Confessions of a Dominatrix

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Chapter 5

Adire’s head throbbed like she had just taken a door and then proceeded to smash her head with it.

She stretched out on the bed already knowing she had to get up an go to work but there was something different, something she just couldn’t quite remember what that was precisely and then, it hit her... Her eyes popped opened and she sat up quickly seeing where she was at, and instead of seeing her studio in Southie, she looked upon a luxurious master suit and had been sleeping in an enormous king size bed. Her eyes closed as her knees went up and her head fell into her hands. She thought it was a dream, only to now realize, it was the whole damn truth.

“Hey, baby...” A sleepy voice rumbled besides her. She looked to the side at what she was hoping was only a dream, and froze as she stared into dark eyes. At that Johnathan chuckled. “Your awful quiet in the morning. I thought you might be the type of woman who’d have my ass up and making you breakfast or something.”

She blinked a couple times trying to make her brain think. Then she looked around the room trying to find her phone and saw it over on the dresser across the room. Jumping out of bed, she grabbed the phone looking at the time... 5:45 a.m. She still had time to go home and get a fresh set of clothing on, if she was lucky.

Adire scoured around the room picking up her panties, her bra, and then slipping them on and getting dressed without saying a word to the man still in bed watching her intensely. “Hey where you going? I thought I was going to have the limo drop you off at work... I had your clothes clean, so don’t worry about that.” He offered now sitting up.

But she couldn’t answer, right now she was to upset with herself that she even let this happen! She had him in her den damn it, he was a good paying customer and there’s one thing she is always smart about, you don;t mess with the income! Not only that but he was the son of the Lovelock corporation, the man that was going to take over the company. This was the account that was going to help her climb way to the top, she was going to have to work with this man, and his father, and now she’d gone and slept with him! “Stupid, stupid, stupid!” She hissed under her breath as she slipped back on her heels.

“What, Hey what did you say?” He asked now.

“Nothing...” She murmured. After she was fully dressed and had called for a cab Adire then turned around and faced her mistake and took control of the situation like she did with everything else in her life... move on. “Johnathan, I had a great time last night, and thank you for a lovely dinner. But now I need to head home and change and get myself ready for my day. So if you have any questions about the account, please feel free in giving me a call. Like I said yesterday, I’ll make sure I’m right on it.” She informed him, then turned to make her exit.

“Hey, wait!” He hollered now getting out of bed and walking to her quickly. He was right in front of her and she glanced up at his frowning face. “Okay, I can understand that you want to change for work but, come on... your going to end the night we had together like it was a fucking meeting or something? Come on!” he growled.

She sighed and shook her head. “Yes, I think that’s the best way for us to end it. You are my client... well your a client of mine not only at the den but also at my firm. It is very unprofessional for us to be having anything other then a business relationship. I also think it’s best if you wish to go to a den to then find another. I can give you a couple other places within the Boston area if you’d like. But like I was saying... Thank you for a lovely time, goodbye.”

Adire tried to leave but Johnathan didn’t move and kept her in place. Instead his hand ran threw his hair as his brows went together staring down at her. “I can’t believe this... I mean really? You don’t want me to call you. Really?”

She sighed and shook her head. “Look, I know this might be hard to believe for you, but I don’t date, I don’t have time to date, no that’s not entirely true, I don’t want to date. My life is my own and I’m happy with the way it’s going. I have rules that set me on my course I want in life, and having a, boyfriend, is far to complex. Having a lover suits me just fine, but that’s when I’m in the mood to have one. Honestly, right now at this time in my life I have about enough time for a one night stand, and I’m happy with that.”

Johnathan’s frown turned to a small grin and then to a smile. “Okay A.B. I can agree with that.”

“I thought you might.” She said her hand going to his cheek. Her phone rang and she answered it. “Yes? Yes I’ll be there in just a minute.” She answered then winked at the man in front of her. “Bye darling.”

“Yeah, bye baby. I’ll see you later.” He chuckled.

“Not unless you have a question about your account.” She smiled and shut the door behind her making her way down to the waiting taxi and her clean break from a man she let much to easily into her very disciplined world.

