The train to my heart

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Chapter 21: Twisted fate

David glances at me with a sincere smile and I return it as he opens the door the rest of the way. The calming feeling becomes a whirlwind of fear as David drops the bag reaching for his gun.

He jolts backward with two bullet wounds to his chest. He manages to get off two shots of his own before he takes another to his head.

Frozen like a deer in headlights and deafened by the gun blasts I watch helplessly as a tall man in a black suit with slick black hair walks in stepping over David’s body. He places his gun back in a side holster. His black eyes are stone cold as they sweep over me.

Another man in a black suit slightly shorter with wavy dark brown hair also slicked back, walks in holding his arm.

Wavy hair goon: Fucker shot me.

He looks up at me and I recognize him. Donny one of Clives other sleazy security guards. With no where to run I am again at the mercy of assholes.

Donny: Boss man is requesting your presence Page.

He holds out his other arm gesturing it outside. Tall man with stone eyes turns side ways allowing me to pass. I reach down for my bag beside David when stone eyes stops me shoving me towards Donny.

Donny grabs my arm and walks me out side. His grip on me is weak. I take advantage of the bullet wound in his arm and jab my thumb from my free hand into the open wound. Donny screams out releasing me and I make a run for it.

Not even two steps and my pony tail gets yanked, pulling me back. Then slamming me against the black Tesla. Stone eyes yanks hard on my arms. Something thin and hard pulls tight on my wrists.

He yanks me back again to open the door but not before Donny takes a cheap shot at me slapping me across the face. Stone eyes shoved me down in the seat then turns to Donny shoving him so hard he almost falls.

Donny: What the fuck man.

Stone eyes ignores Donny as he buckles me in and closes the door. I watch through the review mirror as the two of them put David’s body in the back of his truck along with what could have been my last sliver of hope.

I pray Zander has already found Clive.

The sun lights the dawn as we enter the city. The long last stretch before my eternal damnation.

Zanders perspective:
The early morning turns dark as the Canadian skies fill with thunderous clouds. Heavy rain obstructing my view of the asshole as he performs his morning ritual.

A call comes in but all I can make out is Good.
He makes a show of getting dressed as if preparing for some sort of.... it hits me like a slap in the face. He’s preparing for Pages arrival.

I could take him out now and be in the lobby to intercept my Page. But the kind of man I am will not allow a quick easy death. This man must suffer. I ready my 1911, my side arm and knives, pack up my things and load the car out back.

I walk the distance of a few buildings before circling around to cross the way, when I am hit with a familiar feeling. That heart pounding in my ears time standing still feeling from when I first saw her on the train steps. She’s there practically in arms reach. Two goons in suits escort her from a black Tesla and disappear into the building.

I check the cameras from my phone assessing the situation, taking head counts of the half dozen security detail. One stands at the elevator. One at the front entrance. Another at the back exit. Two more on the top floor, one at the elevator and one at the main doors. I watch as the dueche bags with Page get on the elevator. Once the doors are closed I make my move.

I move around to the back of the building kicking a bottle to draw exit security’s attention towards me. The second he comes around the corner I sucker punch him, grab him by the back of his jaws and flip him over my back while twisting his neck. Conveniently right into a dumpster.

I walk in through the exit immediately shooting the elevator security. The sound of his body hitting the floor echos causing the entrance security to turn. I wait for him to come in and check on elevator guy and provide him with the same fate.

Checking the cameras on my phone again. The two with Page are just entering the suit. I book it to the second floor. It’s still under construction with painters tarps up everywhere and work benches with tools and all sorts of building materials.

Pages perspective:
Like an omen or some sort of twist of fate the skies darken as they pull up to Clives building. Stone eyes and Donny step out. I reach my hands to the side Un latching the seatbelt and quickly feed my legs through my arms. The second Donny opens my door I grab the oh shit handle and kick with everything I have both feet into his chest knocking him back off of his feet.

Before I can even get out of the car Stone eyes Has his gun drawn shaking his head. He wavers me forward and I obey.

Donny: You fucking bitch.

Donny raises his voice and a hand to me but Stone eyes points his gun at Donny gesturing to the back of the car. Donny retrieves my bag and pack and walks in front of us.

The sense of being watched sends a chill through me. Not of fear but of familiarity. Zander! I look back over my shoulder and though I don’t see him I know he is near.

As we make our way to the top floor my new found confidence begins to fade. The ding of the elevator makes my heart jump. The long walk down the hall feels like quick sand weighing my every step. The main doors open and there in a tailored grey suit, with his short wavy brown hair, deceiving brown eyes and narcissist smile standing with open arms. Clive Helm.

Canadian smug bastard.

Now standing before me he grabs my chin inspecting my face.

Clive: Was she much trouble for you Donny.

He speaks with out looking away from me.

Donny: No boss.

Clive tilts my face revealing the fresh redness on my cheek. Donny swallows hard. Clive runs the back of his hand gently down the redness where Donny slapped me, then turns to him.

Donny: I’m sorry boss, it’s just.... I got shot and she...

Clive cuts him off with a fist to his face instantly breaking his nose. Donny drops my bag and pack falling on his ass.

Clive turns to Stone eyes.

Clive: Remove him.

Stone Eyes pulls Donny up leading him out. The sound of the doors clicking shut amplified in my ears causing me to jump. Realization strikes like an ice cold blade through my chest. I am alone.

Zanders perspective:
The elevator down button lights. I press the button for the floor I’m on and wait.

Second later the doors open. The shorter of the two goons looking like he just got out a boxing match steps out to investigate why the elevator stopped. He walks around and heads back.

Donny: Must be a lose wire or something?

I throw one of my knives in his back. As he falls half way inside the elevator. The tall slick haired almost anime looking dueche unleashes a hail of bullets. Each one but a whisper through his silencer. Each one a miss as he walks blindly through the painters tarps shooting at the wind.

He drops the mag and I make my move before he could reload. Tackling him through a tarp and over a pile of two by fours.

He recovers quickly going into a kick spin knocking me back off my feet. He comes at me again but I counteract his kick catching his leg running him backwards through a sheet of drywall. He lets out a gasp as blood instantly fills in his mouth. I look down to see the pipe sticking out of his chest.

Zander: How about you stick around down here for a while.

I brush my self off and make my way to the next floor.

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