The train to my heart

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Chapter 24: A piece of paradise

I pull down the window shade and sink into the oversized first class reclining seat. With my earbuds in I hit shuffle on my music playlist. Call it déjà vu or a strange twist of fate but of course the first song that comes on, is the very song that I was listening to the first day on the train seven months ago. Adele’s hello.

The Asian flight attendant with her cute pixie hair cut and beautiful smile grabs my attention. Checking her name tag as I pull out one ear bud pausing the music. “May” at least it’s not Karen.

May: Miss Dalton, would you care for some champagne.

Page: No thank you.

May: Some coffee perhaps?

Page: I’m good May. Thank you

Just before I could get my ear bud back in the elderly very sophisticated Betty White looking woman across the isle leans over.

Elderly woman: So who’s the guy.

Page: I’m sorry?

I look at her in question.

Elderly woman: You’ve been fiddling with that bracelet for the last hour. Either you got some one waiting for you or you’re running away from someone.

Page: Neither actually.

She smiles and raises a brow.

Elderly woman: Who was he?

I take deep breath and smile kindly at her.

Page: My world.

She touches a hand over heart.

Elderly Woman: Oh my poor dear. May I

She points at the empty seat next to me.
I nod removing my pack.

Elderly Woman: Betty

She holds out a hand and I take it.

Page: Page. Nice to meet you Betty.

I look past her at her husband who resembles Fred the neighbor on I love Lucy.

Betty: Oh don’t worry about him. He’ll be asleep till we land.

She inspected my bracelet.

Betty: It’s lovely, Is that how you met, on a train.

I nodded.

Page: We barely new each other a week and yet we had given each our whole hearts.

I tell Betty the entire story from start to present. Her eyes are teary and red as well as Mays who had been listening almost the entire time.

May: It’s almost like PS I love you only with out the letters.

Page: Yes it is.

Betty: But you never saw the body, never had a funeral.

I shook my head no.

Betty: Then how do you know he’s really gone.

Page: I felt his life slip away when they took his body, and John told me... if this was his way to get rid of me. Then I just don’t... I mean you can’t get more cruel than that.

Betty pats my hand.

Betty: There there dear, I’m sure if it were true he would have a good explanation.

We finally arrive in Kauai. May gives me a hug as we exit the plain.

May: I hope you find love again.

Page: Thank you May. And good luck in flight school.

Betty, her husband and I head for baggage claim before parting ways.

Betty:You’ve been dealt a pretty bad hand but that doesn’t mean you can’t still win the pot!

She hands me a card with her hotel and number.

Betty: If you get tired of the solitude you come see us at Marriott's Waiohai Beach Club.

Page: Alright.

Out side there’s a big line backer looking islander in a light grey fitted suit, with big golden eyes and thick curly hair pulled back in a tail, waiting next to a luxurious black Lincoln town car holding a sign. “Miss. Dalton”.

He’s like a statue standing still with no expression. As I approach he turns to me and bares a big grin.

Driver: Aloha Miss.Dalton.

He speaks very clearly as he opens the back door and takes my bags.

Page: Aloha

I climb in the and notice a white box on the seat. I shake my head not allowing my mind to go there.

The driver gets in the behind the wheel after tossing the bags into the trunk. Looking through the rearview mirror he introduces himself.

Driver: I’m Taichi but everyone calls me Tai.

Page: Nice to meat you Tai.

Even though it’s dark out it doesn’t stop Tai from pointing out many different locations and having a story for each one. Most of which where hilarious cousin stories. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much.

It’s late into the night by the time we arrive at the beach house. Tai opens my door and grabs my bags from the trunk. When he opens the front door to the house I am hit with the faintest scent of Zanders musky cinnamon spice. Stopping me in my tracks I look around as if. Yeah as if he would be here. I look down at the box in my hands and.....Stop Page. It’s just a Hawaiin welcome gift form the owner Tai said nothing more.

The scent could be a popular scent.
Maybe it’s Tai and I didn’t notice in the car. Maybe it’s who ever was in the house before. Maybe it’s the 4 hour drive, 9 hour flight and time change fogging my brain.

Tai: Your bags are in the master suit up stair miss Dalton.

He hands me a card and I try to hand him some money which he refuses.

Tai: everything is already taken care of. I’m only 20 minutes up the road. You call me if you need anything! Anytime to anywhere you need a ride I’ll be here.

Page: Mahalo.

Tai: ‘A’ ole palikir Miss Dalton. Have a good evening.

I lock the door and walk past the white marble counter top kitchen and can’t help my self from giggling as I imagine it being exactly what Liam’s kitchen looked like in Goddess of the moon and picturing their love scene on the matching island.

Past the modern living room out into the open deck is some nice patio furniture and an above ground pool that at the right angle looks to be over flowing into the ocean. I quickly check and lock all the doors and windows before venturing up stairs to the master bedroom where a big king size bed faces large sliding glass doors leading to a private balcony.

I throw on a black cami and black lounge pants and step out onto the balcony taking in the perfect view of a tranquil sea lit by an almost full moon. Something catches my eye. Down on the beach for a second I think I see an image of someone standing.

My jet leg must really be kicking in. I go back inside locking the door and close the curtains.
I grab my pack and set my mother’s book on the night stand along with the box of my dads tags. I rest my head on the stack of over fluffed pillows attempting to read from the book. I haven’t been able to since I read the first chapter to Zander. Barely through the first page and sleep takes over.

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