Confessions of a Dominatrix

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Chapter 5, part 2

Journal August 15

Paris France

A week in on my job, and I’m loving it! I always knew this job was going to be the right fit form me... but I’m happy to see that I’m right about it.

So far I haven’t seen all that much of this beautiful city, but at least I have a fabulous view from the office they gave me to work from. Sigh...

I have one more meeting to finish up in the morning with the dashingly handsome Jean-Claude. All I can say about men that run these companies is, they seem to like a strong woman who can take control of a situation. Or maybe, their just tired of woman who do as they bid all the time, and are interested instead of one who’ll give them a run for their money.

But alas, I’ve learned my lesson in mixing business with pleasure and so even with his very forward proposal, I had to let him know that I wasn’t interested in such an endeavor with him. He seemed happy with the explanation but, if or when I’m no longer in charge of this account and I found my way back to Paris... Then we shall see if he’s the sort of man he claims to be when he’s under my care.

But, my work at LeBlanc Financial Firm is just about finished and in the time schedule as I thought as well, tomorrow is Friday and I should have my final meeting in the morning. I believe my proposal should be well received and I should be able to head home on the next available redye, that is if I so wished. But, I think I’m going to postpone my flight until Sunday. I love the work so I’m not going to complain on the long nights and many meetings, but I really want to go see the Effie tower, but more importantly, I haven’t bought my mother anything from Paris and sent it off to her.

To have a package sent to my mother warped up and boxed in France then sent to her with all the postage as well... it would make her light up in excitement, and that would mean everything to me. I think I’ll look for one of those very beautiful scarves that you see the woman wear around for her... I can just see her eyes widen as she looks back at Lucy!

Well I’m off to sleep, and after my meeting I think I’m going to go sit in a cafe and sip on some coffee eat a decadent french pastries all while watch the world go by under Paris lights. Maybe I will make a trip to the Eiffel tower, but instead have the experience at night under the stars. Then I can have that memory of me gazing down at the world below and admire Paris and all its beauty from up in the heavens.

Enough theatrical writing tonight. I’ll write more when I get back home and share the experiences...



The next morning Adire was refreshed and already wanting to get to work. She ordered room service for her routine of black coffee and toast as she prepared herself ready for what she knew was going to be a fabulous day. Her tan skirt was in place, and she finished slipping the matching jacket and buckled the think chocolate brown leather belt around her waist. Her men’s tie that she’d placed on and it made her chuckle. Adire fixed the beautiful olive green and navy blue paisley silky material, liking the little jab she was throwing at her male constituents.

Her navy heels slipped on over her silky nude nylons with the pin stripe running up the back of her legs and she gave herself the once over, making sure nothing was out of place. From her red lipstick, her simple yet elegant make up just the way she wanted it, her slick blond hair looking in big soft waves, it all was precisely what she was going for. All the way down to the gold stud earrings that where subtle with the ensemble. With a ring of the hotel phone, the front desk let her know that her taxi was there to pick her up, and she was off to finish up her week in Paris with the same go get’me girl attitude that she had with the Lovelock account in Boston.

After a much longer day then anticipated, the look of her even heading home before Tuesday was seeming much farther in the distance then she hoped. What Adire thought was going to be an easy sale didn’t turn out as such. Bill was actually chuckling when she told him what happened and how they were very excited about her concepts only to get into the meeting and have them nit pick every little thing! Where was she getting the extra people, did I add for growth of the company, the sign wasn’t big enough, the blue wasn’t bright enough, the letters went bold enough, the red was to bright... What the hell, really?

It was Bill that told her to take the night off and just enjoy the sights of being in Paris for the night, and then in the next breath, told hert to make sure I had everything wrapped up with work by Monday so she was back at work and on to the next client... Adire couldn’t help to thinking Bill was being overly hopeful about her getting them all to agree on that day. But she did take him up on the advice of going out and seeing the city, and that’s what she wanted to to in the first place. The bonus was now, she was going to be getting paid for it. Yes, she was here in Paris, and what woman wouldn’t want to see the sights and possibly do some shopping?

So feeling much better, she went back to the hotel placing on her black beret, black and white horizontal stripped shirt, tucked into a ballet length skirt as she slipped on her red jacket and heels. The night was young and so was she, and the first thing she was going to do was see the Eiffel tower just as she had been dreaming of since she’d gotten into the city of love.

