Confessions of a Dominatrix

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Chapter 1

The door from the entry of the building burst open as Adire Black pushed her way threw the people who were chatting with one another and blocking her damn way to get out and into the fresh air. “Who ever said a woman needs a man in the first place, was an absolute idiot!” she uttered as she started walking down the Mass Ave. The sun was getting low in the sky in the late afternoon, but the stickiness in the air clung to her body like a very needed sub she was going to be dealing with within the hour.

Trying to work your way up to the top in a mans world was far more of a pain in the ass then she’d ever imagined. Her life and how she preferred her men was a secret she kept close to her chest around everyone she knew and worked with. The last thing she wanted the business world to know was, after work she finished with her 9 to 5 job, then she went to work spanking peoples asses every night. She couldn’t even imagine what would her bosses would think of her if they knew she liked her guys obedient.

“I swear if I have one more man think I’m going to hike up my skirt for him to have his way with me so I can fuck my way up the corporate ladder... maybe I should find a way to keep my crop with me. Then these idiots would know just how I like to play with the guys I take home.” She griped walking in hurried steps across the street to the D&D. “I bet your a moaner.” She hissed in a make-believe male voice. “I bet you like it hard baby. I can give it to you rough... I should’ve told him, you know what I like hard... the way I’ll smack your ass and make you scream, yes mistress!”

After her vent, and going into the Dunkin Donuts to order her iced coffee, she felt so much better. The sun was bright as she slipped on her black sun glasses, and she just stood in the shade of the trees sipping her drink and watching the people pass by on the street letting the stress of the day wash away. She looked down at her new heels and smiled. Her first pair of Jimmy Choo’s... and they looked fabulous. It took her three months to save up enough money to buy these babies, and had been sacrificing any treats like the cool iced coffee she held in her hand for what feels like forever. To bad her skirt was still a bargain basement deal, and her blouse a TJMAXX clearance under five dollar deal. But, like Yvette always says “you buy one exquisite piece of clothing at a time. Then after a while you’ll have a remarkable wardrobe.” With a sigh Adire pushed herself off the wall, straightened her black penile skirt and started to walk to catch a cab home before she went to her second job.

Clean and refreshed Adire walked into the hoity building in which her mentor and one of her very dear friends ran her den. With her book in hand she opened it up to see who her first client was for the evening. Friday nights were like an open mic, it was when she had all the newbies came in for their introduction into BDSM. It seems tonight was a couple session. This man just confessed to his wife what he was really into, and she was willing to give it a try to help save their marriage. These were Adire’s favorite kinds of sessions. One’s that could help a couple... She was making her way to her room when Yvette came down from the stairs. “A.B. I wanted to have a word with you before you started with your first guest of the evening.”

“Alright...” She said shutting her book.

“Seems I have a new gentleman that wants the whole black leather and bondage package tonight. And since your our girl in that department...” Yvette hinted.

Adire sighed. “What time did you schedule him?” she asked already knowing that he was placed into the appointment book any ways.

“He’ll be here at ten. But said he wants to keep it anonymous so... no names.” She chuckled.

“That means he’s probably a power player. Lord I wish these men would settle there mommy issues at home, with there wives or girlfriends.” She said opening the book back up and heading down the hall.

“Yes, but then you’d be out of a job darling.” Yvette chuckled once again fixing the fedora hat on her head before meeting her client.

With a sigh she walked into the lavished black and red room and mentally prepared myself for the evenings activities...


Friday night 9:54 p.m.

Oh my day is almost done and soon I can go home and relax...

But what can I say about a night that can go as smooth as a baby’s bottom? Nothing bad what so ever... and my eight o’clock did have a divinely fine ass. (Note to self... see if he might be interested in some off duty domination??“) My couple earlier was completely darling. After a long talk about what it meant to be a Dom and to have a sub, she seemed relatively interested. But like most woman she was worried about what her needs were and confessed that she liked him to be the dominate one as well.

This I understood completely. Most woman liked the security of a man taking them, of her being under him, him having all the control.... It makes most woman feel needed, adored and cherished. But there can still be that in a relationship even if he wants to be submissive to her. I truly believe if your in a relationship and you honestly want it to work, then there will have to be give and take just like with anything else.

For me though, I prefer men to just sit and look pretty. I love it when they don’t talk all that much, and just wait on my commands for what they should do next to please me. I don’t need a man to make me happy, well outside of the bedroom, and I don’t want to hear about his day, or talk about mine. I have them in my life for a purpose and talking about feelings isn’t one of them... their are many in my gender who prefer the role to be reversed. Have the man be in control, have an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on. But the clients wife, well lets just say she was very interested in being the Dom in the relationship after she sat and watched what intelled. I love when woman can see just how sexy it is to be in control... and it seems they’ll be coming back together for quite sometime to get the hang of it. That’s a bonus on two points for me.

I bet she rocks his world tonight... you go girl!

One last guy for the night, and then I can go home and crash. I wonder if this one will be in his fifties as well. These big time CEO’s always come looking for a spanking. I wonder if its because they feel guilty about them doing something their not supposed to. Well I guess I’ll soon see...

10:15 p.m.

Adire sat on the leather table with her arms crossed as the last client for the night was now... fifteen minutes late!

Her fingers tapped against the slick black gloves that hugged her upper arms, mask was still in place, red lipstick still in place, and all she wanted to do at this moment was go home have a cup of tea and wash her persona off and place her glasses on her face to sit down and read a good old fashion dirty book. “He has five more minutes, then I’m out of hereh!” She gripped as her fingers continued to tap in irritation. When ten twenty came around, she got up off the table and started to take off her mask when Inga walked in with a man.

