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“What the fuck is this?” Ryan’s furious voice resonates as soon as we step foot inside the suite. Cooper is silently standing by his side. Holding his phone for us to see the infamous pictures, Ryan is fuming. “I was upset!” My voice is so small I wonder if he heard me. “Ryan, I promise it’s not what you think. I was just trying to comfort her,” Max tries to reason with my husband. “Comfort her? By touching her in a public park? Where the world can see, take pictures, say that you’re sleeping with my wife? What the fuck is wrong with you? You’re fired!” The vein on his forehead is popping. I feel the blood draining from my face. He can't be serious. “No! You can’t do that,” I beg him. “Ryan, if you fire him… We… We’re over!” I don’t really know why I said that but it’s the only thing I could think of. “You would leave me for him? So something is going on here? What the fuck, I warned you before!” Ryan’s hands grab Max’s shirt pushing him against the wall, violently. Luckily, Cooper sees it coming and jumps in between them before Ryan, who has his arm in the air, can throw a punch. My brain is foggy trying to find a way to calm him down but anger is radiating through me thinking he believes I could cheat on him. “Stop! Nothing is going on between us. But if you fire him, you’re saying you don’t trust me! And if that’s the case then…” my voice fades out as the fear of losing him hits me. “Why the fuck did I go there?” I scold myself internally. “Trust? You want to talk about trust now? Did you trust me when you wondered if I went on a date with Charlotte?” Ryan yells as he turns towards me, getting closer. His eyes are black, I’ve never seen them as dark. “I… I…” suddenly my resolve is shaken. “Come on, Ella. Tell me why it’s wrong to ask if you cheated while it was okay for you to ask me!” He prompts, crossing his arms, glaring at me. He was angry when we talked about Charlottebut now he’s on another level of fury. I’ve seen him get mad at people or situations but he’s never shown that much animosity towards me. “Ryan, I… it’s just... I…” I can’t find the right words. The fear of losing him is closing its claws on me. “You’re a hypocritical bitch who’s only thinking about her feelings right now!” Ryan throws in my face. “RYAN!” Cooper and Max yell at the same time staring at him.

The words came at me as if he had physically punched me, my lungs begged for air. I wail in pain. Although what he just said was horrible what hurts the most is how accurate he is. His eyes go from being filled with rage to sadness before fear spreads all over them. Time is standing still as all four of us look at each other unsure of what to do next. Things have been challenging to say the least since we started trying to conceive but he stayed strong for me. We’ve all built a great relationship but having the world think your wife is having an affair is horrendous. I cannot let him suffer like that. He needs me more than ever. The pictures are as misleading as Charlotte’s use of the word date.

“Get out,” I say in a murmur. Agony is painted in Ryan’s eyes when he tries to take a step away from me. I quickly put a hand on his chest gripping his shirt. “Not you! Cooper, Max, please leave us alone,” I say softly. They both look at me, I nod indicating I meant it. Without a word, our bodyguards exit the room leaving us looking at each other.

The tremor in his body is felt against my hand. “I’m sorry,” I whisper, stepping closer so I can hold him. “No! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it,” he cries, sinking into my arms. “I know, babe. Max was trying to be a friend but we shouldn’t have been out there. I’m sorry,” I tell him once more. “I know but all the fucking comments and rumors made me go insane. I love you so much, Ella, I can’t lose you! Please tell me you won’t leave me,” he sobs. I realize I just threatened to leave him although I would never do it, I see why he would need to hear the words. “Ryan, I just said it out of anger. I love you.” Him, being 6’2 makes it hard for me to support him as he leans his weight on me. Leading him to the bed I ask him to sit down before climbing on his legs.

Instantly, a spark ignites between us. Relief washes over me after being numb for so long bringing tears to my eyes. Everything that just happened seems so far away, I’m now consumed by our souls reconnecting. He can feel it too. My eyes stare into the green of his and I could swear fireworks are going off around us.

“My Ella,” his hands go from my waist up to my chest then to my neck. Electricity runs under them traveling through my skin reaching the pit of my stomach. Our mouths get closer before finally pressing onto each other. A low growl comes out of my throat. I lust for him, I need this. My hips grind on him slowly feeling his erection. His digits run on my arms, shivers follow their path. “Your skin is so warm,” he whispers into my mouth. The flame is roasting my insides, my clit is throbbing, my arousal spreading through my underwear. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted him as much as I do now. Every cell in my body is yearning for him. “Ryan, I want you. Make love to me,” I sound desperate. A twinkle lights his beautiful eyes expressing the relief mixed with the excitement my words are providing.

With trembling fingers, I remove his shirt running my hands on his toned body. His touch lingers on my skin raising my body temperature even higher while he removes my top. The struggle comes for him when he slips his fingers into my leggings and underwear in an attempt to remove them only to face resistance with me still grinding onto him. “Baby, it’ll feel better skin to skin,” he coaxes me. I know he’s right but breaking the contact almost sounds painful. I finally let him finish the task, also giving him room to remove his shorts and underwear. Desire is flashing in his eyes as he looks me up and down laying me on the bed. “You’re gorgeous! I’ve missed your body, babe,” He runs his nose on mine. “Kiss me,” I squirm under his hungry eyes. He moves closer to my lips, I stop him, confusion appears on his face. “Here,” With my hands, I guide him to my center. Shuffling around to give him better access, I open my legs wide. The warmth of his breath hits me first and I lift my hips off the mattress; I’m so turned on, he could make me come just by breathing on me. His tongue poking out making contact in a slow, torturous rhythm leading it up and down against my entrance leaves me in a hazy state. “Fuck! Baby,” I whimper under his skillful tongue. “You taste so good, so intoxicating,” his accent always makes the words sound alluring. He works his magic while I roll my hips begging for more. For some odd reason, I get anxious about finding release, I can’t seem to be able to relax and let go. Moving up to lay next to me, his nose runs along my jawline. “Look at me, baby,” He then holds my gaze. His long fingers know the path to my most sensitive spot. I almost forgot the unbelievable feeling his touch could provide. My hips move in sync with his fingers that are doing exactly what I need them to do, and I can’t hold the moans in any longer. “That’s it, good, baby,” he coos. “Ohh, Ryan! I want...” I feel myself getting close, his fingers rub faster. “I know, you need this, come for me,” I nod, moaning his name in a strained voice. A shock rolls through my body curling my toes, causing my back to arch, I’m panting. The feeling is out of this world. I missed it so much, only he can make me feel this way.

Without skipping a beat, his hands go to my waist flipping me onto my stomach getting into a position sure to bring more orgasms my way. “You’re so hot when you scream my name like that, you’re going to do it again, yeah?” He breathes into my ear as if it was a serious question. He knows that his member that’s now sliding into my slick entrance will bring me to heaven. Just a few hard, deep thrusts, and I’m ready to give him what he wants. His name echoes into the room again. “Baby, do you feel how hard you’re making me?” he always knows what to say to increase my excitement. His cock is rock solid and I just know he’s ready to last for a while. He fills me deeply before withdrawing himself and plunging back in over and over again. His lips are on my neck kissing, licking, and nibbling. “How does it feel?” He asks. “So go-good, right… the..there,” I stutter when he moves to find what he was looking for.

I’m on my third orgasm when he pulls out allowing me to finally catch my breath. My throat is sore from all the screaming. I grab his erection giving it a few strokes. His large hands gather my hair as I wrap my lips around him. A low hiss comes from his lips. His breathing accelerates as he controls the pace. Just when I think he’ll let go on my tongue, he pulls me to lay back on the bed. His thumb runs on my cheek tenderly.
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