It was a blissful evening of being a tourist on the streets of Paris. Adire had gone into all the shops that had caught her fancy and now with bags in her hands from her shopping spree, and finding some fun things for her mother, she walked along the streets until she reached a darling little cafe. It was picturesque with red and white umbrellas out above small white tables. There had been a passing shower and the lights gleamed of the wet streets. She walked in and took a seat outside under the awning and just watched the lovers pass by hand in hand, and for only a second, she wished that she could be someone who understood such simple affection with a man.

A waiter was coming her way, but thought he was going to pass by as he held very extravagant deserts ion his tray, but instead bought a sweet pastries and placed it in front of her. Her brows went together looking at the exquisite piece of chocolate heaven, then back up to the waiter. “I didn’t order this...” She stated then shook her head and tried again. “Je, ne... ah...commande, ce.”

The waiter looked over his shoulder and she looked where he did. “le monsieur là-bas acheté.” He said, but she shook her head not understanding what was being said, and that irritated her. She always liked to know what was happening around her, and was going to tell the waiter just that, when a man looking just as luscious at the desert that was placed in front of her, stepped into sight.

“He said that I bought it for you.” Johnathan chuckled.

Adire’s eye’s widened and her mouth dropped open. “What are you doing here?” She asked, and none to happily.

At her outrage he chuckled again taking the seat across from where she sat. “What? I had business in Paris.” He said, but a sly grin came to his face as he spoke the words.

She gathered her composure, making sure her jaw was shut to deal with this gorgeous problem in front of her. “Business is it?”

He just smiled but didn’t say anything as the waiter came and dropped off two coffees in front of them. When the man left, Johnathan took the cup in his hand and answered before he took a sip. “Yes, business.”

“May I ask with whom you have business with?” she asked doing the same as him, but brought the cup to her lips and spoke over the rich liquid before she took her sip. His eyes watched her mouth as she blew into her cup and the steam drifted into the night air. “You said you had business darling. I’m just asking with whom?” She purred.

His eye’s drifted up to her’s as her own sly smile made it’s way to her face. “You...”

Adire’s red finger nail taped on the white porcelain as she held it in both hands. “I though I told you I don’t have time for dating, and you seemed more then agreeable with that the morning I left your place.”

He didn’t answer straight away. Just took another sip of his coffee and then glanced down at the desert. “Are you going to eat that?”

“You didn’t answer my question.” She answered back.

He took a fork next to him and reached over cutting into the chocolate to then take a bite. “You know there’s nothing as delicious as french pastries.” He stated.

“Oh, I believe their might be one or two things out there. But it doesn’t qualify as food.” She laughed under her breath.

Once again he was silent after her teasing, but then continued. “Have you ever had one before?”

Her brow went up. “Are you asking me right now, at this moment, if I’ve ever had a pastry?”

The corner of his mouth went up. “Not just some pastry, a French pastry, princess.”

That had her sit back in her seat as her head tip to the side. “Princess is it? Oh darling, you have the wrong woman. May I once again remind you of just who I really am? Because I’ll be more then happy to show you just who the princess would be in my world. I’d even have some precious frilly pink panties and a pair of heels for you to wear to make sure the point is quite clear on whose the bitch is when your with me.” At her words he chuckled and her brow went up once again.“Do you find something funny in that statement pet?” She asked.

He leaned over taking the fork and cutting into the thick chocolate torte and place the bit in front of her mouth with a small grin. “As much as I hate to admit it, I wouldn’t mind trying some of the things your into, but wearing heels and pink panties for you... Those are out.”

A sly grin tipped the corner of her lips. “And I say their not out pet. I say their... in.” She purred taking the offered bite.

He growled. “Son of bitch. I’m not into shit like that A.B.”

“I told you I like my men submissive to me. If I can’t do as I please in dressing you up, then you aren’t a toy I’d like to play with, and with that said I think we should say goodnight... again.” She said with a sly smile.

He leaned forward now the fork back on the table. “And what if I tried it and didn’t like it, then what?”

Adire leaned forward as well enjoying this sport very much between the two of them. “Would it hurt you to wear woman’s lingerie?”

His hand went over his chin and mouth as her thought, then answered. “No...”

“Would it cause you some sort of pain? Would I be inflicting some sort of brutally on you by asking you to wear such garments?”

“No, it wouldn’t... except for some chafing my balls...” he answered.

She tsked him. “To use such vulgar words... but to address your question the answer is, yes. If I ask you to wear pink panties along with a lacy brassiere you would be expected to. Or if I commanded for you to wear red panties I brought for you with a stunning pair of heals, then told you to put on a woman’s apron while watching you cook for me. If I ask it, that pet is what you shall do.” She said simply, then sat back took her free coffee from the table and grind before she brought it to her lips and took a sip.

