Confessions of a Dominatrix

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The shock that Adire felt when she walked in to see Johnathan sitting her in safety chair, was profound. She stood still trying to figure out how this man came to be in her seat at this moment and why her government official was nowhere to been found. There was one thing that she was absolutely positive about, she had a full schedule for the rest of the month.

A new client wouldn’t have been able to get in to see her so soon. “I don’t under stand what your doing here? This was Dominic’s time...” She murmured, more to herself then to the man grinning at her , which made her very uneasy. Everything in Adire’s life was set on a precise course. Things just don’t deviate from her plans, unless she chose it to be...

Johnathan sat there very easily acting like he was the one in control at the moment which was pissing her off to no ends. “Well its really very easy. I knew the time I wanted to see you. Called to make an appoiment. Then after a couple questions... I was told when you started work so I could come and see you again, and so here I am.”

“That does not explain why your in my room. I suggest you better tell me just how that’s possible or I don’t care who you think you are. I’m calling the police right now, right now.” She informed him, secretly hopping this wasn’t going to turn into a stalker situation.

His brow went up after her words as his eyes traveled over her body, but then he just chuckled. “You’d call the cops on me... for getting an appointment to be spanked?”

She slowly turned without a word making her way to the wall of toys, where her paddles, crops and whips hung for her submissive men to see. She glanced over her shoulder as she took her favorite horse crop from its place and made her way back to the arrogant, but extremely sexy man, sitting in her safety seat. The leather cracked against her leg as she came closer and her eyes hooded as her own sly grin came to her face. “Of course I’d call an officer to come and pick up a man who might be stalking me. Then when he had you in cuffs, I’d tell him to come back to my room with cuffs in hand and... I’d offer him a session with me for all his kindness.” She chuckled.

“Look, I’m not a stalker. Just a guy who wants to take you out for a drink.”

Her eyes squinted at him over what he’d said.“A very persistent man then, and one who just came in the other day for me to take control over him. Tell me, didn’t that tell you anything about the qualities that I might find redeemable in a man...”

His hand went to his chin as his eyes traveled up her black mesh covered legs. “Can I ask you a question?”

Adire rolled her eyes and then laughed at just how easily he dodged the question she just asked, but... “That was very good pet, now your understanding some of the rules around here.” She smiled, but cocked her head to the side just wondering what was in this mans brain. “And for such good behavior, I’ll allow you to ask me your question.”

“What if the cop who came to arrest me was a woman...”

Her smile became a little wider. She should’ve known that this was where his mind was drifting off to, and she couldn’t help but to give a small laugh under her breath over it. “I’d offer her the same delights, if she’d like.” She said with a shrug and a shrewd grin.

“Holy fucking hell... would you really?” He groaned, adjusting himself where he sat.

The soft part of the leather from the crop was now in her hand , and not at the side of her legs. She cracked it into her palm to let this man know that she was no longer willing to playing this game with him. If she had to, she was going to cause some damage to that beautiful face of his if he moved from that chair. They were both silent, and his eyes slid to the long leather stick in her hand and a frown formed. But once again she couldn’t help but chuckle. This particular man had a way of getting under her skin. “Now your questions are done, but mine haven’t been answered. I know that Savanna must’ve let you in, but I suggest you inform me of what I want to know... now. ”

“Like I said I found out when you worked, found the times you were available and came to take the spot I wanted. Then I’d just pay the guy, or girl, off.” He told her simply.

“Yes, you’ve already informed me of that. But why isn’t Dominic here... he never misses a session, not for anything. And that man has more than enough money not to care what you have in your bank account, or the money you could bribe him with.” She informed him.

That’s when he laughed, but it was more like a little boy who had a secret kind of laugh... “Oh that part. You see, I’ve known Dominic for a long time now. Well, he’s known my father for a long time. So when I saw him walking up to the building I didn’t think my luck could get any better. But when he told me he was going to see one of the mistress in the dungeon, and told me what she looked like... well hell, it just couldn’t have gone any better for me.”

The crop wiped into her hand not liking that she was still confused over what he was explaining. “So you told him that you wanted to take his spot... and he said yes?”

He grind at her. “No, you were right about him not wanting to miss his appointment with you, and I’ve gotta say, that made me want his spot even more.”

