The train to my heart

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Chapter 9: John

I woke up to a sliver of sun light piercing through the dark gray curtains and an empty bed. I slip into the cami set Zander got for me along with one of his over sized shirts that fits more like a robe and wander down the stairs. Stopping just at the bottom step when I hear his voice.

Zander: She’s Safe I promise.

There’s a very faint muffled voice coming through a phone.

Zander: Yes sir. I will.

I contemplate going back up stairs when his voice calls out to me.

Zander: Coffee?

I step around the corner into the kitchen.

Zander leans against the island with only a pair of black sweat pants on and the glow of the morning sun blanketing him like a halo.

Zander: Morning beautiful.

He greets me with a kiss, handing me a cup of coffee.

Zander: You sleep ok.

I nod taking a sip of the perfectly drinkable lightly sweetened coffee with milk.

Page: How did you know how I like my coffee?

Zander: I took a guess.

I eye him suspiciously.

Zander: Alright you got me. John told me.

Page: John?

Zander: That was him on the phone just now.

Page: Oh.

Zander: So how well do you know this guy? He seems a little old?

Page: Are you jealous?

Zander wraps an arm around me pulling me into him.

Zander: You’re mine now Page.

He growls in my ear nipping my lobe and tickles my neck with his growing stubble.
My stomach begins to protest the horse play.

Zander: Breakfast!

Page: I’m starving.

He pulls out some eggs and bacon from the fridge and whips up a surprisingly fast breakfast that we enjoy out on the deck over looking an endless sea of forest green.

Page: It’s beautiful here.

Zander: The views much better now.

I turn to see Zander staring at me. The heat rushes to my cheeks and to my center as I bashfully look away. He places a hand around the back of my neck and leans in with a kiss on my cheek.

Zander: This is my favorite of all my places. Especially in the winter. It reminds me a little of back home. Speaking of which. You have about two minutes to call John before he sends a Calvary after you.

He hands me his phone and I dial John.

John: Page?

Page: Yeah. It’s me.

John: What happened are you alright?

Page: Yes I’m fine. Everything is fine.

I explain everything from the past few days, sparing him the more Intimate details.

John: I released the information and videos to the feds as well as the local news media. It’s only a matter of time before they have a warrant for that Fucking asshole.

Page: Thank you John.

John: What about you. You sure you don’t still want to stay with me.

I look over at Zander wondering what conversation the two of them must have had considering we hadn’t talked about the next step. Zander smiles his charming smile hearing everything.

Page: No I’m good John. Thank you again for everything.

John: You know I love you like a daughter. You say when and I’ll be there in a heart beat.

Page: I know. I love you too John

I hand Zanders phone back to him inhaling deeply, suppressing the tears. His hand takes hold of mine.

Zander: You guys are really close.

Page: Yeah. He was my dads best friend. He was there in Tel Aviv. If it wasn’t for John I’m not so sure my dad would have made it. He took every crazy assignment he possibly could after my mother died. It was like he wanted to die too.

John some how managed to finally get through to him.

Even though he was retired he came down for Kyles service, and was there for me when my dad died.

I got up gathering the dishes and took them to the kitchen sink.

With in seconds Zander was behind me. Hands wrapped around mine where he just held me.

Zander: No mater what happens I will be here for you. I will protect you.

I turn into him reaching up on my toes to kiss him.

Zanders perspective:
Her kiss was intoxicating. Full of a passion I have never known before. She melts into me with delicate fingers laced around my neck. Her perfectly symmetrical hardened nipples protrude through the thin satin material against my skin.

My pants pull tight as my bulge increases with her every touch. She slips out of my shirt and I remove the cami slowly over her breasts taking turns sucking each one before pulling it the rest of the way off.

Her fingers trail lightly like feathers down my abs, slowly pulling the string of my sweats with an almost surgical precision carefully extracting my swollen cock.

She slides them down, taking hold of my balls with one hand lightly massaging them. With her other hand she rubs my tip softly before griping the shaft sliding her hand down. Her tongue flicks and swirls around the head causing my muscles to twitch involuntarily.

Taking in as much of me as she can, she slowly pulls back. Peaking up at me through dark lashes. I suck in a breath as she sucks my cock like on a straw of a thick milk shake.

Her hand and mouth work in unison, the sensation of each movement sends me into over drive. I grip the counter holding back the urge to pump fiercely into her.

Zander: Oh Page.

My breaths become short and erratic.

Zander: Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum

The intensity becomes to much and my entire body releases.

Page: I’m so sorry Zander.

Her apology pulls me from my trans like state of ecstasy. I look down to see her yanking the towel off the cupboard knob frantically cleaning my juices from the rug.

I kneel down to her lifting her chin. With reddened eyes she pulls away still frantically trying to clean.

Zander: Page.

I raise my voice slightly to draw her attention and she finally stops. Again I lift her chin.

Zander: Page. What are you doing.

Page: I’m sorry I couldn’t take all of you. I....

Zander: Shh baby. Don’t ever apologize for that. If you don’t like that it’s fine. I have no problem pulling out.

Page: You don’t.

She looks a shamed, and scared while searching my face for sincerity. A flicker of anger sparks in me knowing to well this is a behavior inflicted by that fucking douche bag. I take her face in my hands kissing her with the same passion she shared with me earlier.

I pull back to see a look of worry.

Page: But your rug.

I can’t help but laugh. Not at her but the concern for my rug.

Zander: Baby I will go through a hundred rugs for you because that was fucking amazing. You are fucking amazing.

She shyly looks away muffling a giggle.

Zander: Come here.

I help her up tossing the towel on the floor before throwing her over my shoulder, and carrying her upstairs to the bed.

With a gentle toss she lands sprawled out on her back in a fit of laughter. I slowly peal the satin thong down her long slender legs flinging them across the room. Kissing my way back up her thigh. I circle her clit with my thumb while parting her moist lips with two fingers and plunge through her center with my tongue.

Her body jolts as her muscles tense as if shocked by electricity. I hold down her hips locking her thighs in place with my shoulders as I tease her clit with flicks of my tongue twisting it slowly along her center in slow torturous motions.

The soft subtle whimpers and sharp breaths she releases as I pleasure her causes my cock to swell again, in desperate need to be inside her.

Page: Zander

My name pushed past her lips by her first orgasm is all it takes. I cover her with my body as I penetrate her with my cock. Like a wild fucking rabbit I lose control with each hard rapid thrust.

Her nails digging into my flesh only empowers my drive until we scream each other’s names.

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