Confessions of a Dominatrix

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Chapter 1, part 2

Adire smiled back at this man as he followed her to the spot she wanted him. She looked over his dark hair dark eyes, and clean masculine face. She’d never seen a man who was so elegant, so beautiful, so confident about himself, even as he stood in a den and knew nothing about the punishment he was asking for. With her crop in her hand she turned and looked him over, and a tiny grin grew on his lips as he pushed his hair back with his hand doing the same to her.

The only thing she could compare him to was like a movie star from the big screen. The way he held himself, walked in with such confidences of who he was. It was erotic to watch someone with that much confidence within himself, and yet he wanted her to spank him, to dominate him. Somewhere in the back of her mind thoughts about making that firm luscious body do what she wanted was consuming her very naughty thoughts.

Today had been a good day in beautiful men department, and very lucrative as well. But this one, this would be nothing but trouble. She knew all to well men with money normally had ego issues, and the last thing Adire needed in her was more problems. Life was already a mess with her mom back in the hospital, trying to pay off school loans, work and helping her aunt Sally. Adire, if anything, was good at keeping her heart safe from the opposite sex. So it’s better to just spank what she already knew was going to be a beautiful backside, and just enjoy the view then, push his ass out the door after she was done.

“Now pet you’ve been a very naughty boy today, haven’t you?” She purred as she walked closer to him.

He grind. “Yes I have...” his voice rumble back at her. Adire just wore her small smile as she took her paddle off the wall, placing her crop on the table, then walked to were he stood and reached down taking a hand full of his firm backside then slid her fingers over the very soft fabric on the back side of his slacks. He groaned, and she tsked him over such behavior and thinking this was something more than what he’d asked for... to be disciplined. Then with a quick procession she took the paddle in the other hand and smack that glorious ass.

He jumped back from the unsuspected pain. “What the fuck?” He growled taking ahold of the spot she just spanked.

“When you address me pet, you are to say, yes mistress. After every question, comment, or if I address you, you will say, yes mistress. That’s the proper way to answer me when your in my room, if you don’t, you shall be disciplined. Do you understand?” She asked with her own little sly smile. He stood there watching her, but didn’t comment. “If you want some docile woman who will just spank you with a soft hand and sweet words, then I suggest you go out and get a girlfriend who will obey you.” She stood in front of him and she looked up into his eyes while he glanced down at her. “I wont obey you, I will never obey, I am the mistress you are the subordinate, the point of you being here is, you obey me.” She explained, then caressed the tender part of his backside. “Now, you understand where your at, and you see what the difference between what I’m going to offer you compared to what another type of woman would offer. So, now the question is, do you want a woman to be in control of you... or are you going to say the safety word and walk out my door?” She smiled.

He stood still and didn’t say anything as they looked into each others eyes. If he thought his stance would break her down , he was sorely mistaken. Adire had always been very patience when it came to waiting, it was one thing that made her so very good at what she does in all aspects of her life. So with that she raised her brow waiting for Gold finger to slip from his mouth and for him to turn tail and leave. But then in her astonishment he said something she truly didn’t expect. “Yes... mistress.”

A grin slipped to her lips. “What a very good boy. Now, we shall begin then.”

Slowly she made her way to the a chair that sat off in a corner and she then pulled it out and brought it to the middle of the room and took a seat. Then with a tilt of her head she let anything about what she thought of his appearance was drop along with her grin. “Now take off your pants and get over my knee.” She commanded as her legs crossed and watched him strip from his very expensive pants. They dropped to the floor and stepped out of them. “Pick them up pet. I don’t like untidy men in my room...”

“Yes mistress.” His husky voice addressed her.

“Ah, I love a man who learns quickly. You’ll be a very good pet to have.” She chuckled, then stopped. “Why are your still in your underpants? Strip them off and get over here, now.” She commanded. And with a grin she would’ve punished any other sub with that cocky grin on his face, but this man, Johnathan, she let him wear it as he dropped his underwear to the ground and around his ankles. His body was much more fit than she gave him credit for, and much more well endowed then most men she sees.

Her eyes jumped up to his after getting the complete eyeful of what he had to offer, but she pulled herself back into work mode. “Very good, now get over here and get over my knee! Don’t make me tell you again, or the punishment will wipe than little smile off your face.” She told him.

“Yes mistress.” He said and was going to take off the underwear that was around his ankles but Adire stopped him.

“No pet. Walk over to me with them still on. Much more pleasant seeing you at a disadvantage.” She purred.

He walked over with his underwear around his ankles and then glanced sown at her before he put his naked half over her bare thighs and she peeled off her black lacquered gloves. “My, such a perfect ass for spanking. But you made me have to tell you more than once to do what you were told. So I’m going to make sure your back side is cherry red when I get through with it pet. So red that it will sting when you try to sit down... I cant tell you how very happy that makes me to know you’ll be feeling my punishment long after you leave.” She purred feeling the soft skin of his backside and hearing him groan in pleaser. It was then time to strip him of such a feeling and have him experience precisely what he had come for.

