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Ryan’s POV

I need to feel her, every inch of her again, I’ve missed how soft and warm she is. Moving her legs with my knee, I slide into her in one motion. “Fuck, you’re tight,” I sigh into her neck. She’s so wet and driving me wild as I feel her walls throbbing against my cock. Nothing but her and I matter right now. I’ve been dreaming about the day I’d get to touch her in this way again, the reality of it exceeds my expectations. The hole I felt for the past few weeks is finally being filled by the touch of her heart that’s beating fast into her chest. She’s giving herself to me, trusting me, and loving me. My nose draws circles around hers before rubbing on her cheek, gently. She smiles my favorite smile of hers, the one that makes her eyes shine. “I want to make you come,” her request came out in a purring sound. Her tongue glides on my neck before sucking on that one area, nearly making me let go too soon. She giggles knowing the effect her little trick has on me. I attempt to move faster but she pushes my hips away. “Let me be in charge,” she demands.

Securing my arms around her, I roll on my back with her on top of me where I give her free reign. Her body adjusts itself as she sits upright slowly rocking her hips against mine, from side to side, giving a squeeze here and there. Her skill in taking me to the highest level of exhilaration is mind-blowing. I love what she’s doing but I’m craving something else, something she’s only done once before. Surprising her, I flip us around again pinning her under me. “Do what you did in my trailer,” I beg her. A twinkle is dancing in her eyes, a sly smile appears on her lips. “You liked that?” her eyebrow lifts. “Please, baby, do it for me,” I urge her. Her heels push against the mattress allowing her to roll herself on me. “How? Damn… feels good,” I groan hiding my face in between her full breasts. She moans when I swipe my tongue on her right nipple, her hips speed up, her walls are stroking my cock. “Baby! Don’t stop,” I’m desperate for her to bring me to climax. Her movements are quick, and it’s enough to send me into a frenzy. “I’m coming. Keep going,” I revel in the intensity. Her small hands fist the sheets, her body goes rigid from yet another orgasm. Both of our bodies then go limp laying intertwined with each other.

“I apologize for calling you a bitch, I was out of line,” I say, pushing a piece of her dark brown hair from her eyes. “I deserved it,” she mumbles. “Can we have a bath? My body is sore,” she hisses as she tries to untangle herself from underneath my body. “Being sore because of my massive joystick is worth it,” I wiggle my brows at her, laughing. “Some of your jokes are so cringy,” her fingers find the dimple on my right cheek poking it. “Yeah? Don’t try to pretend like you’re not already thinking about me making love to you again,” I run a finger on her still wet spot. A shiver followed by a soft whimper betrayed her. “Thought so,” I laugh. “What’s worth it, is seeing you glow when I make you come,” I say, causing her to blush. My fingers are still lingering on her, I look into her eyes licking my lips. “Time out,” her voice is husky. “Are you sure? Your body seems to like my touch,” I chuckle. “If you weren’t so big I would allow you to keep going but…” she winces as she switches position to lay on her stomach next to me. I sit between her legs massaging her back. She hums her appreciation.

I can’t even put into words how overjoyed I am to have her back to her usual self. What led to it was painful but the outcome outweighs the bad. Isn’t this the story of our lives? My phone is vibrating on the nightstand reminding me we have to deal with the rumors but I’m not ready to escape this bubble of happiness.

Standing up, I throw her across my shoulder going to the bathtub. She’s giggling when I place her into the warm water climbing behind her. Her body finally seems to loosen as I run my hands on her neck and shoulders, she thanks me.

“Ryan, I have a confession to make,” she sounds scared. Pausing, I turn her around, an apprehensive look rests on her face. “I… Well, I quit taking the pills a few days ago,” she looks up, assessing my reaction, I stay silent even though I’m relieved. I want her to tell me her reasons before I say anything. “I couldn’t deal with the mental struggle anymore and I was getting scared I wouldn’t go back to normal, sexually. It’s always been so important to me and I couldn’t risk losing that part of our relationship. So… Um… Yeah,” she gulps. “I was trying to find a way to ask you to quit them. I couldn’t bear to see you so tormented. It was killing me inside. And, of course, I did miss making love to you, I missed that connection,” I tell her. “I think we have to tell everyone about it to explain the pictures and I think we should find a way to tell your fans as well,” she says. I didn’t even think about explaining it to my fans but it might be a good idea to be upfront. The media wouldn’t be able to speculate anymore. “Max is my friend, nothing sexual or romantic was involved in our interaction,” she’s looking straight into my eyes. “I know.” I sigh while mentally thinking I owe him an apology.
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