“Kaje, your ten has arrived a bit late...” She smiled as he walked in from behind her. Inga spoke as one of the most beautiful men Adire had ever seen walked into her room. “This is your mistress for your session, please have a nice evening.” Inga said with a small laugh. As soon as he was fully inside Inga winked at her then shut the door. He looked around the room at all the different toys that were displayed on the walls, then turned and looked back at her.

Adire had never been a woman who was at a loss for words but, as beautiful as she thought he was when he first stepped in, on closer inspection he was down right gorgeous. His hair was a very dark brown and styled in a adorable messy look. Can messy hair be styled? His face clean and smooth, with dark brown eyes and dark lashes. His frame was tall and could see even under his very expensive suit that he was well portioned in all the right places for a woman.

“Sorry I’m late. I wasn’t sure I was going to come or not.” His rich voice admitted.

Slowly she made her way over to him, taking him by the arm to bring him to the big black chair in the corner of the room. “Well, now that your here lets just see what brought you to my room, and what your hoping for. But from now on if your late aging... you’ll be denied.” She explained.

His brows went together. “Denied what exactly?”

“Everything and anything... Darling.”

“You mean you wouldn’t take me again if I came to see you?” He asked.

“Yes, you’ll be denied.”

“And what if I threw more money than you could imagine at you. What would you do than?”

“Tell you to go down to the local bar and find yourself a submissive girl who that would work on. I don’t take well to being told what to do” She smiled slyly. “But now that your here, why don’t you take a seat in the safe chair.” She said having him sit in front of her.

“Safe chair. What’s that for?”

“This is the chair where your just a person telling me all that your hoping for in your session with me. Where you and I can talk seriously about your wants, your likes, and more importantly, your diss likes. As soon as we get to know each other, and your ready to begin and leave the safety of this chair... Then I’m your mistress, and that’s how you’ll address me. Do you understand?” She asked him.

His hand went threw his hair then to his chin before his eyes met mine again. “Yeah, I guess I get that.”

“Well that good. So Mr... I’m sorry you didn’t give your name. What would you like me to call you? Or do you just prefer to be called pet from the start?” She smiled once aging. Oh the joy, she loved when the gorgeous men come to be dominate, it could be so very rewarding.

“No, you can call me Johnathan.”

“Alright Johnathan. So what are your exceptions for this evening?”

“Well aren’t you going to tell me your name?” He asked.

“My name is simple. It’s Mistress, and that’s precisely how you’ll address me. Now...”

He sat back and looked her over blatantly not at all fidgety like most men in his seat for the first time. “I’ve had this, fantasy, of mine, for a very long time now. I wanted to finally have it fulfilled and be done with it.”

“Alright then, what kind of fantasy are you talking about?” she asked taking a seat on a chair in front of his. Her legs crossed and her thigh high boots crossed, and she couldn’t help but smile at the look that was in Johnathan’s eyes at the moment.

“Well, I want to be spanked.” He explained.

She sat back now looking him over with the smile gone but a slight grin still playing upon her lips. “Like a naughty nanny kind of spanking, or was there something else you were interested in?”

He tilted his head and his own smile played on those very beautiful lips. “I like the sound of that naughty nanny but, what else can you do for a spanking?”

“Quite a bit. I can tie up your hands and have you dangle from my celling, exposed and vulnerable while I spank you. I can place you across my lap and get a paddle and spank your backside, and there are, other ways I can spank you, but I suggest we keep it simple to start out with. I’m taking it that you’ve never been to a den before, correct?” She asked.

“No. This is my first time. Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect.” He confessed.

That had her chuckle. “Well I’m here to help fulfill some of those wishes for you...”

“And if I wanted to take it a step further? Are you willing to go that far to fulfill my wishes?”

“No, that’s not how I run my den. That aspect of what your hoping for will also be, denied. So...”

“Well, I think for one of my wishes would be... I’d really like to know your name.” He interrupted.

She sighed at this obvious newbie. “My name is my business, not yours. You may address me as mistress that is all, and since your new I will inform you now that interruption of when I’m speaking will lead to a punishment.”


“Now you can keep your pants on, or you can choose to take them off. I don’t mind either way. But just remember that what we do in here is professional, confidential, and I will not do anything to you that you tell me is off limits of that we’ve agreed upon that is not what your looking for to be apart of your session. If you use the safe word at any time and under any circumstances, the session is over at your request.” She assured him.

He nodded and looked down a the ground. “I’d like the naughty nanny idea to start out with. But those belts and stuff isn’t something I’m interested in. I, well, I always wanted it a bare hand... on my skin.”

“Okay Johnathan I think we can do that for you this evening.” She told him getting up from her seat. “Now one more thing, the safety word. That’s very important, and I normally like to pick a new word for each new pet under my command. For you I think I like, gold finger.” She chuckled as she held her hand out for him to take as she pulled him from the safety chair. “Are you comfortable with that name pet?”

“Yeah...I like it.”

“I thought you would. So what’s your safety word again pet?”

“Gold finger.” He told her with his own grin.

“Very good. Now Are you comfortable with what’s going to happen and want to proceed?” She asked.

“Yes... very comfortable”

“Excellent, then lets begin.” She purred.

Taking his hand, she pulled him from where he stood and took him over to the sofa and for the first encounter of his naughty nanny fantasy to begin.

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