With one last feel of his soft cool skin she raised her hand was swatted. The sound echoed threw the room from the direct hit. “Son of a bitch...” A voice growled, but for his words she smacked him again in the same spot already getting his skin warm and a soft shade of pink coming up to the surface.

“I didn’t tell you to speak young man. If I wanted words from you I would’ve ordered them.” she informed him with multiple swats to the left cheek, and then moved right over to the right. “Now I need to make sure your backside is all in unison color... would want one cheek to get jealous of the other.” She told him as her hand slapped one side and then moved to the other. Johnathan grunted with each stinging slap, but what started out as discomfort was pain but with an erotic groan as the cool air touched the red marks before her hand stung it once again.

“You love this this don’t you pet.”

“Yes Mistress...” He grunted on the next swat.

“That’s a very good boy. Next time you’ll do what I ask in a much quicker fashion, do you under stand?”

“Yes mistress...”

And on that reply of submission Adire took her long red nails and ran them over the ripe warm spots of his back side. “Yes, I think you’ll be very accommodating now.” She told him, and a shiver ran over his body as her nails caressed him still. Then the next round began as the creasing stopping and in one quick movement she spanked the spots once that were still hot from her touch, and had him again grunt in both pain and pleasure across her knees.

After three more persuasions of swatting, to caressing to swatting once again, her clients session was over.

“Alright pet, you may get up now and get dressed.” She said, and Johnathan put his very big hands on her thighs and pushed himself up grinning at her already knowing he was pushing the limits of what she accepted. She got up from her seat and place the paddle that was on my floor on the table to be cleaned. “Well, I hope your experience was everything you were looking for Johnathan.” She told him putting her crop away and picking up her gloves. When she turned back around he was right in front of her. “You are in my personal space, and that is not acceptable here. I’m sure Savanna went over the rules when you called for an appointment today.”

He buckled his belt and smiled. “Yeah, she did. But I was thinking, what about coming out and getting a drink with me?” He asked.

There was apart of her, a very giddy part of her that wanted to shout out yes! But then she pulled herself back together and placed on her thank you anyways smile. “I’m sorry, I don’t go out to drinks with men I just had in my den.” She told him politely.

“Well what if I don’t come to your den again. Would you go have a drink with me than?” He asked, thinking he found a way to pursway her.

“No, I’m sorry. I’m not interest, but thank you very much for the offer. Now, I’m sure you can find your way out...”

“Then I’ll make an appointment for tomorrow to.” He informed her.

That had her pause. She was used to men obeying her, not arguing with her... this was why she liked submissive men. “I’m sorry but all my time is taken tomorrow. But I’m sure Savannah can get you worked in sometime in the next couple weeks.”


“Yes, weeks. So, thank you for coming and have a lovely night...”

He didn’t move as her hand came out to offer him to the door, but then a chuckle escaped him and he grinned as his eyes roamed over her. “Alright, goodnight... mistress.” Was what he said and what she could only call a sly grin as he shook his head and shut the door behind him. Once his footsteps could be heard making their way away from her door, Adire collapsed in to the black safety seat taking off her mask letting it dangle from her fingers as her arms hung from the sides of the chair. She glanced around the now empty room just wanting to clean everything quickly to get to her studio apartment. It was to late to stop by her mothers, or to swing by and eat dinner with Aunt Sally. With the last thought of what she had at her place going threw her mind, Adire started to clean up and get ready to head home to Southie.

Once in her place, showered, clean, and refreshed, she now got ready for bed only to start her day all over again in what seemed like a couple hours. Adire sat on her bed turning on the radio since she couldn’t afford cable at the moment and placed on some soothing instrumentals and took a bite of the apple and cheese plate she made herself before pulling out her journal once again. Mozart played in the background as she thought about what she wanted to write in her journal about the new this client she’d had this evening.

July 10.... Continuation from earlier

Johnathan... I just wanted to write his name down to see if it sent the same chills down my spine as me saying it did earlier. And unfortunately, it does.

After all my years of being a dominatrix, I can honestly say this man easily had me forgetting my place with him today. I’ve had all kinds of men walk in wanting to get punished. From the very rich to the not knowing if they were going to pay rent at the end of the month. Young and old, thin to chucky and well... beyond. Tall and short, gorgeous to well to be polite, the ugly ducklings of the male species. Some have been nice, some arrogant assholes, and I found that sometimes class and money or lack of it never told who a person really is until he’s under your care. But this man, it didn’t matter with him. I can honestly say that with his man, for the first time in my life, I was honestly attracted to him. And that scares the hell out of me.

But at least he’s done and over with, and I don’t think he’ll be coming back anyways. He was a one timer... he had his experience and now he can be on his way, and if he wasn’t, well than he’ll have to wait quite sometime to come and see me again. I’m sure he’d just give up and go to one of the other girls...

Well off to bed. It’s been a long day, as well as a frustrating night.

Oh! Note to self... Tell Inga and Yvette not to schedule me past eight anymore.

I do need to get some sleep some time!

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