Confessions of a Dominatrix

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Chapter 6

A buzzer started to go off and Adire groaned as it woke her from her sleep. She reached over to stop it’s infernal noise when a warm body came up along her backside and reached for the cell first taking it in hand. Why and how she could get so comfortable with Johnathan so quickly made her almost giddy, and down right petrified all at the same time.

“Good morning baby... or do you want me to still call you mistress?” He chuckled coming down and kissing the side of her neck.

She sighed at the situation, knowing all to well that this was moving way to fast for her liking, but found that she couldn’t manage to find a way to put the breaks on to stop it as well. “I think mistress is how you should address me pet. You have a way of forgetting just who the dom is, and who is supposed to be playing the submissive boy.” She told him rubbing her hands over her face. It was right then she remembered the shower and that she had not a stitch of makeup on, her hair done... she was completely herself.

Quickly she pulled away from the strong arms and hard body to get out of bed to put herself together and her mask into place. But as she pulled away thinking she was home free, a hand took a hold of her wrist to stop her. “Hey, why you running off again? And you don’t have work or anything else on a Saturday A.B., so don’t think I’m going to be falling for that kind of bull shit.” he asked but sounded more like a growl.

That had her sign, but not wanting to look at him either. “I’m not leaving, I’m just getting up to get myself ready for the day...” She said trying to get up again without looking behind her. But this time as she pulled to get free, the hand pulled her backwards onto the bed. Dark eyes stared down at her and it took everything that Adire had not to want to cover up her face without her protective mask on...

“Why are you getting ready? It’s six o’clock in the damn morning. Let’s just sit back order some coffee and enjoy the sight of Pairs from the balcony in our bathrobes. Maybe you can tie me to the bed or something afterwards to show me some of the kinky shit that you like to do to a man.” He said kissing her cheek.

“I ah, think I’d like to get ready first, then we can have a cup of coffee together.” She told him, hoping he’d let her up, but he didn’t.

Johnathan didn’t move, just hovered above her, looking like he was trying to figure out what she was getting at. Was she was giving him a subtle hint that she wanted him to leave, was embarrassed by something they did together, was upset... and then his brows pinched together as a reason came to him him about her hasty departure. “You told me about the rules again last night... their was something in those rules of yours that is about this, or something like it... but I told you also that those rules didn’t apply to me?” came his final.

“Your over thinking all this and what I’m doing Johnathan, really. I just like to get myself ready first thing in the morning, that’s all. Now pet, your hindering your mistress from doing what she pleases... now let me up.” She hinted, in a somewhat order.

But he shook his head slowly. “No, that’s not it. Their was something more to this...”

Adire was feeling very exposed and all she wanted was to feel in control over the situation again. “You will let me up this instant or, you will receive a very real punishment for your disobedience.” She informed him.

That had him chuckle. “Like what, a spanking or something?” he asked.

This time a sly smile came to her lips. “Oh their wouldn’t be a spanking in it for you. You see, every man in unique in their punishments, and sometime denial works wonders in place of a paddle or chastity belt.”

“Did you just say Chastity belt?” He asked with a concerned look on his face, but Adire just smiled. “And you’ve said something about denial before. So what are we talking about here ? Are you saying that their would be no sex as a punishment? ” He questioned.

“Their are so many way to deny a pet his pleasures, and so many ways to punish a man when he disobeys his mistress. I think in your case spankings defiantly wouldn’t be considered a form of punishment for you since that’s a pleasure you want from me. But, if I was to deny you my touch, or touch you and then deny you your, orgasm.” She grinned.

His brows pinched together at statement. “You wouldn’t...”

“I am a dominatrix, that is all part of the experience for a man with me.” She told him.

He didn’t say anything but finally let her up. She moved out from under him and started to the bathroom when he spoke again. “I remember that rule now, the one that your hoping I would forget. It’s about not letting a guy see the real you. Is that supposed to mean I can’t see you without your make up on or something?”

“Something like that....”

“Really? I mean really A.B., your to confident of a woman to believe that shit, right?”