Her eyes widened over that. “What?”

“But anyways, he told me, in so many words, to piss off and wait my turn to have an appointment with the sultry blond. But I’m not good at waiting, so I told him to give me his spot with you, or I’d expose to all of his friends for the dirty old man that he was. After that, he walked in, told Savanna that he wasn’t going to be able to make it today, and that his appointment could go to... me.” He smiled.

Her eyes now squinted together over his confession. “What do you mean by telling his friends...?”

“It’s easy really. He’s a man of power, and I’m sure he wouldn’t want anyone to know what he does in a den. I’m sure he wouldn’t want his government finding out that he comes and sees a dominatrix on a regular basis during business hours to have his ass spanked... is that what he had done here, you spank his ass to?” He asked, but she remained quite. “Well I’m sure his wife and children didn’t have any idea that he was coming to a place like this. But if word some how got out about his, fetishes, I’m sure that would be some kind scandal to see going threw there papers.” He told her.

Her mouth dropped. “You blackmailed him...?“\

He sat back with a grin on his very handsome, and scoundrel face. “No, I didn’t black mail him. I just let him know that it would’ve been a disaster if word, somehow, leaked out about what he was into is all. Really no harm done .”

“That, by definition, is called blackmail.” She informed him.

Then he shrugged. “Might be... in some peoples books. I call it, helping a friend out, especially one who could find themselves in a bad situation if his secret was found out.”

For the first time in a very long while, Adire was at a lose of words. Her lace mask was tied in place but at the moment she was willing to rip it off and threw it to the ground like a upset child. With a couple deep breaths though she pulled herself together, and all under the watchful eye of her persistent client/ stalker with the gorgeous smile. “Well, I can see you can be a very naughty boy. I suppose I should punish you for going behind my back and being so obsentent... shouldn’t I?” She purred. Johnathan started get up from the chair, but she stopped him. “Ah, ah, ah! Your safe in that chair, when you leave it... you shall be scolded for your behavior.” She informed him, then went over and sat in the seat in front of him. “So, I take it you like your spanking from yesterday, and came back for more.”

His foot dangled over his knee as he sat back looking at her. “I did like it. More than I thought I would. Had me wondering about... other things we could try.” He confessed.

“Really, how very interesting. I wouldn’t have thought you enjoyed it as much as you say with the look your wearing on your face from your admission.” She stated.

With that he frowned. “Yeah, kind of shocked the hell out of me myself. But I came here for a reason, and not to get my ass spanked.”

“And that being...”

“I wanted to take you out for a drink. You know, get to know you better. Maybe get dinner or something.”

Once again she was speechless. Her eyes roamed over his dark hair, dark eyes and beautiful face. A part of her wanted to say yes, but Adire was very good at reading people, well men, and this man she found to captivating. He might have just found out that he liked to be dominated in the bedroom, but just from his actions that’s not how he likes his woman when he was out in the world. He was the one in control and he was used to having woman do as he bided... this was one man to step away from. If he wanted to come to her den and pay her to spank his ass, so be it. But that’s as far as it goes with him.

“No, thank you. like I said before, I don’t see men who I’ve had in my den. This is my job, it isn’t fun and games for me. And you, your the client.” She informed him.

He then leaned forward and his hands clasped together and hung between his legs and she could see in his eyes that answer wasn’t what he wanted to hear, but also one he wasn’t going to accept either. “I told you I’m willing to stop being your client if your willing to go out for a drink with me. Come on, its just a drink, then you don’t have to see my ass again if you don’t want to.” He grinned.

For a moment she honestly thought just having a drink with him and sending him on his way. That in most respects would be the best course to take, and yet again, this man is a whole new confidence she just doesn’t have time to deal with in her life, and he’s already shown that he finds a way to get what he wants. “Thank you for the offer but, I’m not interested.”

“Really?” He asked surprised.

“Yes, really. So now. What are you hoping for with this session?”

“Your going to let me stay?” He asked with a cocky smile.

“Oh but of course I’m going to let you stay. You just went and chased off one of my more lucrative clients. Now that might not mean much to you, but for me... that’s money you just stole out of my pocket pet.” She said sitting back letting her fingers tap against the armrest of the chair. “Now are you willing to be dominated by me again, or is the word gold finger going to slip from your lips in reprieve...” She asked with a sly smile of her own playing on her lips.

