Confessions of a Dominatrix

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Chapter 5, part 3

Adire opened the door to her hotel sweet her smile was sly as Johnathan stepped threw looking around. She closed the door behind her and flipped on the light walking over to the phone on the nightstand. Johnathan stood in the room with a grin like a little boy doing something very naughty and knew he wasn’t going to get caught.

She looked him over as the kitchen picked up their line. “Hello, this is room 442. Yes... I’d like bottle of champagne and a pot of coffee. Oh, and the delouse dark chocolate torte, and a full cup of olive oil please... yes, fifteen minutes. Yes, then I shall be waiting. Thank you.”

“A.B...” He asked as she hung up the phone and walked over to the bed. But while she made her way over she threw the beret onto the bed, then dropped her skirt and stepped out of it with her heels still on , then stripped of her shirt. She sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. He started to come over to her, but she stopped him. “Ah, aha. Stay.” she chuckled.

He stepped back and his brows pinched together. “What?”

Adire leaned back looking over his strong luscious body. “Oh nothing pet, but you say you want to let me have my way with you in the bedroom. And that means, we have some training to do as well.” She purred.

He cocked his head but his eyes drifted down to her breast. “Training, what kind of training are you talking about?”

She smiled. “First one, obedience. I told you to stay and you did...very good boy.” She winked. “Second one is. patience. I will do what I want, when I want, how I want, precisely when I want. Right now, I want you to wait were you are until I say other wise.”

“A.B. I didn’t Come here to...” He started.

“Ah, aha. I want you silent as well. Don’t speak until spoken to, that is a rule I’m putting in place right now. Just think of yourself as a very naughty little boy that the nanny has to disciplined. “She told him and her grin tipped her lips. “I think that’s a very good analogy for you.” She chuckled, and his grin dropped and she could already see the desired affect her wording had on this man. “Oh pet, you are very naughty in deed. I see how that thought has peeked your interest. But for now, we wait.”

She could see he wanted to ask her a question, but held his tongue. Adire glanced down at her watch and then up at the man who was still standing where she told him as the minutes ticked by. When there was a knock on the door she smiled going to the bathroom and slipping on the white complementary robe. “Yes, I’m coming.”

The door opened and the man pushed in a cart with a bottle of chilled champagne, a pot of coffee, and some very delouse sweets with plates and utensils. The man pushed it to where she asked then tipped him and shut the door. “That was very good. So now, unless you want to leave, let’s really play shall we?” Adire smiled dropping the robe on the bed. “Are you still wanting to play this game with me pet, because your potty training is officially over. It’s time to brake my stud in... still game?” She questioned.

“Yeah, I still want to play.” He growled getting very, excited.

She nodded going over to her luggage. “And the word?”


“Well I have to say, I’m very please by how obedient my pet can be. So first, you shall pick up my clothing and lay them on the chair, neatly. Next you shall strip down to nothing and have your clothing neatly folded under mine on the chair. This will be the only time I will give you such directions, the next time I will expect you to remember what your mistress likes and expects from you. I like my pets smart, I don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with anything other than that.” She informed him pulling out the nylon cord that was in her bag.

“You carry rope in your luggage?” He asked, and she caught the surprise in his question.

Her eyes slip over to the man taking of his close and the corner of her lips tipped up. “But of coarse I do darling. But this technically isn’t rope as much as it is cord. Theirs is such a difference, well,when your traveling that is. One has to be aware of what one can travel with and what one cannot without finding themselves in trouble.” She chuckled. When she turned back around he was undressed and had do as asked.

“Okay...” He said not quit understanding her... but that’s the way Adire like her men.

She placed the cord on the bed and then unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the ground her hands drifted over her stomach and then went over to her breast and took a hold of them in her hands and a loud groaned came fro the man watching watched. “You want to touch me pet? Do you want to kiss my breast?” She purred, but Johnathan just nodded. “Your mistress asked you a question, now you will answer her.” Came her stern voice.


’Very good. Place those hands behind your back. I wouldn’t want you to get the idea that you can touch me without permission now would I?” She grinned. He came over with his hands behind his back and looked into her eyes before bending down, when he reach over smacking his ass. “Have those hands not covering your backside... that’s part of the rules pet.” She told him with his chin in her hands. His arms went to the middle of his back and took a hold of his forearms then leaned in again to kiss one nipple. “Yes, now take it into your mouth and make love to it, just like you want me to do to you.” She moaned, and he did as he was told. Her hands went into his dark thick hair while her head fell back. “God yes...” she moaned.

With a fist full of hair in her hand she pulled back his head from her breast. “You are so very good aren’t you. But as I said earlier, training is done. So now, go lie on your back and make sure your feet still touch the floor.” His head moved moved in to kiss her, but she pulled him back. “My game, my rules. I’m not interested otherwise.”

With one looked she could see he made up his mind on what he wanted, then went over to the bed and lied down on his back. The nylon cord came unraveled as she was walked over slipping out of the lacy black panties. His eyes watched and she smiled. “Give me your wrist...” came her command, and he did. Adire tied his wrist then placed it on his thigh and began to tie the wrist to his leg.

“A.B. What the hell?” He asked with a chuckle.

She flicked his erection with her fingers causing him to flinch with a swear. “I’m restraining you pet... and I told you not to use such words when your with me.”

He was quite as she went to the next wrist and thing keeping them in place as well. “Mistress, may I ask a question?”

She chuckled at just how fast he picked up on this game. “You may pet.”

