Confessions of a Dominatrix

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Chapter 4, part 2

August 1

Monday morning

The day was overcast and was going to be sweltering in Boston as the day went on. But Adire smiled as the weather lady told her the forecast. She readied herself for the meeting that was going to make her career only thinking, I’m at my best when people are hot and bothered.

Her navy blue pencil skirt went over her stockings and garter belt. Then her navy blue camisole went over her head and white silken bra. When all was in place she buttoned her silken white blouse tucking it into the skirt. Her thin gold watch went on next, then she took her freshly pressed blazer from the dry cleaners hanger and slipped in on.

She smoothed out her golden hair in its soft big waves, fixed her red lipstick, and smiled as she gave her appearance the once over. With the navy blue Steve Madden heels she borrowed off Inga, she took the keys to the car off the counter along with the folders that held the whole presentation and chuckled as she shut the door behind her. This was going to be her day, and deep down she knew it. Now she just had to get through the Boston traffic.

As she walked into the lobby, fresh coffee in hand, cell ringing in her pocketbook, and trying to read the top folder as she walked, Stacy came up to her with a big smile on her face. “I bet your so excited about this meeting.” She gushed.

Adire’s eyes darted to the side with a sly smile on her face. “To say I wasn’t excited as you put it, would be a fib. But what I truly am is completely confident in what my presentation is going to establish and more then show what not only this company can offer, but what I am more then capable of offering as well. Then Lovelock will sign with our company for an extended contract, and I’ll have that door with my name on it...”

Stacy leaned up against the wall as the elevator traveled to the top floor. “Man I wish I could be as confident in myself as you are...” She sighed crossing her arms.

“Of course you can be.You are a smart and talented woman, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Just make your self a goal and follow it now matter what. If you believe in yourself you’d be surprise what your capable of.” She smiled at her associate.

At that Stacy stood from where she was leaning and smiled. “Thanks A.B.”

“Anytime darling. Now why don’t we get this going in the conference room... could you do me a favor? Go into my office and grab some of the papers on top of my desk that I was working on for me?” She asked heading out as the doors dinged open.

“Sure thing!” Stacy smiled and headed off.

Adire pushed open the doors and smiled as she looked around the empty space. “Ah, I love men in confined spaces...” She chuckled.

Shawn and Stacy helped her get the presentation ready, and Shawn was a big help to work out some glitches that had found its way into the laptop and was gumming up her graphs. She made a mental note that day... she needed to take a class so she was better equipped to deal with missbehaving technology!

The elevator dinged and through the large glass windows from the conference room, Adire saw a group of people walk off to meet Mr. Douglas. Mr. Lovelock shook her bosses hand taking some of the group into his office while Stacy was showing the rest to the conference room. She glanced up at Shawn and for the first time she felt butterflies in her stomach. “Hey can you give me five? I just want to take a moment to gather my thoughts...” She asked.

His head popped up looking at the oncoming people. “Yeah sure. But you better make it quick. I’m sure Mr. Douglas will be here with the big wigs any minute.”

She nodded but smiled. “Thanks, your a gem.” She told him as she walked out the door before the company arrived, stopping by her cubical to grab her purse. Once Adire was in the restroom, she went to the closest stall, locked the door then closed her eyes and took a couple cleansing breaths. When that was done, and she felt in control of her nerves, her eyes opened then unlatched the door and walked over to the faucet. She washed her hands and reached into her bag to take out a mint, and then her red lipstick...

When everything was in place, she looked into the mirror at the woman before her, whom she was going to give a quick talking to. “You can do this A.B. You know you can. You’ve been waiting for this opportunity for two years now, and if you play your cards right... you could be the first female associate at the Thompson Agency.”

That right there was precisely what she needed to hear. This was her dream, this was her life, and she was going to have it her way, on her terms. She had worked hard, sacrificed so much, now it was her time to shine. With a new burst of confidence, she smoothed out her skirt, and slipped off her jacket to drop it off at her desk before walking to the meeting. Some of the people sat in there seats and Stacy was passing out the folders and getting everything ready. Adire just smiled and nodded to the group going to the white board to write something down when Shawn came up to her.

“Well I hope your ready, because Mr. Douglas is on his way right now.” He whispered.

She chuckled softly. “More than ready, and don’t worry, I’m going to have them enthralled.”