He sat there for a couple minutes not speaking, and in all honesty Adire was waiting for him to just get up from the chair and run away from her. If he was a smart man, that’s what he should have done. But instead... “Fine, I’ll wear pink panties...” Was what he said to her amazement.

The cup dropped from her mouth, then clattered to the table. “Excuse me but, what precisely do you mean by that?”

It was his turn to smile. “Just what I said. I’ll wear the girly panties for you, let you spank my ass and all that. But when were out of the bedroom, or when were out together in public... I’m the man in this relationship.”

“I’m sorry, did you just say out together? Wait, wait, wait... a relationship?”

He chuckled again at her reaction. “Yeah you heard me correctly, a relationship.”

“No, no, no. I don’t date, and I don’t have time to date... and your a client! We already established this.” She told him wanting to throw her napkin from her lap to the table and stomp of like a child.

His ankle went over his knee and Johnathan sat back comfortable in his chair taking a bite of the pastry in front of him. “Yeah, I remembering you telling me something like that. But I’m not asking you on a date A.B. I’m talking about a relationship.”

“I don’t let men get close to me.” She informed him.

“Well those other guys weren’t me. You like me and you know it.” he smiled and winked.

“Arrogant much?” She couldn’t help but chuckled under her breath crossing her arms with a shake of the head.

“Oh baby, you have no idea.” He smiled. “But really, when I had to go to Houston for some, personal business... I couldn’t stop thinking about you. That’s when I decided to find out where you ran off to when I heard you’were on a business trip.” He confessed.

She thought for sure her mouth had dropped open again, and then consciously made herself close it. “This is the second time you’ve all but admitted to stocking me. If I didn’t have a taser in my pocketbook and wasn’t afraid of using it it, you might have me a little worried about your stability Mr. Lovelock.”

He grinned. “Well since it’s illegal to care something like that here in France, I think I’m pretty safe.”

She cocked her head at him as something just dawned on her. “You know, you have a answer for everything... don’t you.”

To that he shrugged. “Maybe. But I do know what I want, and baby, I want... you.” His voice lowed on a ruble with that confession. Adire’s heart picked up as those dark brown eyes watched her. Then She bit her bottom lip afraid of what might come out and then his eyes watched her teeth dig into the flesh and here was no more innuendo, his eyes told her exactly what he wanted. “What do you say A.B.? How about you take me back to your hotel room and teach me how were going to play bedroom games together.”

She didn’t answer, but was screaming at herself in her head to tell him HELL NO! Instead he got up from where he sat and walked over taking her hand and pulling her from her seat. “Johnathan, I think you might be a bit confused. I don’t believe your the type of man whose going to be interested in the things I like to do with a man... I mean ALL the things I like to do to a man...” She started then stopped and shook her head as his hand went around her waist taking her from the little street cafe. “I mean. This has to stop... I have my rules, and your breaking them.” She stuttered as she glanced over her shoulder back at the cafe where she lost her sanity.

He laughed this time and kissed the top of her head. “Don’t worry. I’ll let you be in control of what you want to do to me. Then will get to these rules and you’ll explain what they all mean and why your going to let me break the ones I want.”

“No I’m not!” She said exasperated. “And you my not kiss me or show any kind of affection to me without permission.”

He nodded. “Might be right on that. But then again we are out in public, and that’s when I’m the one in control.”

“No your not!” She sputtered once again.

“I’m going to have you do your worst to me A.B. then we’ll take it from there...” He grinned.

After he said those words, she knew precisely what she was going to do. “Alright pet. You’ve come back for another punishment from your mistress. As soon as we are in my room all bets are of and you will address me as such. If you still want to proceed, then, I’ll take you back to my room. If you have any doubts, any at all... now would be the best time to make your, escape.” she smiled finally thinking she was going to scare him off.

“I’m ready for anything your willing to give me...” He growled.

Adire laughed at his enthusiasm. “We shall see pet. We shall see... ” She chuckled then stopped. “Tell me, have you ever been tied up before?”

“Like to a bed or something?” He asked.

That sly grin came out once again. “Or something pet, or something...” She chuckled.

Johnathan eyes peaked sideways, but didn’t say a word after that. But she already knew the answer to the question she just asked, and since he’d never had the pleasure of rope biting into his skin... tonight he was going to be introduced to it. Then she’d see just how long this little infatuation with her would last.

Hopefully tonight Johnathan would see that she is not the little woman that he thinks she might be hiding, and then would just leave her alone. Because this man with his arrogance, confidence, and sheer masculinity had put her under a very dangerous spell... and it was a spell that had to be broken, before her heart fell for him.

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