Confessions of a Dominatrix

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Chapter 4

July 29

Adire smiled as she walked threw the lobby of the building as she left work. To say she had those men eating out of the palm of her hands at the end of the day, well... well she just did. The meeting with Mr. Lovelock went better than anticipated, and he was more then a little flexible on her ideas in where the should be taking the company after such a debilitating scandal. Life was heading in her direction and if she played her cards right... she wouldn’t have to work as a dominatrix for that much longer to pay for her school dept. That meant she could choose the men she wanted to dominate on a nightly bases and have it end with a happy ending, as Johnathan had put it...

She stopped and sighed at the though of one man... Johnathan. For the life of her she couldn’t get that man out of her head. Adire thought she was rid of him when he didn’t try to make an appointment with her for the next day or the next week. But she was surprised when the very next Monday when he showed up taking Dominic appointment again. That’s when he informed her that Dominic had given the next three months worth of his already scheduled slots to... him.

She walked into the late day muggy air and took a deep breath. Today was the last Friday of the month, the extra day she gave herself to go out and hang out with her two best friends Ally, and Kitty. And tonight, as promised by Kitty, they were going to some big air Pilots/ stewardess party at a co-workers house. A party that actually had Ally all up in nerves and new outfits Adire’s had to heard about all week. She groaned at the thought of having men pick up on her all night... she was accustom to doing the picking up, not the other way around. Now it was going to be a night for her of very disciplined behavior... didn’t want to cause gossip at her best friend job.

As she stood in line for her iced coffee, Johnathan once again came to mind. He had, of coarse, came for his appointment the other night, and she had, of coarse, gave him the discipline that he wanted from her. He was getting much more adventurous in his exploration of this world. But Adire found that he fought with himself on being submissive and being in power. He enjoyed her in control that much was very clear, but there was something else going on. Most men that come to her are very much in control of theirs lives, workplace, money, and they came to her not to worry about such things...But she also knew there was a deep part of Johnathan that liked to be in control as well. Now she just wondered if all he wanted her for was to see if he liked what she offered him in bed, and a part of her wanted to see that as well.

With her ice coffee now in hand she made her way to the parking garage almost angry at herself for feeling the way she did about not seeing the pesky man tonight. He had found a way to place a foot hold into her world, and she wasn’t sure just how to kick it free. As much as she hated going to parties, maybe this was precisely what she needed to get that man once and for all out of her head. A man who was so persistent and forceful to gain her attention wasn’t something she was used to. Men who seek her out are obedient, respectful, charming, and their was nothing Adire loved more then to have them on their knees begging her for some attention, and normally that’s the way she like it.

With this man, he liked to be spanked, and defiantly liked her to be in charge of his gorgeous body. But it seemed to her, like it was just in the bedroom for him. That outside he was the kind of man that was in control, and that defiantly wasn’t her...

Adire shook her head and took another sip of the cold brew making her thoughts go to places of achievement instead of frustration. With her new red Chistian Louboutin heels on, tweed tan skirt, cream silken blouse with the ruffled front and the large lose bow at the neck, she still managed to get these men to listen. Her red lips cracked a smile as the words that Yvette had told her for so long came to mind... A women doesn’t have to be dressed in black leather and chains my dear to be a dominant woman over men. It is just who you are, the confidence exudes from around you. Use that strength in your life, and not only in the boudoir. You’d be surprised on how not only men react to you, but for fellow woman as well.

With that she chuckled under her breath as she walked off the elevator and made her way to the car. Life at work is going precisely as she wanted it to, and that meant paying off her school loans much quicker and helping her aunt Sally with her mother even more than she was able to now. Adire had high expectations for her life and career, and she needed to keep her head on straight to attain those goals. Maybe finding a guy tonight to have some fun with was what she really needed after all.

Next Monday was the big conference with Lovelock to finally wrapping up that account and set herself permanently in with the Thompson Agency, and that had her nerves a frazzled mess. She sighed thinking her vibrator could defiantly use the night off, and she could defiantly use the touch of a mans hands on her body. So with a better outlook of the evening she headed down the congested street of down town Boston to head into Southie and get herself ready to meet her own pilot for the night, but, only for the night...

