The train to my heart

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Chapter 25: World between

A smile grows upon my face when I feel his warmth beside me. I am filled by a serendipitous moment as I open my eyes, consumed by the light of his icy blues. His freshly shaven face and heart melting smile exposes those dimples making my lower lady parts flutter.

All too soon the moment is lost by a thud drawing me back to reality when I shoot up out of the bed and see, it was all just a dream.
There’s another sound coming from the balcony. I pull back the curtains to find a little apapane. So that’s what the thud was? Poor little guy. When I reach for the sliding door he flys off rejoined by another in a near by palm.

The morning sun is alrighty bright. I missed my first sunrise in Hawaii. I look down at the beach as if to try and figure out what could have looked like a human figure last night. There’s a row of palms and plumerias mixed with other native plants creating a fence like barrier from the house along both sides of the beach making it very private in deed. Though nothing stands out. No tree stumps.

I shake it off knowing it must have been my mind playing tricks from the jet lag. I venture down stairs on a mission to find coffee. Every cupboard I search high and low before it hits me. It’s one of those single cup coffee pots with all the little coffees in a tray along the side. Once I’ve finally got my coffee I venture out onto the deck inhaling the fresh crisp morning sea breeze.

I didn’t notice it at first with all the new smells and sights but there on the patio table is a vase of freshly cut flowers. An odd feeling washes over me. Not fear, nor excitement just simply odd. I could have sworn they weren’t there yesterday. Out of slight curiosity I take a look just incase but no card. I must be loosing it. It’s probably something the owners have done for all new renters. Right?

After my little wake me up I Jump in the shower needing to wash off my day long travels and shave. I stand in front of the mirror in my black bikini as I wrap the gorgeous sarong I found the box in the back seat of the car compliments of the owner. Strangely the yellow, orange and red color pattern of the hibiscus flowers matched those intricately tattooed on my forearm hiding the scar from the accident.

This is hawaii and it is the state flower so it’s clearly coincidental. like so many other things that seem to keep happening. After a quick bite of some fresh fruit I venture out past the pool down the stairs to the smooth white sandy beach.

The water barely touching the tips of my toes as I look out to the clear blue horizon. Something catches my attention from the corner of my eye. With the sun blinding me from the image coming towards me I freeze. No this can’t be happening. Not another nightmare. Only this wasn’t a nightmare. I take a step back to find my feet are free, and the feeling of Icy chills penetrating through my body is from disbelief when the image comes in plain view.

His black perfectly combed hair with that military edge, his ice blue eyes gleaming into mine as his freshly shaven face bares a heart stopping smile. I reach up to touch his face not believing this could possibly be real, but when a familiar shock of electricity shoots through my fingers at slightest touch of his skin my eyes swell. my heart leaps from my chest.

Page: Zander!

Zander: moy temnyy angel (my dark angel)
I promised I would come back to you.

My arms frantically fly around his neck as his wraps me in a never let you go again grip. Our lips lock with a passionate kiss that speaks of an undying love only we could ever know. I pull back momentarily feeling his face with trembling hands.

Page: You’re really here?

I speak with with a quiver.

His hands tuck my hair behind my ears coming to rest along my jaw line as he stares deeply into my eyes.

Zander: I’m really here Page.

He captures my lips once more before sweeping me off my feet carrying me up to the house as if I weight nothing. I hold on for dear life fearing that this could all still be an illusion.

I find my self being gently lowered down onto the fluffy light white duvet. My fingers dance across the dyer wolf tattoo along his chest and down the battle on his still ever defined arm as his heated body hovers over me. So lost in the moment I didn’t even realize he had stripped us both bare until his impeccably enlarged cock was filling my insides.

His slow precise movements heighten every nerve ending sending a frenzy of electrical currents that roll through my body like waves of the ocean. slowly building into an intense feeling of pleasure that crashes through us both like an orgasmic tsunami and our bodies melt into one another.

Barely a moments rest and Zanders cock swell again while still inside me.

Page: Now I know I must be dreaming.

And there it his deep chuckle vibrating through me.

Zander: This is just me making up for lost time.

Page: 7 months is a long time.

Zander: Then lets not waist another second.

His tongue mates with mine as he pushes his member deeper. Then like a graceful ballerina I roll him onto his back arching mine while his hands familiarize them selves with my breasts.

I slide my hips back and forth slowly, lifting my self above him only slightly with each forward motion. His hands slide down my ribs grabbing my hips to take control pounding me into him harder as he sits up. I wrap my legs around his back, my arms around his shoulders. Our breath become rhythmic with our pleasures as our bodies tremble with pure ecstasy. He bites and sucks on the flesh below my ear as he gives that final thrust. I tighten myself around his throbbing member riding out the wave of orgasmic bliss.

He rolls us on our sides kissing my lips while moving the hair from my face. His eyes glossing over with an abundance of emotion. I trace my fingers along his more tan then usual skin but same amazing washboard abs till they stop at a scar to his right side. I memorize it to my touch as tears escape.

Zanders perspective:
I lift her chin with my hand wiping the tears from her cheek with my thumb, before placing a longing kiss to her perfectly soft pouty lips.

Zander: I am so sorry moya lyubov' (my love)

She buries her head down over my heart and I rest my chin in her hair that still smells of cherry blossom and vanilla. She takes a breath readying herself to say something but stops. The pain I must have caused her hurts my heart. How I’ve longed for her. For this moment to hold her in my arms once more.

Zander: Page I would have.....,

I begin to speak when she places a finger over my lips, looking up at me with forgiveness.
She leans up kissing me with so much love and trust it was all it took for a tinge of wetness to evade my eyes. We soon fell asleep tangled in one another’s arms.

Pages perspective:
I feel as though I’m reliving a dream from this morning as the smile grows upon my face. The heavy presence of his warmth beside me.
But I am too afraid to open my eyes. Afraid to accept the possibilities that I could be lost in a world between dreams and reality.

With a kiss my fear is lifted. My eyes fly open and I know with all my heart Zander is alive. But how?

Page: Please tell me I’m not dreaming.

Zander kisses me.

Zander: You’re not dreaming.

Page: That’s to bad because I don’t ever want to leave this bed.

He kisses me again sliding a hand down my back side squeezing my ass.

Zander: We can arrange that.

Page: Not sure how the owners would feel about us taking up permanent residence in their million dollar home.

His hands massage my cheeks more vigorously lifting and kneading pulling me into his massive erection.

Zander: Oh I don’t know I think he’s a pretty reasonable guy.

His fingers venture further towards the center of my delicate flower rubbing and teasing creating a whole new sense of pleasure. I reach a hand down around his shaft stroking his. While also curious about how well he really knows the owner.

Page: How reasonable.

He smacks my ass and nips at my bottom lip.

Zander: Food first.

He leaps off the bed tossing his black board shorts on. I reluctantly slip back into my cami and pajama bottoms following Zander down to the kitchen and watch as he goes through the fridge pulling out food as if he already knew what was in there. He gets pans out of the cupboard, utensils out of the drawer and tells me where to get the plates to set up the patio table. It seems as though Zander knows his way around this place.

I watch from the deck completely beside myself as I take a moment thinking back on all the little things leading up to this moment. He’s been here before.

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