Her shoulders tensed then fell before she turned around to face the man who seemed to be able to figure out her well kept secrets at a glance. “Your right. I feel more comfortable when I’m put together around a man...” She confessed.

“And all your boyfriends put up with that? Or did you get up at four every morning so they never saw the real you?” he asked now, but she remained silent. He sat up on the bed watching her, but under his intense gaze she was about to turn and head into the restroom when he came to his own conclusion. “Holy shit. All those things about having one night stands, that’s all true. I mean really true. You don’t date! You really didn’t have guys over or anything... damn, they must’ve been fighting for you because your so damn beautiful, but really?”

Her hands went to her hips and she put her mental dominatrix mask on with out having the physical mask in place. “I’ve explained to you on a number of occasions, I’m not interested in a relationship or anything that goes along with it. I wasn’t saying that to play coy with you Johnathan, it’s the truth. I have my own life, my own goals, and men are needy, whinny, creatures that will suck a woman dry wanting to have their own needs meet. And that normally means he could give a shit about her thoughts and dreams.”

His eye went wide and then he smirked with a small chuckle. “So men are clingy, whinny little bitches in your book?”

She folded her arms over her bare breast but nodded. “I didn’t phrase it as you did, but yes, that is my perception of the opposite sex.”

“Shit, that’s harsh!” He chuckled again, then tipped his head to the side like he was digging into her soul with just a look. “I know your gorgeous but, what if I told you that one of the things that draws me to you is how independent and confident you are. Then what would you say?”

“That darling is very easy. Men like you, they enjoy to be dominated by a woman, they normally gravitate to a woman with a strong personality.” She explained.

“Damn baby, and you say I have an answer for everything.” He chuckled again as his hands ran over his face. “So if I told you I was leaving, that I was done with this thing between us. I had my fetish fantasy meet by my own personal dominatrix, and you were fun, real fun, but now I need to get back to Houston. What do you think about that?”

She was quite for a moment, and a moment was to long in front of this man. Johnathan was quick when it came to figuring her out, and just to prove that she was right when it came to him... a cocky grin came back to his face before she could fix the situation. “I think that’s just splendid with me and that I feel precisely the same way as you do. Then let you get dressed, spank your backside as you walked out the door letting you be on your way. Then when you were gone... have a cafe brought up and enjoy my morning without another thought about you in my mind.” She finished.

“Really, I mean really A.B.? You wouldn’t care that I left, not even a little.”

“Not even an inkling pet. I’ve had fun, you had fun, that’s all there is to this. And now your more then welcome to be on your way.”

He got up from the bed making his way over and Adire couldn’t help but take in the beauty of his strong muscular body.“Huh, now that you say I can leave, and you you don’t care if I did... makes a man change his mind, you know?”

Her arms dropped and her eyes widened at his words. “What? Johnathan, I’m giving you a free pass to leave... with absolutely no strings attached.” She stated, just so he’d be sure to understand what she was saying.

He was right in front of her as she looked up into his dark eyes. Her heart beat picked up as his hands skimmed her waist pulling her closer until she was pulled tightly to his body. “So I’m the lucky son of a bitch whose only spent the night with you I take it. The first man to have the sexy dominatrix say yes to.” he chuckled.

“Don’t be so confident in your standing with me. I’ve just never liked men coming over to my place to stay. They have their own place...” She started to say.

“Holy shit, I was right? I’m the first guy to sleep over? Well I’ll be damned...”

“It’s nothing really, and your making bigger than what it is. I just cherish my personal space.” She explained.

His grip tightened and her body softened. “Well remember what I said about the rules not implying to me, I guess I really was right about them... So don’t think your going to go into the bathroom and cover yourself up, because I’m not going to allow it.”

She was positive her mouth dropped again... it seemed to do that a lot when it came to this particular man. “Excuse me?”

He grind. “Your excused princess...”

“Don’t you ever think of calling me that...” She ordered, but his head dipped down and his lips hovered above hers stopping her sentence.

“Do I have permission to kiss my mistress?” He asked as his voice dropped into a seductive rumble.

She stared into those hooded brown eyes loosing all sanity once again and then... “Damn it... yes Johnathan, you may.“She whispered.

