The train to my heart

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Chapter 5: Clive Helm

It was nearly noon by the time I woke up.
Zander was just walking in with food and drinks.

Zander: Sorry I didn’t want to wake you.

Page: Thank you. I guess I needed that.

He bends down greeting me with a sweet kiss.

Zander: Figured you’d be hungry.

He raises the bag of food setting it on the small fold out table under the window along with cups of tea. We sit quietly enjoying the view and some warm philly cheese Sandwhiches.

Zander: So what is it really that Clive wants. A guy like that, as wealthy as he is could care less about a couple pieces of jewelry.

I stare at the window not wanting to tell the truth. Zander reaches over the table taking my hand in his. I glance down at his large hand covering mine.

Zander: What did he do to you Page.

I take a deep breath and met his gaze.

Page: I have videos of him and others doing things to young girls, and evidence on people who took payment to look the other way.

Zander: Are you one of the girls.

I look back at the window feeling the tears escaping once more.

Page: It doesn’t matter. I was with him at the time, and....

Zander: What did he do to you.

His voice was fierce but low. He reaches up with both hands turning me to face him.

Page: You really don’t wanna know.

Zander: Page.

Page: The last two years where like living in a fog. I had always been really good about reading people. Following my gut. I knew There was something off about Clive but I don’t know. I had just lost my dad and, I was drinking a lot so I guess I just really didn’t care.

Needless to say my intuition wasn’t working so well. Or rather I just wasn’t. Next thing I know a year had gone by. I was living with a monster, and I didn’t even know it.

The first time I came across a video on his computer I wasn’t really sure what to think. The girl was tied up. It looked like she was trying to fight him while he was fucking her.

A part of me though maybe it was some sort of weird fetish with an old girlfriend or something?

When he walked in the room I confronted him about it. He laughed it off said it was an ex that loved BDSM. I had only ever been with one man before so I wasn’t very experience. I guess a part of me was in denial of the possibility that he was lying and that I really had just watched him rape a girl.

Soon after he started trying things with me, he wanted me to become his submissive. Maybe it was the amount of alcohol, or lack of experience that allowed me to give in so easy, but then he started taking things too far.

I looked at Zander searching his eyes for a plea to stop but instead he encouraged me to continue. Though it was clear with the tension in his jaw muscles he was becoming angry like a jealous boyfriend.

Page: One day while I was swimming in our pool I noticed one of Clives friend Jay sitting in a lounge chair watching me. Clive came out smacking Jay on the back and said. You like what you see.

Jay gave him a sleazy smile and nodded his head. Clive told me to get out and I did. But when he told me to remove my bathing suit I refused. He tried forcing me to take it off but we both ended up in the pool. He was so angry that held my head under water. I don’t know how long it was but at the last second he pulled me back up.

He told me again to remove my suite so I did. He took off his clothes pushed me against the side of the pool making sure my tits were on full display. He fucked me while Jay watched and master-bated.

Another time after a party, Jay who acted like he lived with us and had some sort of rights to me had cornered me in a room. We were all drunk but I tried to fight him off. Clive walked in just as Jay was tearing my dress. He had no emotion at first. He just stood there watching while his friend was attempting to rape me. Like he was getting off on it. It wasn’t the first time. He gladly put me on display and allowed his associates to touch but never hit or fuck was his rules. The more other men showed their attraction to me the bigger Clives ego and more dangerous his obsession became with me.

I mustard up what strength I could and shoved the 200lb behemoth off of me. Jay back handed me and it was then and only then Clive looked angry. He grabbed him off of me and laid him out cold with one punch. Instead of showing concern for me, he took me right then and there.

Something died in me at that moment. At the same time something inside me had awoken. I got the courage to tell him I was leaving him. That was the first time he hit me, and threatened to kill me if I ever tried.

For months I endured his abuse while I sobered my self up to contemplate my escape. That’s when I discovered the other videos of other girls, and documents exposing some big names of others involved or people like judges who took payment to dismiss the cases against him.

Now I’m here hoping I didn’t just make another big mistake.

Zanders eyes were full of rage that quickly turned to shock and almost hurt at my accusation that he was a mistake. He took a couple deep breaths attempting to relax his jaw muscles.

Zander: I have killed a lot of really bad guys in my time, but I have never wanted to kill someone as much I want to Kill that son of a bitch.

I place my palm along his clenched jaw and reach over to steal a kiss. He relaxes just slightly.

Zander: What was your plan Page?

Page: I’m suppose to meet with an old friend of my dads he served with. He’s part of group made up of ex military that helps abused women and children. VPAS

Zander: VPAS ( Vets protect and serve) I’ve heard of them before. Did you have a specific date set up? What if you don’t meet with him?

I eye Zander with caution. He lets out a breathy chuckle.

Zander: I mean did you make any special arrangement in case you didn’t make it. Any back up plans.

Page: Perhaps I’ve already told you to much.

Zander: Page I told you, I will protect you. If that means getting you to where you need to go then that’s what I’m going to do. I will keep you safe at all costs.

Page: Why?

The smoldering I think you know why look shot through me like a wave of electrical currents arousing every part of my body.

Zander: Like you said I’ve never met a woman like you.

Zanders perspective:
I’ve never been one for romance novels or believe in love at first sight. Hell I’ve never even been in love. But here I was falling hard for her. Page was the most beautiful most impeccable woman I had ever met. The pounding in my chest. The constant desire to be near her. In her. The overwhelming need to protect her.

The spite for the man who did such horrific things to her weighs heavy on my heart. Pure hate grows like a towering sunami that will unleash the most unimaginable things onto him and anyone who dare tries to bring harm to her in any way.

I take in a deep breath as her hand touches my jaw and her lips steal a kiss.

I am in love with you Page Dalton.

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