He chuckled as well with a nod and then the door started to open and he took his place with Stacy. The group of men walked through as she smiled at Mr. Lovelock, but it was the man that came in next to him that not only caught her attention, but shook her to the core from where she stood. There walked in a tall lean gorgeous male in his very expensive suit, with dark hair all combed and manicured hands ...... Johnathan.

Adire took a step back as she watched him take a seat next to Mr. Lovelock. When he looked in her direction Adire watched for some sort of sign of recognition, but it never came. He talked among his colleages only taking a couple glances her way. She knew she wore a mask to keep her identity hidden for just this sort of reason, but this was the first time she ever had truly encountered such a situation. Johnathan didn’t smile at her, didn’t give her even a little side grin that men get when they know something they think they shouldn’t from the others around them.

With that knowledge, a grin came to her face, and her anxiety left her as Mr. Douglas came and took his seat next to the man she was supposed to impress. Adire stood up at the front of the tables with a smile on her face and was going to own this meeting. “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I’m so very please to have you here at the Thompson Agency this morning. I have prepared all the information that was asked, and I believe we have come up with a format that will not only fit the persona of your company but will also lift it back up in its standing. So without further ado, let us begin, shall we...”

Three hours later, and some municipal questions and negotiating... the Lovelock corporation was signed to the Thompson Agency, and with Adire as there new consultant, she knew she was in. She shook hands and answered some questions from other members of the Lovelock team, and was ready to head to lunch when she went to shake Mr. Lovelocks hand once more before she left. But as she made her way to him a dark hair, dark eyed, problem made his way over to him as well.

“Mr. Lovelock, it was a pleasure meeting with you today. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call, and I will make sure it’s my first priority to take care of.” She told him extending her hand.

He took it and even gave her a small grin. “Thank you Miss Black. You did a great job, and I feel more than confident you can handle any situation that might come your way.”

“Thank you sir. I take that as a very high compliment coming from a man as yourself.” She smiled. “Now if you’ll excuse me...” She said starting to leaving.

“Oh, Miss Black...”

She turned back around looking to her new client, but it was the man that stood next to him and the small grin he wore that told her all she needed to know. “Yes?”

“I’d like to introduce you to my son Johnathan Lovelock. He’s the one you’ll be dealing with from here on out. I’m preparing him to take over the company. So I thought this would be a great start to see the inner workings and also get his feet wet on how, and more important, who, he was going to be dealing with when it came to such matters.” He told her.

Johnathan’s hand came out. “Hello, its nice to meet you Miss... I’m sorry I didn’t get your first name?” He smiled.

She bit her lip, but then placed on a very smooth grin of her own as she took his offered hand”Adire, Adire Black.”

His smile became wide, but she held the air of indifference towards him. “Nice to meet you, Adire.”

“Likewise. Now, like I said to Mr. Lovelock. If you have any questions that you need me to answer for you, please don’t hesitate to call.” She said in all politeness taking her hand back. “Well Gentlemen, you all have a good day. Now if you’ll please excuse me...” She smiled once more and then, made her way from the conference room and the impending embarrassment that could befall her, or worse, the possible damage that could befall her up and coming career.

She hurried to the elevator making her way to the back of the crowd, and then looked down as she placed her blazer on, buttoning it into place and had her pocketbook under her arm. As they made their way down, she sagged onto the shinny gold metal bar taking a deep breath. That was too close for her comfort! Soon the door dinged letting out all the passengers and she made her way out among the crowd wanting nothing more then to put that meeting behind her and will figure out the rest when she absolutely had to...

The doors to the street opened and the sticky hot air hit her like she’d just stepped into a sauna . She walked to the side and was taking off her blazer when a voice called to her. “Miss Black...” Her head popped up to see Johnathan Lovelock making his way over. With that, she turned on her very expensive borrowed shoes and started to walk quickly away from the man that has been plaguing her thoughts since the first day he walked in to get his ass spanked.

“Miss Black... Adire!” He now shouted causing people to turn and look at her.

That had her stop as he made his way in front of her.“Can I help you with something Mr. Lovelock?”

“Can you help me with something? Yeah, you can help me.” He chuckled. To that her brow went up in question to his answer and he chuckled again. “Look I know who you are... mistress.” He smiled.

Adire’s eyes slowly closed and her head tipped back praying that wasn’t the case. “I see... What gave me away?”