His ankle went over his thigh once again and he chuckled. “I’ll tell you what, I liked the spanking you did yesterday and I liked the feel of your bare hand feeling my ass...” He stared but was interrupted.

“Smacking your ass I believe is the words that would fit the situation more appropriately...” She offered.

He shrugged. “Doesn’t matter to me what you call it, I defiantly liked it. But like you said before, you’d had other ways of spanking. How about I let you chose what to do next.” He smiled.

Her fingers still tapped on the armrest considering Johnathan’s words. All she did to him yesterday was spank his backside. Yes, it was cherry red when she was finished with it, and she knew he felt the sting of her punishments for some time, but... if she gave him more then a potty training session, to see what it really meant to be submissive was all about, he might just leave and never grace her room again. That was a more satisfactory way of getting this man who not only fascinated her, but peek and provoked her all at the same moment.

“Alright Johnathan. I very much like that, and, that is the point of being here... to obey me. But before we begin, I want you to be sure in what you offer.”

“Yeah I am... but what are you going to do?” He asked.

At that she chuckled. “I’m going to teach you how to say hello to your mistress when you come into my room. I’m going to teach you how to get down on all fours, vulnerable, exposed, and most importunately... submissive.” She cocked her head watching his reaction. “Tell me, are you ready for such things? Because that’s what coming to a den is all about. Once again let me remind you, I’m not some submissive little woman here to serve you. You have come here to my domain where I’m in control, and my orders, demands, my words are to be obeyed at all times, unless you use your word. Then it all stops in that instant. Now do you understand everything that I’ve just explained to you?” She asked.

His hands were already into the arms of the seat pushing himself up. “Yeah, I understand.”

“Now, do you give your consent?”

That had him stop and really look at her. “You didn’t ask me for consent yesterday.” He questioned.

He chuckled getting up from her seat. She pushed his thighs apart standing over him, dominating him as he stared up at her. “Yesterday was just me spanking your behind. Today I’m going to show you how I like my pets to behave. Now like I said, do you give consent.” She asked taking her finger and running it down his lip and chin.

“Yes... I give my consent.” He finally said on a groan.

“Very good, than lets begin shall we...”

Adire walked over to her wall and picked her favorite crop from the wall. It was long and black with a star cut into the leather at the end. She glanced over her shoulder as she flexed the stiff rod in her hands. “Strip pet, quickly. Then come before me.” she told him taking a seat next to her devices.

Johnathan once again with a smile on his face took off his cloths, and Adire took in the sheer magnificence of his body. She remained silent as her orders were obeyed and just watched the sheer power this man had in every muscle on his body come to her. “Very good pet.” She smiled as she got up. “Now, hold the paddle while I put on my gloves, and don’t move.”

The paddle went to him and he held it while her black lacquered gloves were pulled on, then walked around his body taking a very good look at the package. “Oh you darling are going to be fun to punish, and punishment is what you deserve for what you’ve done today in chasing away a very good client... Your lucky I’m not going to put you in pink frilly panties and heels while I put on a strap on and have you suck my dick.” She purred and was very pleased when he groaned at her words and could see the excitement they caused as his generous appendage started to plump and twitch. When she was in back of him and saw that very firm and divine ass again, she smacked it causing him to jump, and her to chuckle. “Yes, just delicious.”

On the wall hung collars in all different shapes and sizes. All had there own meaning, and all had there own purpose as well. For this man, she picked one from the hook looking it over before glancing at the man in question watching her with dark excited eyes. “Yes, I think this one will do very nicely indeed.” A thick black piece of leather, with silver running along the side of it, and one large round hook in the front. “Come here pet.” She then ordered and he came and stood in front of her. She reached up placing the collar around his neck and buckled it into place took the paddle from his grasp, and then took a step back.

“Now I’m going to show you just how I want you when you come here to see me. First, your arms to be behind your back at all time unless I say otherwise.” She told him.

“Yes mistress.”

She walked behind him were he was hand in but covering his ass. “That is not acceptable. You are covering that backside of yours, and that needs to be exposed for me to do as I wish to it at all times. Do you understand?”

He was quite and he glanced down at her before he answered. “Yes... mistress.”

