The train to my heart

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Chapter 3: Room 7

Zander: There’s a mini fridge with some drinks. Would you like me to fix you something.

Page: No thank you.

He steps around me removing his black suit jacket, hanging it in a small hidden compartment, along with a shoulder holster revealing a nighthawk 1911.

Page: So it’s the walk around in a suit with a gun kind of security?

Zander: You could say that.

He turns to me with a grin. I should be scared, nervous, cautious? Instead I am just more intrigued.

He reaches a hand out.

Zander: Would you like me to put your bag in here.

I contemplate for a second. can I really trust this mysterious stranger. Reluctantly I hand him my pack. Along with my jacket.

He closes the compartment and takes a step toward me. His white button shirt hugging tightly to his bulging muscles.

Zander: No obligations, but there is one thing I have been wanting to do all night.

He lifts my chin placing a sweet soft kiss on my lips then slowly pulls back as if searching for approval. Inside I was screaming yes and he knew. With a raised brow and a Cheshire grin he was reading me loud and clear.

His lips came crashing down on mine again while effortlessly easing me down on the pull out bed he some how released behind me.

Zanders perspective:
This girl. Not even a flinch at the sight of my gun. It’s only when I offer to take her pack that she hesitates. What she supposedly took from her ex must be very valuable.

I brush off the curiosity and make my move. She stands her ground as I tower over her. Her shallow breaths deceive her, not of fear but of desire. I test her lips with a soft kiss and watch as her pupils dilate.

She was mine!

My cock swells as I lay her gently on the pull out, smothering her lips with mine. She gasps at the pressure of my hardened member weighing heavy between her thighs. My tongue takes advantage sweeping in to a dance with hers.

Her fingers move gracefully yet quickly to unbutton my shirt, descending down to my belt. With little effort she whips it through the loops and to the floor. I lean back shrugging off my shirt as she reaches for the next button on my pants.

I grab her hands holding them above her head.

She giggles as she squirms beneath me. Both wrists tightly gripped in one hand. I lift her black tank top above her perfectly round breasts with the other, lowering the black laced bra, unleashing her darkened hard nipple. I tease it slowly with small flicks of my tongue.

I pull down the other side of her bra, taking the other perfectly shaped erect nipple in my mouth as I run my hand along her protruding ribs, down her soft milky skin along her slightly defined abs.

Just as my longest finger slips into her matching black lace thong finding a very aroused clit, her body freezes.

Her breath is shallow and shaky.

The look of confidence and desire replaced by confusion and embarrassment. My pulsating cock urns for her, but for her I stop.

Page: I’m sorry I’ve never done this before.

Zander: What, sex?

Page: This! Having sex just hours after meeting a complete stranger.

Zander: We don’t have to.

Page: But your....

She looks down at my still erect penis.

I adjust my self as I lay beside her circling her naval with my fingers.

Zander: Don’t worry about me, I can handle some blue balls. What I couldn’t handle is hurting you in some way.

Page: Who are you?

I brush a small strand of her hair away from her face kissing her on each cheek.

Zander: Just a guy who likes a girl and wants to get to know her in every possible way before this ride’s over.

With out a word she places a hand along my jaw kissing me with the kind of passion people in love have. That’s impossible.

Her hand passes down my chest slowly feeling along my tightening abs, sending chills through me. Her soft fingers stealthily release my cock. I pause for a moment.

Zander: Are you sure.

She nods.

I strip her of her clothes and my pants soon follow only after I remove a condom from my wallet. As I roll the rubber carefully over my cock I can’t help but stare at her beauty. Her milky skin glowing beneath the pale moon light flickering through the small window.

Zander: moy temnyy angel (my dark Angel)

I slither my way between her long legs. Pinning both arms back above her head with mine as I ease my cock inside her. The warmth of her wetness makes me swell more, filling her completely. I search her eyes for pain or discomfort, instead I find pleasure as she tosses her head back arching into me for more while letting out a soft moan.

Unable to contain myself I quicken my thrust. Her walls constrict around my man hood as her legs cling tightly to my hips. With her arms still pinned she bucks wildly with heavy short breaths. My cock convulses as the intense ecstasy builds. Slamming harder into her mound, my balls slap the softness of her ass.

She lets out a muffled scream causing me to release everything in one final descend

Pages perspective:
Having only been with two other men in all my life this was the most intense most incredible sex I had ever had. I’ve heard of orgasms being compared to fireworks literally but this was the god damn national anthem bombs bursting in air.

To my surprise Zander is staring down with the goofy smile of a man... in love? What? That’s impossible. He devours my lips before reluctantly sliding out of me and disappearing into the bathroom. I could still feel him all around me as I close my eyes not wanting the moment to end.

All too soon the sound of a phone vibrating and a light from the floor draws my attention. I look down as his phone slides out of his pants pocket and there on the screen.

C. Helm

Why. Why did I have to be right. But why is there no alarms? Is he just really that smooth. I take a quick glance at a few of the most recent messages between Zander and my SOB ex.

C. Helm: Did you find her?

Zander: No

C. Helm: What am I paying you for? I thought you said she was on a train?

Zander: I said I was following up on a train tip. It’s not her.

C. Helm: You had better find her and get me my package or there will be two un marked graves.

The sound of the bathroom knob alerts me. I shove the phone back in his pocket and roll over wrapping my self in the blanket.

Shit. What the fuck am I gonna do. I take a deep breath as his body wraps around mine. His finger tips float along my arm leaving a trail of goose bumps before entangling with my fingers. He rests his head above mine, burying his chin in my hair leaving a kiss.

Who is he playing? Me? or that piece of shit ex of mine. Maybe he’s playing both of us? I accidentally let out a huff of frustration.

Zander: You ok.

Page: Yeah sorry just a little worked up about everything that just happened. This isn’t like me at all.

Zander: For someone who has never done this you were amazing, and if I haven’t told you yet. You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

Oh my god the blush I feel in my cheeks, the tingles building back up. What the hell am I doing.

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