“Why are you restraining me, and where did you learn to tie knots like that?” He asked.

Adire stood up as a sly smile came to her face. “First, a good dom knows how to tie many knots, and for any occasion. Second, were going to have your first session of cock torture. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?” She purred.

“As long as that doesn’t mean you taking a knife to my dick... I’m good.” He mumbled and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“No, nothing quite like that. But their might come a point were it could feel just as uncomfortable.” She smiled.

“What...“He asked and his erection started to deflate.

Adire went and got the olive oil from the tray and the spread his bound thighs apart to kneel in between them as her fingers traced along the skin of hid manhood. “Don’t fret so, It’s not what your thinking. Your going to love it, I promise you. ” She whispered kissing his testicle. Johnathan gasped, and she chuckled, while she poured the oil into her hands and took a firm grip on him. Her hands started moving slowly letting him build up.

“Oh damn it baby... that feels good.” He moaned as she made sure he was getting to the point. One hand stroked him while the other reached up pinching his nipple and his body twitched.

Her hand started to move faster teasing the head feeling his erection throb in her hand. “You like that? Do you want me to let you finish?” She asked licking the very tip.

His eyes watched her tongue lick him and his hips buckled and his bound hands fisted as his body readied for his release. “Yes baby... god yes I’m going to cum. keep doing that...” He growled, and then at those words, she stopped. “Don’t stop!” He hissed as his hips moved, his erection twitched and his legs tried to break free, but she just smiled at him. “A.B. What the hell?”

“It’s called cock tortured for a reason pet.” She grinned softly holding the tip in her well oiled had letting the skin barley touch his tip. He hissed when her finger teased the slit and the sticky clear liquid rolled down. “If I decide to let you come after such treatment... it will be unlike anything you’ve felt before.” she told him and he groaned as she started to stroke him with hard fast movements again.

She brought him to the point over, and over, and over again. By this point his his eyes were closed tightly and he bit his lip when he was almost there, to then groan out loud when she stopped as he tried to break free from his bindings. His breath was heavy as the need to orgasm was to the point of pain. “Please baby, please finish. Please, let me finish...” He groaned as she blew softly on the tip of his erection, then started stroking once more.

“My you are bold pet for asking me that, but, do you want me to fulfill your wishes?” She teased as her nails skimmed down the thick hard vain.

“Yes... Mistress.” He growled and gasped as her nails dug into his scrotum.

She stood up lightly running her nails now over his thighs, his knuckles white from the firmness of his fist. “Then I’m going to sit on you...” His eyes hooded more then ready at her words thinking he was going to slip into her. “Oh no pet. Your not going to have that pleasure tonight. For this evening I’m going to have you make love to me with that tongue of yours. When you make me orgasm, then I’ll let you orgasm. If your at the point but have fail to do your job to make your mistress find pleasure... well, then I stop once more until your job is done.” She explained. “Are you ready to play?” She smiled.

“God yes...” He groaned as his hips buckled again.

Adire got on the bed positioning herself and Johnathan was all but to eager to get started on his part of this deal. His tongue slipped deep into her center then suckled her nub into his mouth flicking it with his tongue. “Oh yes, so very good at this pet...” She whispered as he found all the right spots making her body burn. The closer she got to her release the harder and faster she work him, stopping twice when he was ready and heard him whimper while we worked.

Then he found it, and her body rapture under his care. “That’s it pet... right there...”

He hands worked him and just as her orgasm was about to finish, his erupted. His chest rose as his breath came hard and his hips were off the bed as he growld and groaned all at once. “Ah, son of a bitch... ah god, finally, so good, ah yes...” He panted.

Adire chuckled as she clime off and looked over all the mess he had made on himself. “Well, I guess you can clean up and head to your place.”

He smiled his chest still rising sharply as he regain his breath. “Do I stay this way all night?”

“No...” She smiled undoing the knots.

Once he was free, he sat up rubbing his wrist. “You know I’m not leaving.” He told her to her back.

She turned around confused. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I said I’m not going anywhere. I’m liking this submissive man more and more. And I defiantly like having a woman in charge of me. Damn it, I can’t even believe I said that.” He smiled.

Her eyes widened. “Honestly, so am I quite frankly.” She admitted with a shake of her head. “Look, we have fun together I have to admit to that as well. And I’ll even go as far to say you are a superb lover, but, I truly think this should be done between us now, don’t you?”

He stood their silently and then a grin came to his face. “No, I think this between us, it’s just the beginning.” He said coming her way. “Now why don’t you tell me about those rules you keep talking about, and I’ll let you know why they don’t apply to me.” He chuckled picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder heading into the bathroom.

She smacked his ass as he walked. “I don’t take showers with men... Will you please put me down!” She ordered.

He laughed when she spanked him again all while hanging from his shoulder. “You know that won’t work on me... I’m into that shit.”

“Oh. My. Word...” She hissed struggling to get down.

“Don’t worry baby, your pet will teach you it can be fun to shower with a man.” He laughed once again smacking her but as he walked into the bathroom.

“Don’t you do that again!” He commanded.

“Oh, yeah sorry about that... well, no, I’m really not.” He continued to laugh somehow taking the control out from her hands and placing it all in his. She was shocked on the ease in which it happened, and that she even let it happen! But their was something more going on here, something that she feared was all to possible with this ass of a man. This man had a pull on her unlike anything or anyone had ever had before, and he’d found a way to get to her... heart.

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