“Very good pet. Now get down to the ground.” and he got on his knees. But Adire came over with her paddle and swatted his ass and a grunt came from him. On instinct he covered the assaulted area with his hands, only to have his knuckles swatted. “Son of a bitch!” He growled.

“Hands behind your back at all times and out of the way of your backside darling. Did I not make myself clear?”

“Yes mistress...” he said threw clenched teeth, and right then Adire knew her plan might honestly work.

“Now, I want you on all fours with your head to the floor and your backside up in the air. When that’s done, I want you to spread your legs apart for me exposing yourself.” She purred. As his thick thighs opened on her orders she took a moment to tease him. Her lacquered fingers skimmed over the soft firm magnificent flesh, making him groan again as her finger trailing in-between the crack of his ass. His body twitched in pleasure and then she took her crop and swatted his backside before taking a seat on it. “Hmm, yes I think this will do nicely while I think just what punishments you should be dealt for your impertinence.” She said caressing his left cheek.

“I think I know just how to deal with you. You like to be spanked, but your got going to get the naughty nanny tonight like you did the night before. No, tonight your training wheels are going to come off, so to speak, and you are going to meet your mistress. With that said, tonight your back side will more than a little cherry red and sting when I’m threw with it. It’s going to be fire engine red, and burn like its on fire. Then I think you’ll finally understand that I’m not some submissive little girl who will be fawning all over you, over your money, or the power you have and things you have to offer. If that’s what your looking for, you have been lead astray in coming back to my den and wanting more form me. I’m the kind of woman who will tell you to get to your knees, have you beg for me to dominate you, to tease you, to spank your ass, and all while saying, thank you mistress for each punishment I inflict.”

“Yes mistress.” He said, but honestly she thought he might udder... gold finger.

She stood from her comfortable chair of male ass and walked around to the front of him. He glanced up and she cocked her head as her crop went back to her hand to make sure he understood what was being said. But when he looked up... there was something about him that just turned her on, and she needed that to be put in check right now. “With each spank, swat or sting, you are not move and, you wont make a sound. Nothing pet, not a grunt, not a whisper not a sharp breath. If you do any of those things, you’ll earn a sharper swat to that backside of yours. But, If you do as I command and keep still and keep quite, I’ll rub my nails over the reddened spots again bringing you so much... pleasure pet. Because that’s how this game works with me... pleasure and pain.” she whispered her lips hovering above his, then she stuck out her tongue and licked his lips and then bit the bottom one as his chest rumbled.

At that sound, she let him go. His eyes were hooded as they gazed back into hers. She quickly stood and walked in back of him smoothing out her skirt along with her way wayward lust that was making her quite stupid at the moment. With herself under check the first swat commenced and cracked throughout the room, and Johnathan remained not only still but quiet.. “My you are going to be such a good boy. Now spread those thighs a little more...” She instructed rubbing the leather over his inner thigh grazing his testicles and giving them the slightest of taps. But even then he remained obedient but his male appendage danced in excitement.

The paddle ran over the crack of his ass and his body shuttered again, and then she swatted him a couple more times, each time seeming to get all the more excited by the act, instead of having the word be used to stop the punishment. Then the session was over... “My, my, my pet. If you wanted to impress me, you did just that.” She informed him, then to sit on this backside that was still lifted in the air but now very, very red and she was sure, hot to the touch. She peeled off her gloves and ran her long nails down the swollen areas, and goosebumps went over his skin and he shivered. “Ah, I knew my pet would enjoy this.” She cooed.

“Yes he does mistress...” He groaned, and she found herself smiling at his pleasure, then she caught herself. For the first time since she had been a dom she did something she never thought she’d do... She let his little slip of disobedience of just saying Yes mistress, go without a punishment. Any other man she would’ve swatted right there and then! But not him, not Johnathan...

She got up from where she sat going back to the front of him, and taking the round hook in one of her fingers, she pulled him from the ground and started to unbuckle the collar. when she was done she turned on her very high heels to get everything cleaned up and get ready to head home again... frustrated in herself and actions. “Alright pet, were done here for the day. Now I suggest you really think if you want to come back to see me. And if you think you do, then I suggest to go make an appointment with Savanna. Because if you don’t, the next time you come to my room with out one, or blackmailing a client of mine to make your way in.... you’ll be denied.” She informed him.