“Well honestly, it was your voice. Then I knew it was you when you spoke so confidently to everyone. You do have a way of taking charge.”

Her eyes opened and looked up at the man in front of her. “I’d appreciate it if this could just be kept between the both of us.”

His arms crossed and then a hand went to his chin. “I guess I could, but...”

“But what?” She asked, but intentionally groaned.

“Well, why don’t you let me take you out for that drink. Then, we can talk about me keeping my mouth shut about what your second job is.” He told her.

Her eyes squinted at him and she held her temperament in check. “Now, your going to blackmail me?” She hissed under her breath.

His smile fell. “No, I’m, well, I was playing around with you really.” He said taking a step closer.

Adire crossed her arms. “Well I didn’t find it funny in the least!”

His hands took her upper arms softly. “I’m sorry. Look can’t we just get a drink and talk. I mean you’ve already seen my ass naked and spanked.” He laughed.

She couldn’t help but crack a grin. “I don’t drink.”

His eyes widened. “Never...”

She sighed. “I don’t like feeling out of control.”

“Well, what if I promised that I wont let you get out of control. Come on Adire, one drink, only one, and maybe we’ll get to know each other.”

She looked him over as her nails tapped her arm over how she was supposed to react to the circumstances she now found herself in. “I suppose I can have a drink with you. Then after that, I think it’s best if you want to see a dominatrix, you find another den to visit.”

He chuckled once again as he placed his hand to her waist to turn her to the street. A limo, that she didn’t even realize had pulled up, was now at the curb. “Let’s just get a drink first. We can get to all that later” He smiled as the door was opened for them and he helped her in.

A couple hours later and with more to drink than she’d had since she was a teenager getting drunk with Kitty and Allie while playing strip poker with some of the local boys... she was now well above where she should be to deal with a man, with a sane judgment.

The next thing she knew they pulled up to a beautiful brownstone on Bunker Hill. There was a part of her that wanted to stop right here and tell his driver to just drop him off and take her ass back home. But, she didn’t...

As much as she knew she shouldn’t be doing this, there was another part that wanted to tease this man, taste this man, make him beg her for pleasure. And her drunken mind could do nothing but, agree with her.

She walked into the very male decorated interior. Dark hardwood floors, met up with cream colored walls with massive pieces of Art Deco and very sleek and modern furnishings. Her hand skimmed the soft black leather then she turned and smiled. “Very posh Johnathan. But now that you’ve got me here, what are you going to do with me?” She purred.

“I’ve got a lot of ideas of what I’d like to do...” He growled.

Adire’s eyes took in the beautiful male in front of her. “I have to say, I have been thinking it would be quite fun to play with you as well.” She said with a sly smile.

He came closer where she leaned against the back of the sofa, crossing her ankles and hands holding onto the top of the leather. He came and his hands pulled her skirt up just enough to uncross her legs for him to fit in between her thighs. “I tell you Adire I’ve been wanting to kiss these red lips for a long time now...” He whispered leaning in and doing just that.

His lips touched hers, and then his hand grabbed the back of her neck and slipped his tongue into her mouth tasting her flavors. He moaned as she reached down taking a hold of his testicles and giving them a good... squeeze.

“Shit...” He moaned into her mouth as she turned the tables on him reaching up to grab behind his head and explore his mouth.

She chuckled as she felt his erection through his slacks. She pulled back just enough to then take her tongue and flick his lips once more before stopping completely. “Tell me, are you interested in the way I make love to a man? Because I have to tell you... it’s unlike anything I’m thinking your used to.”

He tried to come in and kiss her again but this time she took a hold of his chin firmly. “As I said, is that really something your willing to try? If not, then lets just say goodnight now and leave it at that.” Her nail dug into his cheek ever so slightly. “I have no problems with a man who likes to be in control while he’s in the midst of passion... just not with me.” She explained.

“I’m willing to try anything once...” He moaned as her free hand skimmed his side and took a hold of his ass.

“That pet, is exquisite to hear. I have to say, I’ve been wondering about you as well. And as long as we both know that this is just a night of fun... I’m willing to proceed. That is, if you are?” She whispered bringing his chin down and speaking only a breath away from his lips.

His chest rumbled before he spoke, which caused her to grin. “Yes, I just want a little fun. Have you go further then what we did at the den...” He growled as his belt buckle was undone. Soon his pants fell to his feet and his briefs as well.

