The train to my heart

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Chapter 28: Eternal Bliss

Sometime in the early morning before the sun has risen I hear Zanders voice.

Zander: Page

He noses my ear and whispers again.

Zander: Wake up beautiful.

I grumble not words but an almost growl.

Zander: Meet me on the balcony she wolf.

I reluctantly open my eyes to see it is indeed still dark out, but I slip into my pjs and toss the white throw from the end of the bed around my shoulders. When I step out onto the balcony Zander is sitting in the plush double wide teal chair in just his black board shorts holding out a coffee. I take the mug as he pulls me down on his lap kissing my exposed shoulder.

I look back at him to see his big grin and return a loving smile when I realize why he has dragged me out here so early. Before I could say anything I notice the shift as the blackened night sky begins to turn grey. I lean back into Zander as he wraps his arms around me.

A splash of orange begins to paint the sky creating an array of colors so vibrant and breath taking there are no words to describe other than perfect. Nothing could be more perfect ....

My thoughts are cut short at the sound of a...Ukulele? and a sweet voice belonging to...Tai? I look down just past the deck to see Tai playing a ukulele singing my favorite Elvis Presley’s song Love letter. I look back at Zander who’s grin is now an ear to ear smile full of love and mystery.

Others join Tai in the serenade making this not the perfect sun rise but making this moment in time with Zander nothing short of eternal bliss.

Zanders deep beautiful vibrating voice tunes in over my shoulder penetrating through my soul.

Zander: Wise men say....Only fools rush in... but I can’t help.. Falling in Love... With You...

I set my mug down turning to Zander, grabbing his face and smothering his mouth with mine.
I kiss his cheek, his jaw, his chin. He chuckles beneath me sending and arousing wave through me with his morning wood. My body reacts to his forgetting the audience down below until Zander kisses my forehead.

Zander: There’s more.

Page: How could there be more. This is already beyond the most perfect moment.

He stands leaning me against the rail ravishing my neck.

The full sun has now risen just above the horizon casting its golden rays behind the guys below who begin to disperse as the song comes to an end.

Page: Mahalo Tai.

I shout down as I blow a kiss, Tai takes a bow and turns slightly revealing a message made of a mixture of palms, stones and Plumeria pedals.


I turn to my side to see Zander on one knee holding out a small red velvet box. In my over excitement I don’t wait for him to say anything, I don’t wait for him to open the box. I immediately fall into him with my arms draped over his shoulders, my lips crashing onto his.

Zander: Is that a yes.

Page: Yes!

I speak softly between kisses.

Zander: I love you Page Dalton

Page: I love you Zander.

By Shelly Gray
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