Later that evening...

In the back shore of Boston, a large group gathered in a very uppity apartment complex to have a good time. Ally was all dolled up in her china blue and floral dress with her yellow heels. She even went so far as cutting all her hair brown off into a very chick hair style for this party. Kitty on the other hand, her strawberry blond hair hung down her back in waves, her Kelly green dress was short, tight and stunning as she laughed and introduced Ally to all the single pilots.

Adrie for tonight excursion had slipped on her black leather skirt and I white sleeveless blouse with a black baby doll collar and pulled her blond main up on her head in chunky curls. With her black heeled boots tapping with the music, she sat quietly at the counter just watching all the people mingled with one another, and seeing if she could find a man that would fit her needs for this evening.With a bottle of water in hand she let her eyes roam over the crowed when a throat cleared next to her and she turned to see who was trying to get her attention.

A smiling face and puppy dog eyes was what greeted her. “Hey, I’m peter. What’s your name?” He asked.

Adire looked him over, and he really was quite adorable. Not thin, but not over weight either. Nice thick dark hair, bright happy eyes, and he did have a great smile. Honestly if there was a boy next store scenario she was looking for, this guy would fit the bill... “My name is Adire, but my friends call me A.B.”

He smiled again and she couldn’t help but smile back. “A.B. That’s kind of different, but I bet different fits you to a tee though.”

That had her chuckle. “Oh, you have no idea...”

He put his hand up and ordered a beer then turned to her. “Can I get you a drink?” He now asked.

Once again she looked him over with his soft, sweet, and all male attitude, but smiled back at him. “I don’t drink. But thank you anyways.”

“So... are you here with someone at the party?” He now asked, and this time she couldn’t help but laugh and his brows went together but cracked a smile as well. “What, did I say something funny?”

That’s when she looked over at Kitty and Allie. “No, I didn’t come with a date if that what your asking. I came with my best friends.” I told him pointing in there direction. “The red head is Kitty, doesn’t she works with you...” I started.

“Oh yeah, Kitty. She’s a really sweet girl.” He smiled.

My brow went up at that. “Were you and her.... you know....” I started.

He looked puzzled for a moment, then caught on. “What? Oh, no, no, no. I mean she’s really sweet and very pretty, but we have very different personalities. Don’t take what I’m going to say wrong way, but, I need someone a little more low key then I her. Sorry.”

That had her chuckle, already understanding what he meant. “Theirs no need to be sorry, and yes, she can be quite a handful at times.” She laughed as she peaked over and saw Allie taking a very interested look at the cute little hottie that Adire just happened to be sitting next to. She then turned her head and a sly smile came to her face as she looked back at Peter. She already knew that his guy was Allie’s cup of tea, and she would hit it off with him instantly. Plus knowing that he didn’t already date Kitty, well that worth some major brownie points as well.

“So, what do you do for a living?” He asked drawing her out of her thoughts.

“Well, I have a couple thing I do right now.”

“Oh, yeah, like what?”

The corner of her lip tipped up and her eye danced with mirth. “Oh, just, things. But honestly, I don’t think I’m the right kind of woman for you Peter.”

“Well I think your beautiful and very interesting...” He started but she cut in.

“Oh you don’t know the half of interesting...” she purred.


“Nothing darling, nothing at all. Anyways, enough about me. Why don’t we go and mingle together, go say hi to my friends over there.” She offered getting up from the seat and taking him by the arm.

“Sure, I can handle that.” Peter smiled back.

“Fabulous...” She chuckled setting her devious little plan in action.

Soon they were next to the group of people that Kitty was talking exuberantly with, but stopped for breath when Adire showed up with Peter. “Oh A.B. I was just telling everyone what youh do after youh head out from the office.” She gushed, already three sheets to the wind. “They all think its so vogue...”

Allie frowned and shook her head, but Adire’s brow went up. “And what have you been telling them precisely Darling?” She asked, but already had an idea of what her loos lipped friend was gossiping about.