Her hand caressed the soft flesh of his backside. “Normally I would inspect the package I’m going to be enjoying for the evening but, I already know you’ll more then do.” She chuckled. Her hand traveled under his shirt feeling the muscles of his chest, then started to relieve him of the material that blocked her view from his luscious body. She slipped the shirt from his shoulders and let it fall to the ground, and then she let go of his chin and with both hands scratched her nails down the front of his chest stopping long enough to get his nipple good and hard before giving them a pinch and for her reward, heard him gasp. “Ah, such a good boy. Now, undress me... carefully.”

Slowly he took off her clothing. First unzipped her skirt, then unbuttoned her blouse one by one, each time an article of clothing came off he placed it on the bed neatly. When she stood in just her undergarment she pushed him back, just a bit, a sly grin grew on her face. “Now pet, on your knees and come take off my nylons. I hope you know how to undo them from my garter straps, because if you don’t... there will be a punishment.” She purred taking a hand full of his dark hair.

He came up easily popping the clasps free, easing down the silky material with his hands and kissing down her thigh. “Oh, you like to worship the female body. That’s lovely pet, I wont stop such behavior.” She moaned.

Next he took off the next nylon kissing her leg and when they were both free he came up feeling her backside on his knees. She pulled his head back from the hair in her hand and groaned with hooded eyes staring up at her. “It’s time to pleasure your mistress.” She whispered then sat on the edge of the bed spreading her legs open for him. “Come pet, take my panties off with your teeth and make love to me with your mouth.”

He got up from his knees and smiled as he walked to her, his erection already so hard and pushed her thighs apart on the bed. His finger tips ran down her legs and he kissed her stomach when she grabbed a fist full of hair again. “I didn’t give you permission to kiss me. Only do as your told.... Do you understand?” She asked roughly.

Their eyes met. “Yes, mistress.” he said with a growl. His head went down and she could feel his teeth bite into the fabric pulling them from her body. She fell to her back, placing her heels into the mattress waiting for him to begin. He went on his knees spreading her legs wide open for him and his hand wrapped around her thighs holding them in place right before he placed the first masterful swipe of the tongue.

Her back arched up off the bed as his soft strokes became more aggressive. He sucked her swollen nub into his mouth and sucked on it while flicking his tongue to the tip causing a torturous pleasure that had her hands digging into the soft silky sheets. “Oh god!” She moaned, as his licks became hard fast strokes right before dipping his tongue deep into her center. He fought to keep her in place as he pleasured her and her hands went to her breast pinching her nipples through the silken fabric, sending her over the edge. “Don’t stop pet, don’t stop. Yes right there, yes that’s it... I want that tongue deep in my pussy when I cum.” She panted and in that moment she exploded in orgasmic bliss.

He stood up as Adire gathered her breathing. He was so beautiful and seeing him so hard... made her want him. She reached up grabbing his erection and pulling him to the bed. He sat down but she pushed him back taking hold of his swollen shaft, then took him as completely as she could with her mouth. His hands came up, grabbed into her hair, and she stopped her fun pulling herself free. He looked at her and she took a strong hold of him jerking him heavily. “You may not touch me unless I give you permission... and since you thought I was here to service you instead of the other way around, I think you need to have a taste of punishment.”

His hips moved with each stroke, but he tried to stop to understand her meaning. “What?” he grunted as she stroked and then with her fingers, she flicked him in the left testicle.

His body flinched from the pain. “Son of a bitch!”

“Oh I don’t allow such words.” She informed him, and flicked him again.

“Shit! That hurts!” He growled as his hips moved out of the way in case she did it again. But she keep stroking him mercilessly.

“Do not swear... Do you understand me?” She commanded. “You may moan, gasp, hiss, but that is all your allowed. Unless you want to use the word to have me stop... is that want you want, do you need to say the word for me to stop darling...” She taunted him with another flick.

This time Johnathan grunted. “No... mistress.” He said, then groaned as for reward of his obedience, her finger teased the tip rubbing all the clear liquid that was rolling down the head of it and then licked her finger. “Thank you, mistress.” he moaned. She leaned in kissing his swollen tip and licked all the salty liquid off, then swallowed him back into her mouth stroking with each plunge of her mouth until she could feel his body tighten.