Later that morning with a fresh pair a cream colored slacks, navy blue top, and her hair in a twist pinned up and not looking like she was hung over like she was, she was called into Mr Douglas office. She knocked on the door and heard for him yell enter, and before she stepped in, she took a deep breath and put her best face on. “You wanted to see me sir?” She asked.

“Ah, Miss. Black. Yes, come on in and take a seat. Go ahead and close the door behind you.” He told her.

She walked in taking the seat in front of Mr. Douglas. Her legs crossed and her hands gathered in her lap and waited for what he wanted to say. He looked at some paperwork on his desk and then glanced up at her. “I was going over your resume that you gave us a couple years ago, and saw that you were unopposed in traveling. Tell me are you still interested in something like that, or do you now have something to make you want to stay around Boston?” he questioned.

It took everything she had not to let her grin slip from her. “No Mr. Douglas, there’s nothing in Boston that makes me want to stay around here.” She informed him.

He nodded. “Yes that’s what I told Mr. Thompson as well.”

“Mr. Thompson?” she asked.

“Mmm yes, he was very impressed with how you dealt with Mr. Lovelock. And now we have an associate client that is in Paris that is giving us a headache out there. So, he wanted me to offer you the opportunity to deal with this particular company and see if you can, finesse, your way with them as well.” He told her.

This time a smile did escape her. “Mr. Douglas, it would be an honor to have such a position.” She beamed.

“Well, I guess the next question would be, when could you be ready to leave?” He asked.

“When do you want me there?”

“Yesterday...” Was what he said.

“Then I’ll take red eye tonight and meet up with the clients in the morning.” She smiled.

He nodded. “You know, I thought you might say that.” And then slid a packet across the desk.

“Whats this?” She asked opening up to see a plane ticket, and all her reservations. Next another folder was dropped in front of her as thick as a dictionary. “And that is?” She questioned.

“Everything you’ll need to know about LeBlanc Financial Firm of Paris.”

She nodded. “Well than, I’ll be on my way to deal with this sir.” She smiled standing and holding out her hand.

Mr. Douglas grinned back and took her hand and shook it. “Just call me Bill, Adire. I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a lot of calls when you’re over there. Might as well be on a first names basis.” He chuckled.

Adire’s sly little grin came out. “Don’t worry Bill. I’ll have them behaving before you know it.”

He laughed and nodded. “Well then, I’ll see you when you get back.”

“Yes, until then.” She said making her way out of the office chuckling to herself and the opportunity that she just landed.

Later that night with everything packed and ready to go she made her way to her aunts house to drop off her gold fish and ask if she could water her plants and pick up the mail for her while she was away. She had an hour until she had to be at Logan, so she thought she’d raid her aunts refrigerator. When she got to the apartment Adire threw her keys on the kitchen table. “Aunt Sally, it’s me A.B.!” She called out, but her aunt didn’t shout back.

Her hands went to her hips wondering where the hell her aunt was when she had such exciting news, and then she thought about Sally’s new boyfriend. “Aunt Sally if your in the bedroom... I just want you to know I’m here and I’m dropping off baubles...”

“Adire I’m out on the deck. Come here if you wanna talk.” Sally shouted back.

Adire walked threw the place making her way to the porch where no lights were on and could see her aunts long blond dredlocked hair peeking threw the little barbs of the plastic lounge chair. It looked like Arthur was over as well, as a set of hands dangled over the top of the lounge chair next to her. She pushed by the old green curtains that looked like they were hung from the nineteen seventy’s, and probably were, to Sally and company. “Hey, I have some spectacular news!” She started out and then walked in front off the pair, her eyes going wide. “Sweet Jesus! What are you two doing out here like that?” She asked.

Aunt Sally started to laugh along with Arthur at her expression. “Were Moon bathing sweetheart. Isn’t that cool. Arthur came up with the idea.”

“Geesum crow! At least cover the nether regions... People could be watching you two!” Adire said her arms going up to then fall to her sides.

Author laughed. “That’d be cool if they were watching, that means I’ve still got it.” He told her with a wink. “I mean if anyone wants to take a good look, I say let them. The night is young, and I have a hot woman by my side.” He now chuckled glancing over at Sally.

