The train to my heart

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Chapter 6: I give you my heart

Zander stands from the table and strips down to his black boxer briefs that do nothing to hide his enormous erection.

Zander: Shower!

He holds out a hand for me to take, immediately spinning me before pulling me into his hardness sending a jolt of desire through me.

Our lips meet briefly. I pull my black tank top over my head as I turn away from him, sending it flying over my shoulder at him. Slowly I bend over shimmering out of my thong panties. He ceases the opening and smacks my ass. The subtle sting sends a chill followed by excitement as I skip to the bathroom.

He pulls me into his Adonis body while reaching to turn in the water with out ever looking away.

The intense heat rises as a layer of steam fogs the tiny room. I lather the soap across his shoulder and down each mountainous muscle along his half inked arm, watching the suds pirouette with the ensemble of Angels and Demons.

My fingers trace the massive wolf head tattoo across his chest over looking the battle. Then down each defined ab like running my hand down a washboard, through the thin dark happy trail and under is elevated erection. Swirling each sack in the palm of my hand.

I slide my hand up and wrap around his thick shaft, as I bend to my knees. Flicking my tongue across the glistening tip I watch as he gives in to the pleasure.

I slip my lips around his massive head fitting around as much of him as I can. My hands make work of what my lips can’t. Zanders hand gently cradles the back of my head gathering my hair. His member twitches, as tension builds like revving engines vibrating.

I suddenly find my self lifted into the air. My legs instinctively wrap around his sturdy hips as he empales me with his full erect cock.
I place one hand in his shoulder the other on the frame of the shower door as his hands grip my ass, holding me in place.

He pumps in and out like a rabid beast slamming us into the wall. I shift wrapping both arms around his neck bracing my self for each orgasmic thrust.

Zander: PAGE!!

His voice is muffled through shaky breath.

He quickens his thrusts as he pulsates deep inside my walls releasing himself.

Unable to contain my own voice as my entire body trembles with shock waves of orgasms, I scream out incoherent words. In my mind though one word stands out. Love? How, is this possible.

After a long moment of comfortable silence we untangle our selves from each other, only long enough to finish our intended shower. Soon after Zander scoops me up wrapped in only a towel and lays us back down in the bed.

His body cocoons me while his fingers lace through mine.

Zander: Are you on the pill?

Page: No.

I wait for a reaction expecting his body to tens? Nothing?

Zander: Well then, I guess if something comes of this you’ll really be stuck with me.

Who the fuck is this guy. 30 hours of knowing each other and he’s willing to be a father. If only.

I roll over to face him, kissing his most beautiful sweet lips. Trying to keep back the tears.

Zander: What’s the matter.

Page: I can’t have kids.

Zander: You know that for sure?

The look in his eyes almost seemed like disappointment yet empathetic.

Page: Yeah I’m sure unless they found a way to reverse a hysterectomy.

Zander: Did he?

Page: No it wasn’t Clive.

He grips my hand tighter.

Zander: Tell me.

Page: I was 17 when I met Kyle. He had just finished boot camp where my dad was stationed at Camp Pendleton. He admired my father and luckily for me my dad liked Kyle. With in 6 months we were engaged. After I turned 18 we started making the plans but then they went on tour to Iraq.

Kyle never made it back. I had never at that time loved any one so much. After the funeral I stole a bottle of my dads whiskey and drove to our favorite place out off San Ofre beach. The place where he had met at a beach party. The same place he had proposed.

I drank till I couldn’t see straight. I didn’t feel it at first when I slipped off the 20ft cliff. I remember laying there in the sand looking up at the dusk sky and cursing god for taking away everyone I love. I begged him to take me too.

Then it hit. Like a hot iron rod through my stomach. Even through the amount of alcohol in my system the pain was so excruciating. I woke up in the hospital a couple days later.

My dad was there sitting in a chair next to the bed with a look on his face I only saw once before, when my mother died. Apparently I had been about 8 weeks pregnant. The impact of the fall caused a tear, that lead to a hemorrhage, which lead to a hysterectomy.

Zander wraps me tightly into the warmth of his chest.

Page: I’ve never told that to anyone before.

I shake my head with a nervous laugh.

Page. I don’t understand this.

Zander: What?

His voice vibrates through his chest.

Page: How a complete stranger hired to kill me could make me give him my heart.

Zanders heart nearly Pounds it’s way out of his chest and I begin to think I just made a fool of myself. He leans back lifting my chin to meet his gaze.

Zander: It’s you who have stolen my heart.

His lips claim mine and it seemed as though time stood still. I never thought it possible that I would love again. Yet here I was falling more deeper than ever imaginable.

Zanders perspective:
Page was the strongest most beautiful person I had ever met. I’ve known stone cold Russian killers that cracked like babies from a little knife wound. But Page! My god the shit she’s been through could make anyone crack, and yet here she is trusting me with her heart. Her life. Her love.

My thick Russian blood and tough upbringing taught me to keep distant and remain neutral allowing me to stay vigilant.

Zander: I have to be honest. This is all a little new to me.

Page: What a one night stand.

I love her quirky sass and giggle.

Zander: No the two night stand.

I cracked back at her. Finding a sensitive spot just under her right breast and rib making her squirm and giggle more.

Zander: Falling in love.

Page: You’ve never?

I shook my head.

Page: Then how do you know this is?

Zander: Because I’ve never felt anything like this before. Every minute that we’re together is another minute I fall deeper in love.

Her innocent smile is soon ravished by my mouth as I take her lips, slipping my tongue in to mate with hers.

I stop when it dawns on me we didn’t finish talking about her plan.

Zander: What happens when you meet this guy in Washington.

Page: He’ll take me to a private location where I get a new identity and then I disappear.

Zander: What if you didn’t make it to the rendevue

Page: If I don’t meet with John by 5pm this Sunday he releases everything. So no matter what happens to me. Clive will be exposed for the monster he is.

Zander: How would he be able to do that?

Page: You think I’d be dumb enough to keep the memory chips with me? My dad taught me to never keep all my eggs in one basket.

Zander: So this John already has them.

Page: Yes.

My god this woman, my dark angel how she continues to impress. Smart, beautiful, and Mine.

Zander: Change of plans.

Page: What?

Zander: Clive is becoming suspicious. It won’t be long before he sends someone else to do my job. He may already have, so we need to make a move and quick. We need to fake your death.

Page: You are not cutting off any part of me to send back to him as proof.

I can not contain the laughter and soon feel the repercussions for it when her palm slaps down on my chest. I growl at her and re claim her lips while my member becomes aroused, once more. This is proving to be quite a distraction and yet it empowers me to do what ever it takes to keep her safe.

Zander: I won’t be cutting anything off I promise.

I chuckle giving her a reassuring kiss.

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