“That your a real live dominatrix!” She smiled falling into her and taking a hold of Adire’s arm. It was then she glanced to the side and saw the look on Peters face and couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped her. “I told you that I wasn’t a good fit your you.” She said with a wink.

“Um, well, I guess that would be something... I mean, well...” He stuttered.

Then Adire stood Kitty back up and turned Peter around to meet the sweet and adorable in her own right... Allie. “Allison, this is Peter. I haven’t asked him but I do believe he’s a pilot as well.” She offered then turned to Peter. “Was my guess correct?”

“Um, yeah.” He answered, but didn’t even bother to turn in her direction. His eyes were glued to the woman in front of him now.

“So Allie, I’ll leave to let you to talk...” She hinted and Allies grin grew into a wide smile. Adire looked around at the group of people who’s eyes hadn’t left her since Kitty’s mouth opened most likely. “If your please excuses me. I think I’ll head over and get something to eat.” She smiled wickedly at the group. As she made her way over to the kitchen a very large muscular man now stood in front of her. “Can I help you?” She asked with a tilt of her head.

His big thick hand went behind his neck as he stood there looking down at her. “Um, hey. I was over in the group you just left...” he started.


“Well I thought I could get you a drink.” Came is rough voice.

Her eyes squinted at him and his very large frame. “You did hear what Kitty said about me did you not?” She purred.

His arm dropped and he looked back at the group he just came from. “Yeah, I did.”

Her lip tipped up as she looked at him from under her lashes. “You know that’s how I prefer my men out of the den as well. Do you understand what I mean?” She chuckled.

“Yeah, I do...”

“Have you ever been in that kind of situation?” She now asked.

His face was very handsome, but she could read the answer all over it. “I see. You like the woman in charge when you make love. Am I correct?”

His eyes meet her and a tiny grin formed on his face as well now. “Yeah, I do.” his voice rumbled.

“That’s fabulous.” She whispered. “So pet, do you have somewhere interesting for us to go or should I be in control of that as well?”

He glanced around and then came in and whispered in her ear. “Have you ever had sex in an fire engine?”

She chuckled. “No, but now that your asking... I would just love to. Tell me are you apposed to... hand cuffs?”

His voice rumbled once again. “No, I’m open to them, and a lot more.”

Her eyes ran the length of his body taking in the male that wanted to be her toy. “I think you and I will get along... splendidly.” She purred.

He smiled and then held out a hand to help her find there way out. “after you, mistress.”

“Oh, your going to be such a good boy to play with....”


Well I have to say that tonight, that was a new experiences even for my books.

To dominate a man on, in, and on top of a fire engine. Who would’ve thought there were so many nooks and crannies in such a truck, and the options for spanking material... now the cherry on top, he was a fireman as well. That just made it that much sweeter.

Now I’ll have to remember to write those poisons down, I could use them in other places... and I guess it’s a good thing I always keep a spare of handcuff in my bag. And as big as that man was, he was very, bendable. And lord did he know how to please a woman...

But for now that itch hat needed to be scratched, defiantly was tonight... and then some. Now all my focus has to be on the presentation on Monday morning and dealing with the Lovelock Corporation. I’ve meet a lot of men in my life that were difficult to deal with, but honestly, this man takes the cake. I swear he needs more finessing to see the plan clearly and bring his ass to the table... if he was in my den, I think I’d have a little bitch training with him. Then he’d learn to shut that mouth of his and open up his ears.

But of course that is my motto... Every man needs a good spanking!

Ah, so true on so many levels...

My night was delightful, and Sean the fireman, well, I’ll keep him in my book for now. You never know when that itch might came back, and it’s always good to have someone close by to , scratch it for you. But now it’s late and I hope more than anything that Allie had a fabulous time with the hot pilot Peter. Fingers crossed! ;)

And now I’m heading to bed to make sure I’m up bright and early to make sure everything is in its place in for the meeting on Monday. Every T needs to be crossed and I dotted.

Mr. Douglas informed me that all the big wigs from upstairs was going to be their as well, and if that’s true, there’s no better time to show my company precisely what I’m capable of and how I react under extreme pressure. Which is ... absolutely fabulously!

Until then,



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