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5 days later

“Wake up, baby,” my sweet British man is pulling me from my sleep, his right hand wraps around my wrist just as his soft lips press on my shoulder. “No, let’s cuddle,” I request in a sleepy voice. Laughing, his muscular arms pull me with him as he lays on his back trapping me on his chest. His fresh citrusy fragrance, the one he always wears, lingers around me as I bury my face in his neck. “Your nose is always cold,” he whines. I stick my tongue out leaving a wet spot. “You have no idea how much I love you,” His words go straight to my heart, overwhelming me. I’ve been difficult to live with lately, I’m fully aware, and him being so patient, loving, understanding means a lot. “I’m sorry,” I whisper in a raspy voice from the tears that I’m holding back. “Don’t be, I wasn’t saying it to make you feel bad. It was just a reminder of my feelings,” With one hand he tilts my head allowing him access to my mouth, and he brushes my lips with his, tenderly, in a kiss filled with love. He then kisses my nose. “Okay, let’s get up, we have to be ready soon,” he says, slapping my butt playfully. “Ready for what?” I ask but, knowing my husband he has a surprise in store, and as predicted he only laughs without giving me an answer. The only hint he drops is a suggestion to dress casually and to wear good trainers as he calls them.

After a quick shower, while he checks his emails, I put on jean shorts with a yellow wrap type of tank top that features my breasts, I tie my hair in a bun, and as suggested put on some sneakers. Once he’s showered and dressed he meets me in the kitchen. I see him gawking and gulping as he takes my body up and down. His reaction makes me feel sexy yet sad because of the situation. Cuddling and kissing him has been amazing lately but as soon as we’re in a situation where I would normally get aroused, nothing happens, leaving me devastated. By ricochet, he’s not getting what he wants and needs leaving him feeling bad for me while trying to ignore his impulses. The cycle is really driving me insane. I’ve been having fewer outbursts thanks to my therapist who follows me even on her days off now but the rage is still lurking around especially during my training sessions with Niall.

Once we’re ready, Max and Cooper pick us up at the flat. Again, he’s being mysterious not answering my request about where we’re off to. Crossing my arms on my chest instead of holding on to him, I sit there, pouting. I notice all three men discreetly laughing at my expense. “You know, sometimes I wish I hadn’t suggested for us to be friends! You guys are making fun of me instead of telling me where we’re going,” I say, exasperated. “Come on, Ella! You’ll be happy I promise,” Cooper winks at me from the passenger side. The blonde man has been more talkative lately. Sighing, I allow Ryan to wrap his arm around my shoulders bringing me closer but I keep my arms crossed until he gently presses his lips to my temple, my aggravation slips away and I reach for his hand lacing my fingers through his.

My eyes go wide when the Harry Potter tour sign appears in front of us. He’s amused by my expression again but I’m too happy to care. I jump out of the SUV before it fully comes to a stop, I can’t wait any longer. Ryan booked a private tour of the studio for us four, a guide takes us on a coach. We’re being transported around the different areas as he gives us fun facts about how the movies came to life. Pictures are even allowed in some parts of the tour. Although he was mocking my excitement when we first arrived, Ryan’s eyes are bright and he can’t wipe the smile from his face. The bodyguards seem to enjoy themselves as well.

A gift shop is our last stop of the tour where we can find wands, candies, figurines, and other items related to the movies and books. My heart melts when I see a Dobby plush toy. “Do you want one?” He offers. “It’s silly, right? Me wanting a toy? But he’s so cute!” I squeal, holding onto it. “If it makes you happy I’ll get it for you,” he smiles with his dimples showing. Overjoyed, I hug him tightly. Ryan also gets keychains with different wands on them for himself as well as Max and Cooper. I could tell they were into a lot of toys but they decided one souvenir was all they needed.

He then takes us to one of his favorite restaurants for dinner. Everything tastes amazing. Text notifications keep on being heard as we’re eating. “Aren’t you going to see who’s texting?” I ask, he usually does to make sure he’s not missing anything important from his agent or something. “I’m enjoying time with the love of my life, it can wait,” he pecks my lips. I can feel my cheeks getting red. “You know you’re beautiful when you’re blushing,” he giggles. “Ryan!” I scold him as I look at the bodyguards for their reaction. But then I can’t stop the laugh escaping my lips.

Watching tv seemed like the best way to end the day when we got home. He goes to the bathroom leaving his phone on the couch next to me. Another notification comes up but I notice he changed the settings blocking the preview of the message from showing up on the screen. “Why would he try to hide stuff?” I wonder. Coming back to me, he briefly looks at his phone but doesn’t reply to whoever sent him the message. “Everything alright?” Curiosity has the best of me. “Yeah. Charlotte wants me to promote her services,” he explains. She rubs me the wrong way, I suspect she has a thing for him. “Cool,” I cuddle up his chest hiding my face in a poor attempt to hide it from him. “I love you, my sexy lioness,” he whispers. The nickname always makes me laugh but he insists on using it from time to time. “Thank you for today, I loved the tour! I love you,” I kiss his cheek. The mood shifts to a serious tone as he holds me close in his arms hiding his face in the crook of my neck now. No words are needed for me to understand how grateful he is for a day spent with me without any anger or sadness around. I must inform him that I’ve stopped the treatment but I’m nervous about his reaction. For now, I stay in his arms where our souls are sharing a peaceful moment.
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