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Ryan’s POV
A week later

“Ella? I’m here!” I call for her, entering the quiet flat. Her text told me now was the moment to try but the clock is already running knowing the director needs me back on set as soon as possible. My feet take me to our room in a hurry when her beautiful voice informs me she’s in there. Her naked body lays in bed with a devilish grin on enticing me. I quickly get rid of my clothes before jumping on top of her. The blood pumping into my member and her excitement allows me to slide into her slick entrance easily. “So wet and ready for me, huh?” I bite into her neck, moving faster. Her legs wrap around me and she’s rewarding me with the sound of her pleasure, and her walls contracting on me. Feeling the pull in my spine already, I know I won’t last long. “Ella, you feel so good,” I breathe. Her hand leads my fingers to her sensitive area, she needs me to help reach her release. “Touch me,” she moans. Her grip on my cock is driving me insane, my fingers move faster until her legs stiffen and her screams echo into the room. With deep thrusts, I let myself go into her warmth.

I peck her before retrieving my clothes and getting dressed. “You’re leaving?” her full lips turn into a pout. “Sorry, the director only allowed me a short break. We have a big scene to shoot before the wrap tomorrow. I’ll see you tonight,” I take a minute to kiss her properly seeing the sadness in her beautiful eyes. My lips touch hers first, I then push my tongue in slowly. She groans into my mouth, deepening the kiss. I capture her face in my hands once we come up for air, my nose tenderly rubs hers. There it is, a smile, the one I’ve only seen her use around me. “I love you, baby,” I exit the room heading out the door to the car.

We did have a big scene to film but I knew I’d have to rush to meet with Charlotte once I wrapped for the day. She was kind enough to work in the evening to show me a house that could be the one. “Thank you so much for meeting this late! Let’s go, I don’t want to take too much of your time,” I tell her. “Oh, I don’t mind spending my time with you,” she bats her lashes at me. Internally rolling my eyes, I follow her around the house. It does look nice but I know Ella likes the modern feel and unfortunately, that one has a rustic look inside. “I’ll keep working, we’ll find you the perfect house. By the way, your mother is visiting another one after tomorrow,” Charlotte says as we walk out. After getting details on the next visit Cooper and I head to the flat.

It’s late when I finally walk through the door, the place is dark. I notice one plate was left for me in the refrigerator indicating Ella already ate. While my food is in the microwave, I walk around looking for her. I find her asleep at her desk. Gently, I pick her up, bringing her to our bed before going back to my dinner. Ella is turning into a good chef, not that she was terrible before but she has been trying new things and it’s tasting amazing.
“Why didn’t you wake me up?” she rolls around when I climb in next to her. “You looked tired I figured you needed to sleep,” she smiles wrapping herself around my body. She feels warm, her skin is soft and has a vanilla smell to it. “I missed you,” she mumbles falling asleep again. I lay with her in my arms looking at her angelic face for a while. My heart flutters thinking she’s mine. Forever.

The next day
After our morning workout, I head to the studios for my last day. It’s always kind of emotional yet satisfying knowing my work is done. The cast and crew often plan to stay in touch, probably from the bond we build in a short period, unfortunately, the odds of us staying in contact are slim considering our busy schedules. I did make friends throughout my career but I usually see them at events instead of getting the chance to hang out in more casual settings.

14 hours later, the director finally yells “it’s a wrap” as we all start cheering. I’m totally exhausted making my way to my trailer to change before heading home. Once again, I find a sleeping beauty on my couch with her laptop on her lap. Hesitating for a minute, I decided to bring her to bed. She doesn’t even wake up when I take off all her clothes, only latching herself onto my body once I lay with her.

The next day, Ella looks bummed after asking about my plans for the day; I’m visiting a house with my mum. I can’t handle her feeling left out and lonely, I invite her to come along. “Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude. I know it’s been a fun thing between you and your mother,” she says, softly. “Mum loves you, I love spending time with you, it’ll be nice,” I reassure her before texting Charlotte and mum informing them Ella will be with me meaning they need to be quiet about my personal search.

“Charlotte, meet my kind, smart and hot wife. Ella, this is Charlotte,” I introduce them to each other. Ella’s cheeks have a nice tint at my choice of words to describe her but I’m only speaking the truth. She’s wearing a fitted pink top featuring her amazing breasts with blue jeans. Her long brown hair is straight and her beautiful eyes have sparkles in them when she looks up at me. We walk around, hand in hand behind my mum. She seems impressed with the house. It’s a bit small to my liking but then again she did say she wanted to downsize now that she’s by herself. The idea of saying goodbye to our house makes me sad though I understand why my mum wants to move. I just wish it wasn’t so soon. I’m being selfish I know, I’ve been talking about it with my therapist hoping I can get rid of the feeling. The main focus should be my mother’s happiness and comfort.
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