He was very quiet while she worked without glancing over to see what he was doing to take so long to leave. At one point she thought he left, and did turn around to see him dressed and watching her. She took a moment to paste on her work smile and walked over to him. “Goodnight Jonathan.”

Once again he said nothing and she could tell there was something more he wanted to say, but didn’t. Instead he took her by the waste very quickly and kissed the side of her neck, oh so very softly. “Goodnight mistress.” Was all he whispered in her ear before letting her go and walked out the door.

About fifteen minutes later Yvette walked threw her door as she was just about ready to head home. “I see that young man came back to you again. Savanna was telling me and Inga all about it. How very exciting dear.” She purred.

Adire walked over now with her hair pulled up in a bun and yoga pant, a t-shirt on and tennis shoes. “Can I ask you something?”

“Anything darling.”

Her nail went into her mouth and she looked at the ground while putting the thoughts together ion her head before offering the question to Yvette. “Well, have you ever found one of the men, who was a client, extremely sexy?” she said only telling her half of the truth.

“Of course I have. We are woman are we not? I mean honestly, even though we like to break the studs in, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the beauty of them.” Yvette chuckled.

“What if one was, oh I don’t know, maybe having you go easy on him than you normally would... what if you liked him?” She now asked.

Yvette chuckle stopped and that disapproving frown that Adire hated came to her face. “A.B. darling. I gave you those rules so you’d never have any problems. Look at the mess you got yourself into with that professor and all..” She now hinted to one of Adire big screw up.

“But that...”

“I know, you didn’t mean for that to happen but, you still let a man into your personal space. Don’t let a stunning body and good looks ruin your judgment of the opposite sex. Believe me when I told you, it’s the male species that are meant to just sit there and look pretty... and to be at our beck and call.” Yvette winked.

She took a breath and shook her head. “Your right, I know your right. Thank you.”

Yvette got up and patted her shoulder. “Anytime darling. And just remember if your submissive side comes out at anytime, just give me a call and I’ll be over with a whip in hand to smack the sense back into you!” She laughed as she made her way out of the room.

Adire picked up her bag heading to the gym before going home, but she stopped at Savanna’s desk. The small bobbed hair brunette was cleaning up and getting ready to leave herself and was talking to Kevin, our security guard, when she looked up at her. “Hi A.B. Is everything okay?”

“My last client, did he reschedule for an other appointment?” She asked curiously.

“You mean tall dark and yummy?” Savanna now giggled.

“Yes, him.”

“No, I’m sorry he didn’t.”

Adire smiled and fixed the bag on her shoulder and smiled. “Okay thanks. Thanks, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Then she glanced over at Kevin with a small smile. “Okay, I’m ready to go to my car.” She told him as she grinned and waved goodbye

Later that night Adire was lying on her bed with work from the Thompson Agency scattered all around her and the work she still had to get accomplished for the Lovelock account, when she sighed, rolled over and took her journal from her side drawer.


July 14

How can my day go from absolutely amazing, to down right frustrating in a matter of hours... I’m not really sure. But I know it had a lot to do with deep brown eyes, a magnificent body, and a face to beautiful to be real. That probably had a lot to do with it. I can’t ever remember a time that a guy had gotten under my skin so badly... even to go so far as not to correct him in the midst of a session. I swear I thought I was loosing my mind. But then when I licked and bit his lip....

What the hell was I thinking! Argh! Completely losing my mind!

Anyways, he didn’t make another appointment with me, and I was surprised when that bothered me the way it did. But I think Yvette is right. Men are pretty to look at, and play with, but to much trouble to keep on a permeant basis. I’ve finally have my foot in the door at the Thompson Agency, and that’s all I’ve wanted for so long now. No way I’m going to throw that away on a pretty face and rock hard abs, and a firm luscious ass... damn it, I love a six pack!

Well my night is far from being over yet. I still have a ton of work to complete for in the morning. So I’m cutting my writing for the night short so I can get to work on this project and not think a damn thing about Johnathan... I hate that I love to say his name! That is just way to damn girly for me...

So goodnight, I need to have everything in order and complete so I can dominate the people in the office tomorrow with my talents. LOL!

I wonder if I should bring a paddle to work... now that would be funny!



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