There was the faintest of a smile at her words, and then his lips touched her asking for permission to enter, and she had no will to deny him. Her arms went around his neck pulling him closer to her as she started to take control of the kiss, but loosing the control of her body.

Johnathan growled when she wrapped her leg around his hip pushing his hard erection into her stomach and his hands reached down taking a hold of her backside and now walking them towards the bed... then his cell phone started to ring. He broke free and glanced over at the phone then down at her and sighed. “I have to get that.” he whispered kissing her one last time before placing her on the ground.

Adire didn’t say anything just sat on the bed as Johnathan looked down at the number, but then didn’t answer. He stood their for a minute and then glanced back at her before walking over to get his clothes. “I’m going to have to take a rain check baby. I was supposed to get somethings done for my dad here in Paris yesterday, but completely forgot about it when I was following you all around last night so I could make my move.” He admitted getting dressed.

“That’s fine. I have some more shopping I wanted to do anyways.” She told him.

Johnathan stopped as he buttoned up his shirt and shook his head with a laugh. “I could get hooked on a woman like you.” He said then started to tuck in his shirt and zip up his pants. “Do you know when your leaving Paris?”

She shrugged as she leaned back on the bed watching him dress. “I can’t say for sure. I honestly thought I would be back in Boston today. But you know sometimes men need a woman to hold their hand and walk them threw things, like the proposal I put in place. Now if Jean Claude is a good boy, then I’m hoping I’ll be home by Tuesday. Why do you ask?”

He came over to the bed and leaned down placing his hands on each side of the bed. “Well how about I take you out for dinner tonight, then we can discuss when I can see you again when you get back into Boston. I’m going to have to leave for Huston tomorrow morning. But I want to see you before I go. What do you say?” he asked. She bit her lip and his eyes glanced down as he smiled at her. “Come on A.B. you, me, dinner, and out in Paris.”

“I say, yes. It sounds lovely.” She smiled.

He came down and kissed her. “So I’ll see you at, let’s say, seven tonight?”

“I’ll be ready.”

“Okay princess I’ll be here to pick you up then.” He said kissing her one last time before he turned and took his phone from the desk.

“Don’t ever call me princess again, pet. I’m warning you.” She commanded.

All he did was laughed as he opened the door and left once again shacking his head.

Adire fell back on the bed staring at the ceiling, that’s when she realized she had a hug smile on her face from a particular man and his very arrogant personality. With that in mind, it then dropped as hands went over her face. “What are you doing A.B.? I mean really what are you doing? Telling him your rules, letting him break what ever rules he wants to... really? You have never been this stupid before when it came to a guy!” She hissed at her self.

Her hands went over her face one last time when she sat up and called her one best friend who would give her sound advice on the situation. She swiped her cell open going to her favorites and pushed Ally’s smiling face. “Come on, come on, come on... answer.” She whispered.

“Allison Libby’s phone.” a man said.

That threw her back for a minute. “Yes this is A.B. is Ally there?”

“Hey A.B. its Paul.” Came the cheerful voice.

“Oh, Hi Paul. I see you and Ally have hit it off.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, really hit it off. I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to her.”

“It was my pleasure, but is Ally around?” She asked.

“Yeah hold on a minute.” He told her and then she could hear a knock and then the two of them talking. Then Ally was on. “Hey youh, how’s it going in Paris? Youh know I’m so jealous that youh gotta go... bitch.” She teased.

“Don’t be mean, or I wont send off your gift today.” She teased back.

“Oh youh are a stinkerh!”

Adire fell back onto the bed that still smelled of Johnathan’s cologne and sighed. “Do you have a minute? I need some advice.”

“Yeah, whats up?”

“Well, I’ve kind of meet some one.” She stated. Then their was a loud scream on the phone. “Ally, please...” Adire said holding the phone from her now aching ear.

“OMG, is he like french and all that? Send me a picture... I bet he’s so hot!” came the excited prattle of her best friend.