Adire stopped as his hips moved with each stroke and could see his body quivering for release.He looked up as she placed a foot on the bed and placed two fingers in her mouth. Johnathan’s eyes stayed glued to her as she inserted the now slick finger into herself to make sure she was ready for him. “Oh goddamn...” He started to say then caught himself.

She climbed up onto the bed and gave him a wicked smile and a wink as she placed her leg over his chest sitting backwards on him. “You ever heard of reverse cowgirl?”

“Yes mistress.” he panted in anticipation.

“Very good. But with me, your not allowed to touch unless I give you permission. Do you understand?” She questioned while she stroked him.

“Yes...” He groaned. His legs hung over the bed while she placed her hand on his thighs maneuvering his hard excited tip at her wet opening. She slid down him slowly as he moaned, once he was completely in she started to move and then picked up the pace until she heard the sound of her body slapping against his. The muscles in his thighs tightened and she could feel his body was ready.

“You may not cum” She commanded.

“What?” He growled.

“I swear if you cum, you will wish you hadn’t. You can only cum when I tell you to.” She growled herself. “Just say your word if you have a problem with that pet. Say gold finger, and I can stop this right now.” She warned.

“I’m not saying the word... Mistress.” He grunted, then growled as she slip her wet center all the way up to the tip, to then slam down on him taking his erection completely. “I’m going to cum” He hissed as she continued to ride him. But at those words... her body stopped instantly. His body twitched, and his hips buckled under her and his hands dug into the bedding as he fought with his body.

“You want to cum?” She asked.

“Yes.” He groaned.

With his incomplete answer she reached in between his legs and pinched his scrotum and he gasped and groaned at the same time. “That wasn’t the correct way to address me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s better pet, because I want to cum again, your going to help me find my pleasure, and that’s when you can have yours... So sit up and play with my clitoris while I have my way with you. And remember, you can only cum when I tell you to.” she groaned. One arm wrapped around her middle, while the other went to her swollen nub while she rocked on his very large swollen erection. “Yes, that’s it. put your finger to where you can tease me and feel yourself slide in and out of me as well.” she whispered in his ear.

With her naughty word his body tightened and that excited her. Her body tingled as the warmth started to spread as her body was about to go over the cliff once again. Her arm wrapped around his head bringing him forward while she leaned back on his shoulder taking his mouth and tasting him. When she bit his lip his hips thrust into her and she pressed down wanting him in her fully. Both their bodies were ready, needed their release.

“Tell me you want to cum...”


“Beg me for it..” She panted.

“Please mistress... oh god, please!” He growled and she felt the vibration through her back from his chest.

“Say please, Adire.” She moaned.

“Please Adire...Please!” He grunted thrusting into her.

“yes...” She finally whispered taking a fistful of hair, and the damn broke. “Oh, yes!” she moaned as her orgasm broke free.

“God Adire, god Adire... yes!” He growled into her mouth as his warmth pumped deep inside her.

Johnathan’s body shivered once his body stopped moving. They both breathed hard and looked into each others eyes before she started to get up off of him. Her head was fuzzy from the alcohol and she new in the morning she was going to be kicking the hell out of herself when her mind lets her think of the consequence from this. “I’m going to call myself a cab...” She murmured as her head started to throb. Before she could let him slip out of her body and head to the restroom, he took her by the waist halting her escape.

“A cab?”

“Yeah... a cab so I can sleep off all that I drank.” She said taking his hand trying to leave once again.

“Are you going home, really?” He asked keeping her in place.

She removed his hands and got up. “Yeah, home.”

“Wait, come on you don’t have to leave do you?” He asked with a chuckle.

“I have to work in the morning.”

He got up from his spot on the bed and placed his hand back on her hips. “Look were both still buzzed. Lets just rest and sleep it off, then we can go get your clothes and go have dinner together. Then you can just stay the night.”

She sighed knowing she should say no, but couldn’t stop what came next. “I suppose I could. I sure could use a nap...”

Johnathan’s smile beamed and whatever resolve she had, melted with it. “Great! You know, I was thinking, why don’t we just order in after we wake up. Then I’ll have your clothes dried cleaned and we don’t have to leave all night.”

“I’m not so sure that’s...”

“Come on Adire...” He started.

She sighed. “Why don’t you call me A.B. Especially if I’m going to be staying over...”

He kissed her and led her back to bed. “Alright, A.B.”

“I guess we need to first talk about my rules...”

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