The train to my heart

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Chapter 27; Going back

We lay in bed with a sliver of moon light dancing off our naked intertwined bodies, and I find myself again questioning it all, as I feel his scar with my fingers. He did this for me. He died for me but why did he take so long to come back to me.

Zander: Page, talk to me. What’s wrong.

Page: I’ve never felt a greater loss than I did that night when I lost you.

I speak softly with a shaky voice. He places a palm along the side of my face wiping the fresh tears from my cheek. His own eyes glossy as he looks down into mine.

Zander: Nor have I when I thought I lost you.

I rest my ear to his chest as if still searching for some kind of reassurance that he’s alive. I squeeze my eyes shut holding back the threat of more tears as the sound of his heart beat echoes loud and clear. The subtle movement of his chest from his every breath. The smooth vibration as he speaks. I take it all in with a deep breath of my own. My Zander.

Zanders perspective:
Zander: I found him at his penthouse. Had a team instal cameras and bugs everywhere while I set up across the street. I was waiting for the right moment, but it never came. I was so furious after what John told me he did.

Page: What do you mean what John did?

I look in her eyes and know. He never told her the truth. The truth that he was the one who made the decision to erase her. It didn’t seem relevant now.

Zander: Trusting you with that trader.

She gives me a questioning look.

Page: Why would you be furious with John for that?

Zander: You were mine Page, I made a promised to protect you. I trusted you with John and he turned around and put your life in the hands of some asshole neither of you knew. So yeah I was furious. Though not nearly as much as I was when I found out what happened to that prick.

Page: He was killed.

Zander: I know.

Her eyes softened with a knowing look when she realized where I was going with my thoughts. I wanted to be the one to kill David. Her fingers slid up resting on my jaw.

Zander: When he told me this David guy didn’t show up at the location he was suppose to take you, I felt my heart drop to the deepest depths of despair. I felt I had lost you at that moment. Every minute that passed, every horrific update was dragging me deeper into a place I had never been before.

It wasn’t until I finally saw you with my own eyes that I felt I could breath again. Though it was a short relief as I watched those goons taking you into his building. I did everything I could to get to you before he could...

She rubbed her thumb across my jaw keeping me from getting angrier.

(Back in time) The rescue
From Zanders perspective:

Zander: Can’t say I approve of either. Page what time is it?

Page: 9:45

Zander: Funny I thought it was 6:30!

I steady my breath knowing I have but a split second to make my move. I turn the corner to see my Page dropping straight down leaving Clive wide open. I had no doubt she knew what I meant. I take the shot, but victory of seeing his lifeless body hitting the floor is short lived as the burning pain cutting through my insides brings me to my knees.

The look on Pages face as she tried effortlessly to hold me up. Her love and devotion, refusing to leave my side caused a new kind of pain and guilt.

Page: You came back to me.

Zander: Of course I did. moy temnyy angel (my dark angel)

I promised her I would die for her. I let out a weak chuckle at the irony of it. Knowing her kind of love for even a day was worth it.

There was a great sense of relief knowing she was forever free of him, and when I heard Johns voice I was thankful knowing she would be surrounded by people who love her.

Zander: I love you Page

I manage to whisper as I felt my body shutting down.

Page: I love you Zander.

I felt her hand slipping away as her voice faded.

Page: Zander..... Zander don’t leave me...... Zander you stay with me.

Everything went dark.

(Present time)
Zander continues: I lost all sense of time in the darkness. When I came to, I wasn’t even sure if I was alive. It had been weeks. My clean up team had taken me to a private hospital in Canada for the initial surgery to remove the bullet. Then transferred me back home to Russia.

It took months for me to recover and the only thing on my mind was you. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of you. You were all I had. You where my light, my strength. moy temnyy angel (my dark angel).

Page: Why didn’t you let me know? I could have been there for you.

I smooth her hair down behind her ear.

Zander: I wanted so desperately to be with you again. But you were doing such an amazing job with your organization, and I was so proud of you for the things you accomplished. I couldn’t take you away from that. I didn’t want to be a reason you didn’t go through with it.

Page: How did you know?

Zander: I had people keeping an eye on you for me. John did not make things easy at first.

Page: How long did John know?

Zander: Just a little over a month. I needed him to know my plan so he could help me get you here. I wanted to give you your little piece of paradise. The one we spoke about having together.

Page: So all this. This is?

The tears streamed down her cheek as her eyes revealed a conflicting battle between hurt and affection.

Zanders: This is all yours baby.

Page: What?

Zander: All of this. The house, the beach. Me.

Page: You’re the owner.

I shake my head no.

Zander: We are!

Page: I want to be mad at you for leaving me, but I also want to kiss you and tell you how much I love you. How much I’ve missed you.

Zander: I’m so sorry Page. I never meant to hurt y.....

She interrupted me with a kiss. A hard passionate shut up and kiss me back kind of kiss.
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