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Ryan’s POV
A week later

Charlotte, mum, Ella, and I are meeting at the house that is officially my mum’s. She’s ecstatic walking around every room with my wife planning where they’ll start with their paint and decor. As if they hadn’t talked about it a dozen times already. Charlotte and I are following them while being amused at their enthusiasm.

“Oh, Ryan, I’m happy we got one down, half the work is done,” Charlotte slips and I glare at her. Realizing what she just said as Ella turns to face us she adds. “Maybe one day I can help you find a house for yourself! One that you’ll love,” her hand touches my arm, squeezing. “You mean a house for MY sexy husband and me, right?” Ella growls walking to us, she wraps herself around me pulling me closer. “My lioness marking her territory,” I chuckle to myself. I’ve rarely seen her jealous, only around Isabelle, and I’m kind of enjoying her claiming me. “Of course, sure, surely the three of us can find the perfect one for the both of you,” Charlotte’s face pales as she takes a step away from me. “Or maybe Ryan and I can find one on our own? Either way, we’ll be happy living in it together,” Ella adds. She’s clearly sending a warning now.

Ella has been in a better mood for the past week although I did find her staring blankly at the wall a few times when I got home. Max has been spending more time with her and has been keeping me informed telling me she had two episodes where she got angry for no good reason. At this point I’m not sure if the stress from her classes, my mum and Maddy asking for help, or the pills she’s taking are the issue, I also don’t think she’s keeping up with her therapy. She said she wanted to put our therapy on hold until her next finals are done. I reluctantly agreed, not wanting to add more pressure on her shoulders.

Meeting in the hallway of the flat, I pin her to the wall. “I loved seeing you show your claws today, my little lioness,” I lower myself down to whisper in her ear. “Lioness?” she laughs at my pet name for her, “I simply wanted to remind her you’re mine,” she smirks. My hand glides from her waist going down. “Ryan, I… I can’t,” Sadness fills her big brown eyes while her body tenses up. We haven’t had sex since the quickie in my trailer. The experience was sublime for me but she didn’t get to finish even after I tried to help her get there. I know her libido is affected by the pills, I would never force her but the craving for her sexy body has been so intense in the past few days. In one movement, she grabs my shirt pushing me backward until my back rests on the opposite wall, taking control. “Let me take care of you,” she runs her hand on the bulge in my pants. Instinctively, I push my crotch further into it begging for more. “It wouldn’t be fair,” I say but my hips grind against her fingers that are now wrapping me tightly, contradicting my words. There’s a battle inside of me needing her touch but feeling guilty knowing she won’t let me reciprocate. “Shhh, I know you want it,” with her hand on my shirt, she pulls me down to lick the spot on my neck sending a shiver down my body. “Touch me!” my mind is screaming. My cock twitches as she undoes my zipper and button to free it. “Ella, you don’t have to,” I try to sound convincing but the sounds escaping my throat betray me. She wraps her fingers on my erection stroking it at a steady pace. “Your hand…Yes, like that. Ohh, Ella,” I swim in pleasure. Her small hand can barely hold all of me but damn does she know how to bring me to euphoria. Quick movements as she lightly twists her wrist are taking me there. With a swipe of her thumb on the tip, I inhale a sharp breath. My hand goes to the nape of her neck to bring her mouth to mine desperate to taste her. My eyes remain open as I move my mouth in sync with hers mesmerized by her beauty. She gently sucks on my tongue and that’s all I need to explode, her mouth captures all my grunts. Holding onto her, I try to catch my breath. She stands on her tiptoes to peck my lips before leading me to the bathroom to clean up my mess. I help her sit on the counter standing in between her legs.

“How was it?” she asks me.
“I feel guilty admitting how good that handjob was,” My eyes look down.
“Baby, look at me,” she puts her fingers under my chin tilting my head up. “It’s okay for you to get off without me sometimes. I’m sorry I’m messed up right now. I wish I…”
“Maybe if I tried to just touch you? I could take my time without going for your pussy right away,” I hear the desperation in my voice.
“No, I… I’ll talk to my doctor. But for now, let’s just avoid it. I’m happy to take care of your needs though,”
“As good as you make me feel, I don’t want it to become a thing. Giving you pleasure is what I love the most, I want to be able to do it again. Hopefully soon,” I run my hands in her hair and see tears forming in her eyes.
“I’m so sorry, I’m trying but…” she chokes.
“Baby, it’s okay. We’ll get through this,” my words are not enough this time, she breaks down into my arms. I hold her, promising it’ll get better although I’m starting to wonder what to do about her situation.

The treatment is meant to help us but how can it work if her sex drive is that low? I don’t even want to ask her when we’re supposed to try again, that'd be putting too much pressure on her. I’m at a loss for words as I hold her small body against mine rocking her back and forth to soothe her. Seeing her in pain feels like someone is twisting a knife through my chest. I must find a way to fix her.

Maddy rings her about the wedding again distracting her from what just happened. I take the opportunity to go play a game with Trevor and Sam. Trevor teases Sam about the wedding knowing how indecisive Maddy is, to which Sam reminds Trevor it’s time to put a ring on it. Trev finally shares his plan to propose to Emma in Greece. “Well, glad I can provide the perfect settings for you guys to pop the question,” I tease both of them. Greece is in a little over a month. I’m hoping my Ella will feel like herself by then.
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