Confessions of a Dominatrix

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Chapter 2

Monday July 13

Adire finally drifted off to sleep late in the night after getting a certain ... client, out of her mind that night, which was more difficult than she thought it should’ve been. The weekend was quite and peaceful as she went shopping with her bestfriends Ally and Kitty. She’d dropped some clothing off to be altered and had the girls go with her to pick them up and them meet back up at Ally’s place for some American chop suey and home made blueberry pie. Ally was a chief and when money was getting low at Adire’s, she and Kitty could always count on Ally feeding them.

Early Monday morning her cell phone started to ring on her night stand waking her up. She slowly lifter her head as she released the hold on her pillow to see just who the hell would be waking her up so early in the morning! When she saw her Aunt Sally’s name on the screen, a knot formed in her stomach as she thought about her mom, and that being the only reason to have her aunt call her right now. she picked up the phone quickly as her heart beat picked up over thoughts running threw her mind. “What’s going on Aunt Sally? Please tell me everything’s okay with mom...” She mumbled into the cell.

“Oh sorry sweetie. Of course your ma’s fine! I was just wondering if youh could make to my place tonight for dinner?” She asked giddy.

Adire turned over and stared at the ceiling blinking her eyes a couple times and trying to let her heart find a slower rhythm once again. “Yeah, of course I’ll come by, I’ll just bring my books that Yvette gave me to work on and then you can quiz me. I swear I walk into would and she give me a new world to learn and use the rest of the night. My word yesterday was, quintessential. Then she had me trying to put it into my sentences... believe me, it’s much more difficult than it sounds.” She informed her and glanced at the curtains to still see it was barley light out yet. “Hey, is everything okay?”

Aunt Sally then giggled. She giggled like a young girl would’ve giggled like one does when they have a wicked crush, and it was then she knew precisely what was going on. “So, you have a new boyfriend or something you want to talk to me about?” I inquired, and the giggle continued.

“Oh A.B., I think he might be more than a boyfriend honey... he could be the one!” Her Aunt now whispered.

“The one? Didn’t’ you just break up with Jake a couple weeks ago? Now your telling me you found “the one”?” She questioned rubbing my eyes and mentally questioning her Aunts sanity.

She heard her Aunt sigh and could tell she’d brought up something hurtful to her. Sally never had said what happened between her and Jake, but Adire always knew he was an SOB, and defiantly not good enough for her aunt. What hammered the nail into the wall for her was, when he picked up on her when her aunt was in the kitchen making his no good ass dinner. Adire tried to be suttle with Sally about what Jake had tried to pull, but Sally didn’t get it and Adire didn’t want to push the subject. It was obvious that Sally was into this guy hook, line, and sinker.

“I don’t want to talk about that okay. Let’s just say it was time he needed to move on, and that meant out of my front doorh.” Sally informed her.

Aunt Sally was a beautiful woman, well if you could get past how green she was. Not meaning green like, naïve, but more like green, meaning granola. She was about Adire’s height of five four, thin as a rail with a sight figure, with blue eyes and dark brown hair that went down her back in messy dreadlocks tied back with old rubber bands. Adire’s Aunt was happy, sweet, giving to everyone, companionate, frugal, smart, and a vivacious tree hugger. Beautiful under all the ruggedness, but with a soul that made everything shine within her and reach out to those around her. She was defiantly “now a day hippie” if you asked Sally, and Adire couldn’t agree more with that account.

But Sally was also very lonely, she had raised Adire since she was just a small child and has been a constant supporter of her mother who lived at a mental institute for a very long time. Over the years Adire, or A.B. to her friends and family, had meet many men that her aunt had thought was the one for her, and now once again she’d thought she’d found the man of her dreams. It amazed Adire that her Aunt could find every worthless piece of crap that was ever created and living in the Boston area, and then come to the conclusion that the idiot was the one to take her off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

If there was one thing Adire learned in this life long ago it was, you can never count on a man for anything. Her father left her mother and her when she was very young, and a man who her mother found to take her fathers place, nearly destroyed her. Happiness and success was something a woman was capable of getting on her own. Yvette had shown her that, and it had taken root with the personality that was Adire from the beginning. There are six rules that engulfed every aspect of her neat and very disciplined life.

These Six rules are never to be bent, nor would ever be broken.

1) Never depend on a man. A woman is capable of getting everything she wants or needs for herself.

2) Never let a man have control over you, mentally or physically.

3) Never let a man get to close to your personal space.

4) Never let them see the real person that lies under the cloak of Dominatrix.

5) Never, and this means never, fall in love.

6) This is the most important rule... Never bend or break the first five rules. Never!

