The train to my heart

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Chapter 7: Unexpected stop

Just shy of the Seattle boarder the train makes a sudden unexpected stop.

Zander and I were just finishing dinner in the upper car when the announcement came over about something ahead on the tracks. A fallen tree or something.

The fluttering in my stomach was not excitement, but this time fear. Zander could sense it too. As if on cue his phone lights up. He glances down for a moment and with no expression he places it back in his pocket.

Page: What is it Zander.

Ignoring my question Zander goes on full alert scanning the area before grabbing my hand. Acting as a shield he pulls me behind him keeping me close till we make it back to the room. Where he immediately grabs his things and hands me my bag.

Page: Zander!

He places a palm on my cheek bowing his head with a glare of pure dominance.

Zander: Do you trust me.

I nod

Zander: We need to go now.

With out further hesitation I glue my self to his back side as we go through a maze of cars before finally exiting the train using a large group of passengers as cover.

We make our way towards a near by carport when I catch sight of an all to familiar face.

Page: Zander

I whisper. He looks back at me and immediately follows my eyes to the pale, shaven head green eyed German man in his light grey suite.

Page: Gunther! He’s one of Clives personal body guards.

Just then the body guard sees me. He lifts his hand to his ear saying something in German as he attempts to push through the people in his path.

Zander pushes me forward away from the crowd separating us further from Gunther and into the carport.

Zander: Get down and stay down.

He tells me leaving me behind a car while he waits behind a Pilar.

Gunther with his gun drawn walks slowly past the Pilar. Like something out of a Jason Statham movie Zander quickly disarms him throwing him to the ground with a back breaking thud. Gunther gets up surprisingly quick.

Zander is bigger but Gunther puts up a good fight.

Distracted by the two engaging in hand to hand combat, I didn’t hear the other man come up from behind me.

A hand covers my mouth while an arm lifts me by my waist. For nearly two years I lived in a fog unable to defend my self. But I was the daughter of a marine and I was awake now more then ever. I bite down on his meaty middle finger as I push off the car in front of me with both feet, ramming the man into the car behind us with such force the window cracks.

I come down on his foot while immediately throwing my head back into his face. I spin quickly taking the gun from his waste. Of course it’s Augustas, Gunthers shorter chubbier brother.

He smiles his cheeky perverted smile he always did at me as he wipes the blood from his lip. He makes a move but before I can react his face goes cold, his head whips back. Seconds later blood begins to seep from the small hole in the middle of his forehead.

I look over my shoulder to see Zander with a smirk. He winks like it’s nothing.
I look back at Augustus his body now on the ground. Images of him with that perverted smile watching through the review mirror the many times Clive forced me to go down him in the back seat while Augustus drove us places.

Zander: Page.

Like being woken from a dream I turned to see Zander beside me.

Zander: Page. Are you ok.

I nod.

Zander: We need to go.

Zander takes the gun from my hand placing it in the back of his pants while I fish keys from Augustus’s pocket hitting the unlock button. A car beeps near by. Zander gets the bodies In the trunk and drives us across the Oregon border into Washington, to a warehouse near a boating doc.

Page: Where are we.

Zander: It’s a warehouse I sometimes use for my exporting business.

Right. I sometimes forget he’s a hired assassin. I’m in love with an assassin and I didn’t even flinch when he killed Gunther and Augustus. He places a kiss on my cheek before getting out and opening the large sliding metal door.

Once in side he leads me up some stairs into an office where he makes a call speaking in Russian. Then hands me the phone.

Zander: Call this John guy. Let him know you’ve been compromised. It’s up to you if you still want him to release the evidence. But know that the only way I can truly ensure your safety is if I handle Clive my way.

I know what he’s saying. By releasing the videos all people involved will be arrested including Clive. Which means as long as he’s alive he will continue sending people after me.

Zander walks out of the office leaving me alone to make the call.

Just as I hang up with John the phone lights up with a message from Clive.

Clive: You think the German buffoons are the only people I have working for me. There’s only one of two ways this can pan out. You bring Page back to me alive along with the package and I let you walk. Or much worse things will be in store for both of you.

I scroll down to see the last message from Clive before we got off the train. It’s a picture of Zander and I dancing in Dunsmuir.

Another message comes through. I scroll back to see another photo. This one of me tied to a bed with Clive fucking me from behind. I quickly delete the photo just as Zander walks back in. He sees the concern on my face and kneels down before me.

Zander: What is it.

I show him the message form Clive. He looks up at me with all seriousness.

Zander: I will never let him anywhere near you as long as I live.

I place a hand on each side of his face.

Page: I know.

I rest my head on his, closing my eyes for a brief moment, when I feel his lips press against mine. He pulls back knowing something was off.

Zander: What is it, moya lyubov (my love)

Page: He sent you a picture but I deleted it just before you came in. I’m sorry I know it’s your phone but I just couldn’t let you to see me like that.

His face turns grimacing. Not anger for what I did but anger towards Clive. Just then the metal door slides open and two cars pull in.
Zander greets the two men speaking in Russian, then exchanges keys with one of them, and signals for me. We both get in the newer charcoal grey Chevy Camero.

Zander drives long into the night.

Zander: Try to get some rest.

Somehow at his request I manage to doze off.

Zanders perspective:
I allowed my cock to become a distraction. I should have been two steps ahead. I knew Clive was becoming suspicious and yet I put her right into the arms of one of his goons.

I felt a great pride when I caught a glimpse of how she handled him the way she did as I was putting down the first guy, but the fact he even touched her at all caused me to feel an amount of rage I have never felt before.

It came with immense satisfaction as I watched him drop by the lead of my gun.
Followed by a tinge of worry for how she would look at me after. The worry quickly dissipated the moment she looked my way unphased. If I didn’t know any better I’d think she wanted to be the one to pull the trigger.

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