The train to my heart

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Chapter 8: Temperarily

I find myself standing on a white sandy beach. The water barely touching the tips of my toes as I look out to the clear blue horizon with a high noon sun blinding me from the image coming towards me.

I call out Zanders name, but he does not respond. The image keeps coming closer. I call out his name again. Suddenly I feel frozen with fear. My feet sink further into the wet sand as the water rises. I keep calling for Zander and still he does not respond.

The image vanishes as a wave takes me under. Just as I reach the surface to catch my breath a hand covers my face pushing me back down.

I come back up gasping for air only to find my self face to face with Clive. I try to scream but he has me back under the water. Desperately I fight to free my self of him.

I hear my name being called, though muffled through the water I know it’s Zander. I jerk free of the hand holding me down and shoot up.

Zander: Page

I hear Zanders soothing voice and realize I’m still in the car when I open my eyes, with Zander holding me.

Zander: Are you ok?

I nod.

Page: Where are we?

Zander: Right now? In a garage.

I slap his arm for the obvious.

Zander: One of my safe houses. We’ll be ok here temporarily. Till I figure out our next move.

He stands taking my hand helping me up and retrieves our bags from the back before leading me into the house. It’s modern with very little decor. We pass through the living room, up a small set of stairs to a loft and the master bedroom.

I take in the simplicity yet expensive black bedroom set while Zander disappears in a walk in closet. A single dresser opposite the bed. Two small night stands on each side. I run my hand up the extremely soft thick down comforter to the wooden headboard partially covered with padding.

I didn’t notice at first but there in the middle of the bed is a big white gift box.

Page: Were you expecting someone Zander.

He walks out of the closet showing off his every sculpted muscles with his Adonis worthy

Zander: It’s for you.

I look at him in question. He winks as he strides over to me stripping me of my jacket.

Zander: I put in a call and had it delivered.

He lifts up my shirt kissing my chest before walking to the bathroom. Eat your heart out Cap! America has a new great ass. I giggle to my self admiring his firm never sees the sun ass.

I open the box to see a silk black cami with a matching thong. I take the box with me and follow him into the large gorgeous bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and walk in shower with beautiful grey tile and a bench.

I watch his silhouette submerge in a wall of steam behind the thick slightly tinted glass.
The echo of his deep soothing voice shoots little sparks of electricity through my core.

Zander: You going to join me?

I set the box on the counter and strip bare, stepping in behind him sliding my hands up over the eagle tattoo with wings stretched shoulder to shoulder. I place a kiss in the middle before resting my head. bringing my hands around to the front of his shoulders embracing this moment of peace. Appreciating all he has done for me.

Page: Thank you.

Zander: For what.

Page: For saving me.

He takes one of my hands to his lips before turning to face me.

Zander: I told you I would protect you.

Page: But you’ve risked so much for me Zander! I don’t know how I could ever repay you?

Zander: You don’t ever have to repay me. I would do anything for you.

I reach a hand around his jaw and up through the shaved sides of his hair. We hold each others gaze for a long moment memorized by what I can only describe as pure love. With out a second thought I know it in my heart, my mind, my gut.

Page: I’m in love with you Zander.

His knowing smile stretches wide before taking my lips and claiming my tongue. He stops only long enough to reply.

Zander: I love you Page.

He leaves a trail of kisses down my neck stopping shy of my left breast.

Zander: I felt it when I first saw a picture of you.

He sucks in my aroused nipple taking the other between his fingers squeezing tightly causing me to release a faint hiss of pleasure. He lets go drifting across to the other breast.

Zander: I knew it the moment I saw you getting on the train.

He sucks in the right erect nipple while squeezing the other with his fingers from one hand. His other hand glides down my side to my mound. One finger circles my clit. I hiss again and grab his hard thick cock. He bites a little harder, I squeeze and pull twisting my fingers around and up the shaft spreading the pre com around the tip.

His mouth ventures back up to my mouth before spinning and holding my hands hostage against the tile wall. One hand slides down my arm and across my chest as he eases his cock in me. He sucks gently on my lobe whispering in Russian.

Zander: ty moy (you are mine) moy temnyy angel (my dark angel)

The slow yet precise movements of his perfectly placed member is torturous and yet beyond gratifying.

Page: Zander.

I can not contain my self as the build up of intense pleasure forces me to scream out his name and demand.

Page: Fuck me.

His arm tightened around my chest. His grip pulls tighter on my wrists as he quickly thrusts him self deeper and harder. He releases his grip on my wrists taking me by my hips and pulls me back against him with extreme pleasurable force. I brace the wet wall with one hand reaching between my thighs with the other taking hold of his balls. He mumbles in coherent Russian as his every muscle stiffens with unimaginable sexual stimulation. I release his balls slipping two fingers around the base of his cock. His every vein protruding with vibrating pulses inside me causing me to climax. He crosses his arms around my chest as he gives a final thrust succumbing to his own climax.

As we lye entangled in the warmth of a real bed my mind and body begins to drift but not before I ask.

Page: Why do you call me dark angel?

Zander: You know Russian.

I giggle childishly.

Page: Military brat remember? I didn’t just pick up on accents, I picked up a few languages too.

Zander: You are full of surprises.

Page: Not all the eggs in one basket.

God I love his deep chuckles and the way they vibrate through me, arousing me.

Zander: When I first saw your picture you looked like and angel. I felt a warmth that I never felt before. But it was when I saw you walking towards me that first night in the dinner car, you where like this light emerging from a darkness. Knowing what I know now it couldn’t be more true. From your own darkness and into mine. You are my dark angel.

Page: I love you Zander.

Zander: I love you Page, more than I could ever show you, but I will spend every day trying.

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