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Ryan’s POV

Mum and I enter a house that’s not too far from where she lives, it’s compact but charming. Her eyes light up when she gets to the living room where a huge window is facing the backyard. The master bedroom also has a big window allowing the sun to shine through. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would say this but it’s perfect for you, mum,” I turn to see her smile. “Oh! I’m so glad you like it because I love it! I can picture myself living here,” She says.

Charlotte and she went over some details and mum made an offer. I’m hoping everything goes well, I haven’t seen her this happy since dad passed. I’ve been going to her house every day since my love left for Minnesota. The flat is empty without her and mum loves having me around to cure her loneliness.

We’re watching tv when she goes to her room to retrieve a small box. “What is it?” I ask as I open it. A ring my father always wore is inside. “He used to say he wanted you to have the ring after…” she gets choked up. Tears prick at my eyes when I look up at my mother. “Thanks, mum,” I stand up to hug her tightly. We stay in a silent embrace letting tears run down our cheeks for what seems like an eternity. I know she’s been worried at my lack of emotions around her and I can tell she’s relieved to see me open up. Once our tears are dried we sit down to enjoy a football game together although I have to explain all the rules to her. I don’t mind, I’m just happy to share this moment with her.

Once again, mum talked me into spending the night at her house with the excuse that Ella will be back tomorrow meaning I probably won’t visit every day. Being in my old room feels strange knowing it might be the last time I get to sleep in it. Trophies that I’ve won playing football when I was a child are still on full display. A board with pictures of my friends and family is sitting in the corner by the bed. Dad added a picture of himself walking Ella down the aisle to it. He had told me he thought she was the perfect woman for me and was happy to welcome her to the family. I must find a spot for that board at our house or maybe get a bigger one to be able to add more pictures to it. As if she knows I’m looking at her picture, Ella calls me. She sounds grumpy saying she can’t wait to be home, I can’t wait either. I warn her that my work schedule is very busy with the new movie that I started shooting, but I promise we’ll still be able to try to conceive again. A simple “okay” is her response.

The next day
Cooper and I had to skip the gym to be at work on time. The director, Beth wants to try a new approach to the scene we’re shooting today. Elliott, my co-star, keeps forgetting his lines confused by the changes she has made. Frustration is rising as I see the clock ticking. I have to text my wife asking her to come to set once she lands, apologizing, but promising a quickie. A while later, she confirms being here waiting for me in my trailer. Beth knew I needed to have a moment with Ella although I never shared the details of why. She tells everyone we’ll take a break reminding Elliott to work on his lines.

“Baby, I missed you, I’m so sorry we have to do this quickly, I promise...” Her soft lips cut me off by covering mine as she leads me to the couch. Laying on it, she pulls her underwear down and her dress up, exposing herself to me. I undo my trousers in a hurry before sitting between her legs ready to please her. She has something else in mind, planting her heels on the couch gives her leverage to move her hips against me, she grips me inside rolling on me. The feeling is exquisite. “Ella, you’re going to make me… slow… fuck…” I lose myself inside of her with my face hiding into her neck. “Isn’t it the goal?” she says. “But...Fuck!” I was about to tell her I wanted to bring her to orgasm as well but the way her hips move is tantalizing; I can’t focus anymore. Her body against mine and the incredible sensation I get from her movements are consuming my thoughts. It’s as if her walls were jerking me, I stay still while she takes me to paradise. It’s only a matter of minutes before she leads me to one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. Catching my breath and chasing the haziness away, I attempt to bring my fingers to her inner thighs only to have her push me away. “I’m okay, you don’t have to,” her underwear is pulled up, her dress fixed before I even have time to say anything. “What? This is a first and I hate it.”

After pulling my trousers up, I wrap my arms around her bringing her to sit on my lap. “Did you miss me?” I nudge her nose, she smiles. “I did! I love you,” she cuddles me. At least she seems as affectionate as usual but why didn’t she let me pleasure her? I want to ask but knowing we don’t have much time, I don’t want to spoil the moment with her getting upset. I tilt her head towards mine, licking her bottom lip slowly. She’s responsive, opening her mouth to kiss me. Breaking it off after a minute she tenderly kisses my cheek. “God, I love this woman,” I think to myself.

Too soon, I’m being called back on set having to leave her side. Max is there taking her to our place so she can relax although we both know she probably planned on studying. Whenever she has a new project, she dedicates all her time to it.
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