your self. What’s the big deal. Who says you have to stay with the guy. Once I get paid you can just run away again.

Page: You have no idea what kind of man he is. This won’t end well for you David. If Clive doesn’t kill you after you hand me over, Zander certainly will.

With lust filled eyes David storms up to me grabbing me by the face and slamming me against the wall. His lips crash down on mine with a furry. Between my one bruised shoulder and the gash on the opposite arm, I am almost powerless against him.

I muster what strength I can and push on his chest. He pulls back quickly raising a fist. I turn my head unable to put my hands up as his fist flies inches above my head through the wall. He finally released my face and steps back breathing like he had just ran a mile.

His eyes soften as he slows his breathing and turns away.

David: Grab your shit

I grab my pack, David grabs my bag and turns to open the door. There’s a calming silence in the thought he has changed his mind.

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