“No, it’s not some guy I just meet in France. I’ve known him for a while now. I don’t know how to say this, so I’m just going to say it. It’s a guy that came into my den a while back and he is also a client of mine at the Thompson Agency. We had a affair and I thought it was over, but then he just showed up here in Paris telling me that he followed me here. Then I slept with him again last night and, I think I really like him.” She told her as she aired out everything. When she was finished she noticed that Ally was quite. “Hey, hello, I’m talking to you...”

“He followed Paris? Like uninvited and all...” came Ally’s worried reply.

“No it isn’t like that... but then again, I guess it is like that too. Oh my word, It’s complicated Ally. But let me just say, he’s a very wealth guy that has had me breaking every damn rule in the book. Not only that, he informs me that the rules don’t apply to him, and for some unbeknownst reason to me ... he seems to be right on the matter. He’s right on ever matter when it comes to him and how I think about it. Now I know your not going to believe this but, I even had him stay the night with me, twice now.” She confessed as her arm draped over her eyes.

“Are you kidding me? Like stay the night, in the same bad as youh and everything?” Ally asked in a high pitched tone.

“Yes, and I even showered with him, and this morning he wouldn’t let me put on my makeup... he said I was beautiful with out it.”

Ally gasped and her voice cracked when she spoke. “Oh A.B. youh finally found someone how got past yourh rules. That’s so amazing!”

Adire grabbed a pillow and placed it under her head. “I excepted a dinner invitation from him tonight. But I’m a little, frightened by this whole thing.” She confessed.

“Why? I mean this is normal thing for two people to do together. Going out on a date, having him sleep over. Letting a man be apart of yourh life and not just some toy for you to have fondel buddy with...”

She sighed. “I have to admit, I really like him Ally, I mean really. Even his arrogant confident attitude, it turns me on.”

Ally started to giggle. “So is he like taking the rains, or are you smacking his ass and having him walk around with a leash on in public.”

She laughed thinking back to a guy that she was seeing, or what she considered seeing, walking around Revere with a collar and a leash... “Yes and no. In the bedroom I’m in charge, well, for the most part of it. But he likes to be in control to. Kissing me holding on to me, telling me what to do. He even had the nerve to call me princess! Can you believe that?”

Ally laughed out loud now. “And youh didn’t punish him for using such blasphemy?”

Adire laughed. “No... I didn’t. Just gave him a warring.”

“Oh my god, wait until I tell Kitty about this!”

“Allison. I need your advice. Do I let this man in or do I truly put my foot down and stop this thing between us now?” She groaned.

Ally was quite, and then Adire heard her take a breath. “Youh want the truth?”

“What do you think? I’m not the kind of woman to call asking you to lie to me...”

“Alright, alright then here it goes... I think you should go for it A.B.” came Ally’s answer.


“Let me ask youh something, do you like him? I mean really like him A.B. and could see this leading to maybe something more?”

“Yes, I can honestly say that I can, and that I do.” She replied.

“Then go for it. Maybe this is the guy that will have you open up to a real relationship.” Ally explained.

“What if I’m not sure that’s what I want. I mean, my family and my job take first priority in my life.”

“Well, if he’s the guy for you, he’ll fit in their as well.” Ally told her. “Now I’ve got to go. Paul and I are going to the Aquarium today. So now you go... hey what time is it there anyways?”

Adire took her phone from her ear to look at the time. “It’s seven twenty.”

“Then go out and enjoy a cafe and call me tomorrow.”

“Fine, I’ll put on a robe and order room serve and sip my coffee on the balcony...” She told her best friend.

“Are you talking to me naked again?” Ally asked and Adire could hear her eyes roll threw the phone.

“It was a busy night...” She chuckled.

“OMG, I’m going... love you. And put on clothing before you answer the door.”

Adire laughed. “Okay, I love you too, and don’t worry I will be dressed when I get my coffee. I promise.”

Ally hung up, and for the first time Adire felt happy about doing something so tirvial as going on a date with a man. And for the very first time in her life, she was excited about the idea of someone in her life. That was never anything she’d ever planned for. Especially with her personality, and the very jaded past where men were concerned. But at twenty eight, maybe Ally was right, it was time to see if she could have a man in her life who she could hold hands with as she walked in the city of love.

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