The train to my heart

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Chapter 26: Goddess of the moon

Zander lights the candle on the table near the flowers I now speculate he had a hand in.

Zander: You are Looking ravishing this evening.

And there it is, that tingling sensation he causes with the mere smoldering deep voice of his. He gently lifts my lips to his sliding his tongue in along side of mine.

He returns a moment later with our food.

Zander: Your teriyaki salmon on rice madam.

He speaks in an over exaggerated French accent.

Page: Merci

He was recreating our first dinner on the train, for our first dinner back together. It was romantic and odd. I continue to eye him questionably.

Page: You’ve been here before?

He freezes with a fork of meat and rice half way to his lips. He glances up offering only a slight smirk before finishing his food.

Page: It was you wasn’t it. You set this whole thing up.

His continued smirk gives it away. Then it dawns on me. John knew! John new Zander was alive. This hits with a ping of betrayal.

Page: John knew!

Zander puts a hand over mine. Begging with his eyes for forgiveness and understanding.

Zander: Please know, everything that has lead up to this moment has been for you. For us.

I don’t want to be angry. I can’t afford to be angry. We’ve already lost so much time and the only thing that really matters is that he is here now. I nod as he rubs my arm stopping on the scar.

Zander: I like this on you.

Page: The scar?

Zander: While I do happen to find scars sexy, I was referring to the tattoo. The flowers and colors compliment your smooth milky skin.

I look at him questionably and for some reason the sarong crosses my mind. I shake it off taking the dishes to the kitchen to wash.

Zander: I read the book by the way.

Zander brings in the rest of the dishes pinning me to the sink.

Page: What book?

Zander: Goddess of the moon.

He kisses the back of my neck as his hand slips through my pants and gently strokes my clit, causing my knees to buckle slightly.

Zanders: There’s a particular scene I have been wanting to do with you.

I set the last dish in the rack reaching my hand around to the back is his neck. Tilting my head to give him more access to my neck.

Page: And which one is that?

Zander: Maybe this will remind you.

He undresses me before bending me over the island. Stretching my arms above my head gripping my wrists with one hand. He nudges my legs apart with a knee while sliding his penis along my center teasing my clit before slowly sliding back to tease my flower lubing it with the mixture of our sex.

Zanders: Is this how you imagined it.

He whispered in my ear while pressing his cock through my moist center. I nod unable to answer as he pushes further then quickly pulls out running the tip back to my flower applying the slightest pressure. He re enters my soaked pussy again, slowly descending back to the flower. Teasing and stretching the entrance with his dripping wet tip.

Zander: I must have all of you.

Page: Then you shall.

I raise my ass a little higher, open my legs a little wider ready for him.

He eases his massive tip through as I grip the edge of the island. His hands cover mine as he pushes further. He pulls back gently just to the tip and releases one hand. The sound of a drawer opens followed by a snap. I jump slightly startled by the cold liquid dripping down the center between my cheeks. His hand returns to mine as he descends further through my flower. He quickens his pace tightening his grip on my hands while increasing the pressure on my mound against the cool tile.

The dual sensation sparks a new type of pleasure I never felt before and a loud sensual moan escapes me. Zander pumps harder breathing out profanities.

Page: Oh Zander.

Zander slows his pace drawing a hand from mine, down my my side leaving a chill. He slips his hand past my mound hooking two fingers deep inside causing my entire body to quiver beneath him. Each moan is followed by an even harder quicker thrust until both our bodies tremble in the aftermath.

Zander: ty moy (You are mine)

He pulls out and turns me to face him placing his forehead against mine. I place my hands behind his neck pulling my self closer.

Page: And you mine.

Zander: How bout a dip in the moon light.

Zander leads me to the pool on the dec lit by the full moon and jumps right in. It takes a split second to realize he still has my hand as I find my self falling in after him. The water is surprisingly warm. Zander swirls around me under water capturing my lips before bringing us to the surface.

I wrap my arms around his neck pressing my bare breast to his chest and lose my self in his eyes. The unspoken love they show is a kind of love I’ve never known before. Something so deep it almost seems unreal. Like the love Willow and Liam have in goddess of the moon.

Zander growls into my neck before nipping at my flesh as his body molds into mine against the side of the pool. He holds me in place while teasing my clit with the tip of his growing erection. He sucks in the flesh below my ear causing my entire body to light on fire with desire.

I stare at the moon in its full glow embracing the sexual pull as Zanders hard cock pushes past my folds. The cooling suction of the water ads to the pleasure. He presses me harder against the side holding the edge with one hand while the other arms pulls me in to him tighter.

Zanders Perspective:
I grip the edge of the pool with one hand, pulling her tighter into me with the other arm as I feed my hard cock deep inside her.
Her walls convulsing with every deep thrust and slow descend. I look up into her eyes losing my self in the reflection of the moon, mesmerized by the love she bares. An unspoken love that she gives only to me. A kind of love I gave my life for and would again.

A soft moan escapes her lips when I hit her sensitive spot while pounding hard against her mound creating and aroused friction against her clit. Her arms tighten around my neck as her walls convulse around my throbbing cock.
Each thrust creating a shock of electrical sparks, forcing a louder moan past her sweet lips. My entire body tenses begging for release but I hold back until her body begins to shake uncontrollably giving into her orgasm with one final sharp cry of my name.

Zander: Say my name.

Page: Zander.

Her sweet voice like a siren from the sea sending an aftershock of pleasure through my soul. It is then I release everything giving into my own orgasm. Giving into her.

Zander: God your beautiful.

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