The train to my heart

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Chapter 4: Zander

I’m not sure how long I lay there before I finally hear the sound of a faint snore assuring me he was asleep. I sneak out of the bed gathering my clothes contemplating my move.

As I reach for my bag and jacket his voice startles me.

Zander: What no goodbye?

I turn on him in an instant. There’s very little light but it is enough to see the calm casual look on his face as he stares down the barrel of his own gun.

I keep my distance with the gun just shy of his reach.

Page: Who are you?

With out even batting an eye he looks past the gun and deep into mine.

Zander: I haven’t lied to you Page. Everything I have told you about me has been the truth.

Page: Then let me rephrase the question. What are you not telling me.

His phone lights up at that exact moment and he knows. With a slight smirk he looks back up at me.

Zander: That I am protecting you.

Page: Why would you do that, and why would I believe you?

His stare holds something pure. Truthful. Almost Loving?

Zander: I help people disappear. Sometimes that means good people get a new chance in life while really bad guys meets a new fate.

Page: So what you’re Mr. Right.

The grin on his face makes me feel like I am in that very movie.

Zander: You could say that. Only this isn’t a movie, and I don’t dance fight.

Before I realize what’s happening Zander has me dis armed and pinned down on the bed. Both of us with flared nostrils, he takes my lips hostage. My mind is racing with need for information but my body gives to his touch as I melt beneath him.

With un natural speed he has me naked and flipped onto my stomach. The sound of foil tearing triggers my desire for him. He fingers my center feeling for approval. My wetness is all the answer he needs as he plummets his thick hard cock deep inside me filling me completely.

It’s clear with his intense quick thrusts, he is as turned on by my handling his gun as I am. Each moment flesh pounds against flesh a surge of electricity flickers. Building into a mass of energy as he fucks me harder. I bite into a pillow attempting to muffle my screams of pleasure.

I reach one hand back gripping what flesh I can between his solid sleek hip and ass muscle. He grips my hair tightly, sliding his other arm around my chest as his heavy breathing turns to profanity with a final thrust. I scream out unable to hold back from the explosion of pure orgasmic bliss.

We lay spent and in silence with neither willing to move. That is until the need to pee hits. When I return Zander is still in the bed propped up slightly with pillows and an ear to ear grin. He raised the sheet and pats for me to rejoin him. I slide in resting my back against him with my head resting on his chest.

Zander: I’ve never had a woman get the drop on me before.

Page: You’ve never met a woman like me before.

His deep chuckle vibrates through me.

Zander: No I haven’t.

He reaches an arm around my chest pulling me in tighter as he kisses the top of my head.

Page: So what’s the full story Zander. Who are you and why are you working for Clive Helm?

And why am I not afraid of you I mumble to my self.

Zander: My full name is Alexander Kauff. Everything I have told you is true. Russia, my parents, my security business.

Two weeks ago an associate came to me with a job. I met with this Clive Helm, and knew immediately what kind of man he was. The way he spoke about you didn’t sit right with me.

I could tell he had other reasons for wanting you dead, which gave me more reason to take the job, so I could keep that from happening.

Page: But why?

Zander: like I said I help good people. The second he showed me a photo of you I could see it. Your innocence. You were good and pure.

Page: What exactly did he tell you?

Zander: He made you out to be some crazy ex that robbed his safe after he dumped you. He is very adamant about some particular jewelry pieces that hold a lot of value to him.

I burst out laughing.

Page: Of course he would. He’s a narcissist asshole.

Zander: Did he hurt you.

Things Clive had done to me in the last year we were together flash before my eyes. Things I saw him do to others in videos. A tear escapes with the horrible memories.

Zander wipes it away with his thumb before placing a kiss on my cheek.

Zander: I made a promise the day I took this job to protect you at all cost. He can’t hurt anymore.

Page: You don’t even know me, and you don’t know Clive.

Zander: Then Tell me.

Page: Look, I think it would be better for both of us if I get off at the next stop.

I find my self on my back with Zander above me.

Zander: I can’t let you do that.

Anger rises to the surface but dissipates as quickly as it rose when I see the soft look in his eyes.

Zander: I told you I know what kind of person he is. I did my research. I know about the sexual assault charges against him over the years and how they all were dropped. I know about the victims either meeting an untimely death or suddenly receiving a secret Inheritance?

Tears begin to swell as I look away with shame and guilt.

Zander grips my chin gently turning me to face him and his big beautiful caring blue eyes.

I wipe away my tears and slide out from under him. I take a moment to splash some water on my face in the bathroom. But the images keep hitting in quick flashes. The times Clive threatened to kill me if I left him. The time he tried to drown me for telling him no in front of one of his friends. The few times he forced him self on me from behind.

My breath becomes erratic. Between the sounds and overwhelming sensations as if re living the memories, my heart pounds in my chest. I can’t breath. Anxiety takes over. I don’t feel it but the cracking sound of a mirror shattering draws me back.

The door rips open to a scared Zander looking for his damsel in distress.

Page: I’m sorry I didn’t.

Zander: Shhhh.

He cuts me off grabbing my face with both hands bending to my eye level. His eyes shift.

Zander: You’re bleeding.

He tends to the few scratches on my knuckles before scooping me up and taking me back to the bed. This big strong man possibly more dangerous than Clive and yet he’s a big soft teddy bear at heart.

We don’t speak of it, and he doesn’t push things any further, instead just wraps his body around mine.

Page: Zander?

Zander: moy temnyy angel (my dark angel)

Page: What happened to your mom?

Zander: She re married an Italian restaurant owner. It seemed every time I came to visit from one of my jobs she’d have new bruises and new excuses.

Zander goes still for a second then releases a breath and continues.

Zander: I got in to it with him one night. 8 years ago to be exact. I had him in a choke hold. I was going to kill him. My mom begged me not to. The lost and hurt look in her eyes. I didn’t understand how she could be begging me to stop

I got up to walk out when I heard the shot. The bullet was meant for me. The bastard had pulled a gun out to shoot me but my mother jumped in front of him. This monster who beat her and shot her fell to his knees sobbing like a baby as if he actually cared about her.

I pulled my weapon but the next shot was not mine. My mother with what life she still had, managed to turn his gun on him.

I turned over putting a hand on his chest and a kiss on his jaw before resting my head in the nook of his neck. Odd how two souls living separate lives share such similar twists of fate.

Not before long the soothing train ride allowed us both to drift peacefully to sleep in one another’s arms.
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