Adire now sat up in bed, understanding that there was a lot more to this break up that she had originally thought, and her Aunt had hidden her pain so she wouldn’t ask questions about it. Not good... “Hey, I’m sorry I brought it up. I didn’t know it was that bad.” She said.

Sally sighed once again. “It’s fine sweetheart. Really... don’t worry about it. Now I want you to meet Art. He’s wonderful and we both have so much in common.”

“Art its it?” She teased.

“Uh, hu. And he so gorgeous A.B.. Simply gorgeous!” Sally whispered again threw a giggle.

Adire knew from first hand experience that what she considered gorgeous and what her Aunt consider gorgeous was on the complete opposite sides of the spectrum. “Well I’ll take your word on that assessment and hold judgment when I meet him tonight. Tell me does he like digging threw the trash to make art out of garbage....” She laughed knowing how crazy her aunt was about the environment and all the thing that people threw away.

“Oh my god, how’d you know! Yes, he’s an artist too. I met him walking around Faneuil hall...” She gushed.

With that Adire sighed herself. “Alright, but I have to warn you I’m going from work to the other job after work today. I should be over about nine tonight. Is that still okay?”

“Oh sweetheart that would be great! Does Yvette still have youh working on yourh manners and appearance?” She laughed.

With that Adire groaned. “Oh she’s ruthless Aunt Sally. I get examined when I step into work about how I wore my hair that day, my clothes, my makeup, Argh! And if a carh, yourh, or comehereh, slips out, I get the third degree on those are not appropriate words to be using. And like I said a minute ago, now she’s gives me books to read on top of everything else I have to do in a day... and then she quizzes me on it.”

“And what are yourh thoughts on all this?”

“Well I hate to admit it but, I believe she has a point. Yvette knows I want a lot for my career and I have high exceptions for my place at the Thompson Agency. Mr. Douglas has taken notice of my work recently so I need to keep that up, but I also want to feel very confident when I have to deal with these men. Some of them are quite powerful. So, I’ve already gone through my wardrobe weeding out things that looks, cheap, as Yvette puts it and started working on my persona. But I’ve dropped a couple more pounds in the last month so now Yvette getting pissy with me over that as well.” She sighed. “Hey that reminds me, you don’t have to go to work till ten. What on earth had you get your butt up so early and out of bed anyways?” Then she took the cell from her ear and glanced at the time. “It’s only six thirty....”

“Art wanted to take me to go and watch the sunrise...” Sally gushed.

Adire’s arm fell over her face but couldn’t help but smile. “Oh lord, you’ve got it bad.”

“Yeah, I do. So please show up and keep your sass to a minimum tonight. He’s bringing over a couple friends of his that he wants me to meet, and I want my A.B., not the mistress in her ass spanking mode around these guys.” She informed her... sternly.

“Alright, alright, I can do that for youh... I mean you. Damn it! Look, I’m going to get myself going since my darling Auntie has woken me up early.”

“Sorry about that sweetheart. I’m just well, happy.”

“I’m glad your happy, and I’ll see you tonight. Then you can tell me just how long you’ve known this Romeo.” She told her aunt peeling back the covers to get out of bed.

“Okay, cant wait to see you tonight... then I want you to tell me what you think, what you really think young lady.”

“Alright, I’ll see you then.”

After she got off the phone with her aunt and was out of the shower, Adire now stood in front of her closet examine her options, and there wasn’t many to chose from. The one thing she knew Yvette was right about was, how you perceive your self is how the world around you perceives you as well. Just like a dominatrix she was in life, she should apply that confidence in the business world full of men that she wants to dominant as well. There was one thing that remained constant in her life and that was, the love of her New England teams. Their colors were red, white, and blue. So with that in mind, she’d decided that navy blue would be her color, red lips will be her signature, and white would be a very complementary accent to pull it all together.

She’d bought a nice pair of navy blue slacks and took them in to be tailored to fit her curvy hips to perfection. The white colored blouse looked clean, crisp and professional letting in known that she had quite more than a hand full in the bust area, but not boastful over it. Her makeup needed to be subtle, professional, but still had enough that shows she’s a woman with confidence in dealing with the opposite sex. So soft shades of brown went around her light blue eyes and she topped off the display with the candy apple red lipstick that she so loved.

Her long blond hair she had recently had cut to where it hung just below her shoulders, and much to Adire’s surprise, Yvette approved of the length and cut. Now her wheat colored strands she had in loos big waves with right side pulled back behind her ear giving that sleek and in control appearance that she was looking for. The jewelry was simple, gold chain with a little cross and a pair of tiny fake diamond studs. Now that she was ready to head out, she stood in the studio looking herself over at the full length mirror that was on the opposite wall from the bed. Her red nails smoothed out the ensemble making sure everything was in place, when a sly smile made its way to her face. “Their never going to see what hit them.” She said to the image in front of her. “You’ve made up your mind on what you want, now it’s time to go get it. It’s time for the real woman you are Adire Apple Black to make herself know, and dominant the opposite sex in the work place as you do in the bedroom.” She chuckled.