Arires hands came up blocking the kiss Author just gave her aunt. “Okay first it’s eleven thirty, so the night is nowhere close to being young. Second, that’s enough, really. I’ll be gone in a second and then you two can go be all hot and bothered by one another. I mean, I know I’m a dominatrix and all but watching my aunt make out with her boyfriend in the nude, isn’t that enough said? And third, take it inside please. I don’t need officer Doyle from the station calling me again Sally. I mean really, I don’t even want to think about what he’d say if you were arrested on a fornication in public charge.”

Sally and Arthur started laughing. “Alright A.B. What’s got you coming over so late in the night, and dropping off your goldfish...”

Adire took an old beach chair and sat next to her aunt. “Remember the promotion I told you about?” She hinted.


“Well, their sending me to Paris to go work on another account. They asked if that was something I’d be interested in!” She smiled.

Sally’s eyes went wide and her hands clapped together when she put two and two together.” Oh baby that’s wonderful!” She exclaimed jumping up from the plastic lounge chair and coming over to give her a hug. “I’m so proud of youh. Our A.B. is going to be a world traveler! This is so exciting!” She squealed.

Despite her aunts nudity Adire hugged her back. “Thank you so much. That’s why I need you take care of some of my things while I’m gone.”

“Oh sure sure honey. I’ll take care of everything. Even your damn fish.” Sally smiled.

Adire shook her head and chuckled. “Thank you. Just don”t kill him.”

Sally sat back on her seat and laughed as well. “I promise to try not to kill him. When do youh think you’ll be back?”

“I was looking over some of the files before I came over, and I think I should be back within the week. Two weeks would be the longest.” She told her aunt taking her hand. “I’m going to be heading out, but I was wondering what you thought of me picking up a couple trinkets from Paris and sending them to mom. Do you think she’ll like that?”

“I think she’ll love that A.B. And Lucy will make sure that she gets it. Just make sure to write a little note for her so she’ll understand it’s from her kitten.” Sally said with her smile dipping down into a frown.

“Alright, I will. I just wanted to tell you I love you and I will see you when I get back.” Adire said standing up to lean down and kiss the top of her aunts head, and then glanced over to Arthur. “Bye Arthur. Take of my aunt for me.”

He waved and then smiled easily even though he was as naked as the day he was born. “Sure thing A.B. Your leaving her in good hands.” He winked and then closed his eyes and continued his moon bathing...

She shook her head and chuckled. “Good to know Art. Well I’m off...” She said turning to make her way back to the kitchen to grab something to eat before he left.

“Hey, A.B.... Adire!” Her aunt hollered from the deck to her.

She shook her head hoping that Carol from down stairs wasn’t in one of her moods tonight... “Yes Aunt Sally.”

“You look different. Did something happen to you?”

“Yes, I got a promotion.” She informed her granola aunt.

“No, it’s something else, I just can’t place it.” Was Sally’s come back.

“Bye, love you!”

“I’ve got it! It’s a man. That’s it, isn’t it? Oh come on A.B. tell me. Its a man isn’t it sweetheart?” She shouted laughing.

“Bye! See you soon!” Adire shut the door behind her leaning on it before heading down the stairs to her car. She could still hear her aunt laughing threw the door. That’s when she saw Carol was just coming up the stairs with a sour look on her face when Adire stopped her. “I’m leaving, so I think they’ll be quiet now.” She smiled.

Carol glanced up at the door and nodded. “Good, cuz I’m marathoning on Netflix season one of 24. I don’t like anything to interrupt Kiefer. That means I don’t want to be bothered tonight with a whole bunch of noise above my head!”

She sighed and rolled her eyes when Carol wasn’t looking, then addressed the woman. “I think their fine now... honestly. Besides you could say Sally and her new boyfriend are having a naked night...let’s just leave it at that.” She smiled and waved as she continued down the stairs. “I’ll be back in a week or so. Write your complaints down and give them to me then.”

“Don’t worry I will A.B.!” Carol shouted to her receding back.

The car came to life and the butterflies in Adires stomach became more intense with the excitement. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her nerves along with her excitement. This was the first time she’d ever been on a plane before, the first time being out of the United States for that matter. “Alright LeBlanc Financial Firm, your going to be my toy for the next couple of weeks. I hope your prepared gentleman.” She chuckled heading off to Logan airport. “Because Adire Black is going to Paris to make a name for herself... make no mistake about that!”

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