The train to my heart

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Chapter 22: The rescue

Clive: My dear sweet Page.

Clive walks around behind me running his hands up my arms and over my shoulders, sweeping my pony tail to one side. He inhales my neck with his lips grazing my skin as he whispers.

Clive: God how I’ve missed you.

Chills penetrate my every nerve. My heart skips a beat as I slow my breathing in attempt to disguise my growing fear knowing to well this is Clives calm before the storm.

He wraps a hand around my hair pulling back slightly as he begins kissing my jaw line till his lips are on mine. My every muscle tenses. This is where I would normally go numb, distancing my self from him mentally so as not to feel him physically.

But not today. Today something inside grows like a raging fire. I bite down on Clives lip, but with his hand still wrapped in my hair and my hands still bound I am trapped.

He yanks hard on my pony tail, forcing me towards the bedroom, but I will not go down with out a fight. As we near the doors I lean back on him kicking both feet off the frame hoping to throw him off balance. Unfortunately I had little success.

Clive keeps the upper hand laughing at my minor attempts to fight.

Clive: I kind of like this new feisty you.

He throws me on the floor and locks the doors behind him. I land hard on my injured shoulder and with my other arm cut and both hands restrained I could barely make it to my feet before he was on me again.

With my hair pulled back tight in one hand, he grabs the front of my throat with the other and slams his body into my back side with my legs hitting the end of the bed.

Clive: I can forgive you for the videos.

He moves his hand down and rips the front of my blue flannel groping my breasts through my black tank top underneath.

Clive: I can forgive you for needing a little time away.

He slams me forward on the bed and releases his grip on my hair. The sound of his belt wiping out of his pants makes me suck in a sharp breath in anticipation of the beating I was about to receive. He sets the belt down next to my face while kissing my cheek. His body weighing heavy on mine. His small erection pushing into the seem of my pants between my ass cheeks.

Clive: I am how ever finding it very difficult to forgive you for sleeping with other men.

His hand returns to the front of my throat squeezing tighter than before. His other hand slides beneath me attempting to un button my black jeans. Once the button was released he slips his hand past my blue lace panties over my mound and grabs my pussy. Hooking two fingers inside with no mercy. The pain is nothing compared to the humiliation.

My ears begin to ring as his hand grips tighter still on my throat cutting off my oxygen.

Clive: You will submit your self completely to me now and I will ease your punishment.

He yanks his hand out of my pants, releases his grip on my throat, and grabs the belt while standing up.

Clive: You’ve caused a lot trouble my pet.

He smacks the belt in his own hand causing me to flinch.

Clive: Do you submit your self to me completely.

I mumble in the thick duvet forcing him to roll me over. When he does I pull in my feet and kick with everything I have knocking him backward into his flat screen on the wall.

I run for the door but just as my hands reach the lock I find my self thrown back. Before I could get up he kicks me in the side knocking me into the wall. Just as he grabs for my tail there’s a loud crash through the front doors.

Clive lifts me up using me as a shield while drawing a silver sig sauer. There’s a brief commotion before sudden silence. A minute passes. Then the handle turns and the door slowly starts to opens. Clive blindly starts shooting. There’s a loud thump and the big football player looking security at the main entrance to the penthouse falls forward into the room bleeding out everywhere.

Zander: Hey Page.

I hear his voice call from somewhere beyond the doors. The feeling of relief washes over me.

Page: Zander

I whisper.

Zander: You remember what room number we stayed in?

I think quickly. It was 7. Zander is trying to find out about Clives gun. I double check the gun in Clives hand still aimed at the door. The slide is forward. I try to think of how many shots he fired.

Page: 6

I called out to Zander. Clive was never a big gun person but he isn’t stupid either. He puts the gun to my head.

Clive: Real cute. You know I have one bullet left. Which means you have a choice.
You can show your self and I can shoot you and Page will mine either way. Or I can shoot Page and it won’t matter if you shoot me because neither of us will have her.

Zander: Can’t say I approve of either. Page what time is it?

I gather my location and where the gun is pointing at my head in Clives right hand.

Page: 9:45

Zander: Funny I thought it was 6:30!

Zander steps in view with his gun drawn. I follow his instruction and drop straight down leaving Clive open. They both shoot. Clives lifeless body slides down the wall as blood trails behind his head with one bullet between the eyes.

The feeling of relief turns to absolute terror as I turn my attention back to Zander only to find him holding his side, catching himself on the door frame. I am at his side in seconds attempting to hold up the 6’2” behemoth to no prevail. He collapses.

I hold my hands over his on the wound to stop the bleeding. He looks at me with such loving eyes and his smirk I love so much. Letting his gun drop he reaches for my face pulling me towards him for a kiss.

There’s a thunders sound of foot steps running down the hall. I quickly pick up Zanders gun and aim at the main doors. I gasp at the sight of John and Sam running through the doors and drop the gun. Returning my focus back on Zander.

Page: You came back to me.

Zander: Of course I did. moy temnyy angel (my dark angel)

His voice is the only one I hear even as John and Sam reach us.

Zander: I love you Page

His voice is but a whisper.

Page: I love you Zander.

His skin becomes pale as his grip on my hand weakens.

Page: Zander..... Zander don’t leave me...... Zander you stay with me.

His eyes close and my heart Plummets. My eyes welled with tears.

Suddenly there’s half a dozen people including two plain clothed paramedics. They come to Zanders aid while John attempts to pull me off of him.

Page: No, no no let me stay. I need to stay with him please. Zander.......Zander!!!

I refuse to let go of his hand but his grip releases from mine. John pulls me away
as they load Zander onto a stretcher and disappear back out the hall.

I felt like I was in one of the nightmares where you’re screaming but no sound comes out. Where you try to run but can’t seem to move. The world collapses around me as darkness consumes me.

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