The Thompson Agency was one of the worlds most sought after PR consultant firms in the world. Dealing with many large and powerful companies, and very, very wealthy and every once and in while, very attractive, cliental. If there was one thing Adire knew how to deal with was, men who had power. These were the men that would normally seek her out wanting to be punished, dominated, even belittled when she went to her other job at night. It was time to put those practices into motion... and that’s just what she did.

It was later on in the day when she was working with her team, Stacy and Shawn, when Mr. Douglas came up to the group a bit more out of sorts than he normally was. He came into the cubicles that she and her colleges sat talking strategy over a client they had in Boston. It was one of the local clients that she was given, and really a bit of a guppy project compared to the big fish that others in her company dealt with on a daily basses. But she still works just as hard to make sure she stood out among her peers. Mr.Douglas looked around the group then found and stayed fix on Adire. “Miss. Black, do you know anything about the Lovelock corporation, and more specifically, Mr. Lovelock?” He asked.

Adire had indeed read up on this company. It was something that she made sure to do on all big projects, she liked to be well abreast on subject matter what she could from them. One thing was for certain, having this company sign would be quite a accomplishment for the Thompson Agency to have... that is if they they could get the owner, and CEO, Senior Walter Johnathan Lovelock the III to once and for all sing off on the contract with the company.

“Yes, I did happen to take a look into that contract. I’ve heard about some of the problems you were having in closing the deal with this company and was interested in why that was... Why?” She now asked.

He came in and crossed his arms as he squinted. “Philip has the flu and couldn’t make it in today. Actually, I ordered him not to come in. I couldn’t have him hacking all over the place while were dealing with this pain in the ass company who I’m trying to get to be a client!” He growled. “So do you think you could catch yourself up to speed and help Tim out with this pain in the ass?” He questioned her.

She smiled confidently at her boss. “Of course sir. I would be happy to help out.”

Mr. Douglas then nodded and turned to walk back out. “Great I’ll tell the others... Oh, and Adire.”

She looked up as she gathered her things to go into the conference room. “Yes?”

“If you do a good job and get this client to sign with us... I see a promotion in your future.” He told her with a small grin.

As soon as he was out of sight she turned back to Stacy and Shawn with a sly smile on her face. “Oh, I’ll get the Lovelock company to sign with us, believe me.” She told her fiends.

“OMG! You are so lucky!” Stacy laughed falling into a swivel seat next to her.

Shawn shrugged. “I don’t know Stace. I sure in hell wouldn’t want to go into that shark tank un prepared. And that’s what Mr. Douglas is asking. I mean, sure it could be a promotion, but if you lose the account... I see unemployment in the upcoming future for you A.B. if this thing goes south.”

She took the folder that Stacy offered and smoothed out her slacks and freshen up her lipstick. “You just have to have bigger balls then the people your going to be dealing with Shawn. It’s really that simple.”

That had Stacy giggle and Shawn now fall into his seat as his jaw dropped at her comment. “And I take it you think your the woman with big enough balls to do the job?” He asked.

“More then you realize...” She informed him then looked over at the two of them. “Look either way it goes I’ll give it my best. But in truth, I see a future with us not sitting in these annoying cubicles anymore dealing with the small boring accounts.” She smiled starting to head off.

Shawn chuckled with a shake of his head. “And don’t tell me, you see yourself in a corner office with your name in gold letters on the door.”

She turned around to glance over her shoulder at him. “I prefer the letters in black...” she said and then winked at him before she headed out to make her way to the conference room.

Stacy laughed from behind her. “Go get’em girl”

That was precisely what she intended to do. It was her chance to show this company what she could really achieve if given the chance. But more importantly, what she could accomplish where all others seemed to have failed and the value of that to this company. The men were all sitting around the large table as she walked by the windows to the conference room. From the frustrated looks on her colleges faces while they talked and showed their proposal, to the complete irritation on the faces of all the associates of the Lovelock Stock & Trade incorporation, she now understood Mr. Douglas anxiety.

Mr. Lovelock seemed none to impressed with what the team had come up with for his company. There had been some major difficulties with in the company and they wanted to get out that theirs was still a company that the people could trust. It seemed he thought the pitch didn’t hit that mark, and now looked as if he was ready to leave right in the middle of Mr. Douglas conversation... and at the sheer power that the man held, she chuckled. This was her specialty. The corner of her lip tipped up as she walked by catching the eye of the man who was about ready to leave, only to have him, stop.

The door to the room she pushed open and walked in having Mr. Douglas stop in mid conversation to look back. “Ah, Miss. Black. I was hoping you could give this gentleman a run down on why our proposal is the best out of all the others.” He said to her.

She smiled and nodded her head at the men. “Gentleman...” was all she said as she glanced over at what the team had come up with on project on the board. She didn’t take a seat, instead she stood in front of the room like she owned it. It was a sink or swim moment, and Adire’s plan was to swim and come out the winner in the end.

“Well I see we have a bit of a quandary going on here at the moment.” She said with a grin. “Lets not deal with this proposal. Instead why don’t you tell me what you want, and then we’ll see if that’s with in reason of what we’re willing to give.” She told the group, and the man who was in charge.

Everyone was dead silent until Mr. Lovelocks chair squeaked and he sat forward looking her over. “Alright Miss. Black. I’ve seen what these guys have to offer my company, and I’ve got to say, I’m not impressed with it. Let’s see what you have up your sleeve to make me see otherwise.” He said, then leaning back and waiting for him to be, dazzled.

She met his eyes and grinned. “Of course Mr. Lovelock, shall I begin?”

“By all means...” he told her as he crossed his arms and waited.

“Very good then...”



July 13

Well my day couldn’t have gone any better if I wanted it to.

Mr.Lovelock signed today with the Thompson Agency. I finally have my foot firmly planted in the door, and on the career path that I’ve always dreamed of. I see a whole new world in my horizon. Maybe one with a new car that is one color, and the muffler doesn’t rattle when I go over thirty miles per hour.

People swarmed around me after the Lovelock Stock & Trade all did their hand shaking and left. They all wanted to know how I could take a hard ass like Mr. Lovelock and have him open up and just listen to me, better yet do what I wanted him to do.... If they only knew the truth of the matter of how many men of power I truly deal with. I think they would fully understand rather quickly on the how and the why. I’m good at my second job for a reason, and it isn’t because I do what men want me to.

I only have a minute until my next client will be here, but something Ally said to me the other day has started to sink into my head. She told Kitty and me that she was ready to start a family, find a man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, that she wanted to quite the partying and settle down... that’s when I realized something as well. I’ve never thought really about settling down, or having a baby. I’ve always had everything goal oriented, and never put that into the equation. And that had me wonder, was their something wrong with that?

Kitty screws everything she gets her hands on hoping one of these idiots will tell her that they love her, or that they want to get married and start a family with her. So many times she reminds me of Aunt Sally. Always looking for love, or what she believes a man will provide her, bring her the love she’s longing for. But for Ally to come out and say that she’s ready to settle down, find a man to spend her life with... that shocked me. I just wanted us to stay the same. All of our careers were taking off. Ally finally found some hot new up and coming restraint to work. Kitty being a stewardess flies all over the world, and just recently got the flights over to Paris. And me, my career is just starting to take off. Who knows how far I can go... Babies, really?

All Kitty could do was squeal and tell us about a party that was happening in a couple of weeks with a bunch of gorgeous piolets that were going to be there. Ally was all smiles and questions, and all I thought about was maybe it would be fun to spank a piolets ass in the cock pit of his plan.. I mean cock pit... right!

Kitty and her damn stewardess friends... their like a bunch of frat girls!

Ah well, my venting is done and I guess thing are going to change just like things always do.

Well my next spanking should be here any minute. Time to freshen up and get ready to bring his punishments to light. LOL!



With her journal tucked away, Adire walked into the back room to put on her mask and freshen up her makeup when she heard the door open and someone walk in. “I’ll be out in a moment. Take the black chair and wait for me.” She commanded.

She fixed her corset, smoothed over the short black liquored skirt, made sure her fishnet nylons were they were supposed to be before she placed the black cap on her pinned up hair. Today she was going for more of a hot biker babe get up. One she was sure her next client, Dominic, who just so happened to be some kind of government official from Cuba, would just love.

Adire sly grin came to her face as she walked out to give this client the sissy training he so desired from her.

“Your Mistress is on her way. You better be ready to pleas...” She started to say, but then stopped when she saw who was sitting there waiting for her.

There in her black safety seat wasn’t Dominic... it was Johnathan! “How did you get in here?” She questioned looking around to make sure Dominic was nowhere to be found.

His smile was beautiful as well as cocky as he sat in that chair like he owned it. “I told you I wanted to see you again, so here I am. And just so you know, I plan on coming back everyday and for as as long as it takes, for you to go and have a drink with me.”

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