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Ryan’s POV

Ella walks out of the bedroom meeting us in the living room area of our suite. We gathered our friends as well as the bodyguards, they’ve all been kept in the dark. She sits on my lap, grimacing and hissing. “Are you okay, Ella?” She’s asked by Maddy. “Oh, she’s fine, just a little sore,” I run my hand on Ella’s thighs, smirking. “Shut up!” She scolds me while lightly slapping my chest. Maddy looks shy while the rest of the crowd chuckles. “Alright, now that you all know we finally had an intense lovemaking session, let’s talk about something serious,” my beautiful wife tells everyone.

Taking a deep breath she goes on to explain the treatment before diving into the negative impact it had on her mentally and physically. Without giving too many details, she exposes some of our struggles. Hearing her talk about how she’s been feeling inside breaks me. I knew it was bad but hearing it from her perspective, what her brain was going through is atrocious. My hold on her waist tightens as she lays everything out. Everyone quietly listens to everything she has to say. Cooper and Max had no idea what was making her so aggressive one minute and so emotional the next. She also talks about Charlotte and our last fights, before we left and earlier. At least she omits talking about me calling her a bitch, although Max and Cooper heard it. Not my proudest moment. Once everything she feels should be shared has been said, I can tell she’s relieved. Knowing the bond between her and her friends, I can only imagine how hard it’s been for her not to confide in them.

“Ella, I don’t even know what to say. I’m sorry you were going through this and I made you look at nursery stuff with me! You should have told me you couldn’t help,” Emma is crying, I hadn’t noticed, being focused on Ella. “Em, no, don’t cry. I love being able to help! Ryan can speak for himself but my fertility issues aren’t preventing me from being happy for you and Trevor. I can’t wait to hold your baby and shower him with love,” My sweet girl tells her friend. “I feel the same, us having issues doesn’t mean I can’t be excited for you,” I reassure them.

Cooper and I exchange a look, he advised me to tell Ella about a piece of infuriating information I got but I’ve been waiting for the right moment. I’m afraid of her reaction but having her here in a room filled with people she trusts might be the best environment to break the news. Max nods understanding the unspoken conversation we’re having.

“There’s something Ella doesn’t know...” I trail off looking into her eyes. Her eyebrows are furrowed, bewilderment clear on her face. Almost afraid she’ll run off, my fingers dig even deeper into her skin. “I got a call, Jake made bail until we go to court,” her body starts shaking. “What? When? Why didn’t you tell me?” she’s upset. “You had a lot going on. We made sure someone is following him in Canada, he has conditional rules to go by as well. You’re safe,” I tell her in a soft voice. She goes silent cuddling into my chest, her hands are gripping my shirt tightly. After a minute of silence, she turns to our bodyguards. “Please promise to let me know if he tries to come for us!” Her brown eyes are imploring them. “I’m sure Max feels the same when I say we still hate ourselves for leaving too soon that night. We will never fail you again,” Surprisingly, Cooper gets choked up. He’s usually calm and collected but you can tell the event affected him on a deeper level. Max is avoiding my eyes, I realize I told him he was fired earlier. “Max, you’ve been doing a great job and I expect you to keep doing well while being a friend to my wife. Just don’t bring her out in public when she’s upset,” I wink at him in the hope of brightening up the heavy mood in the room. I still plan on talking to him privately to apologize and formally retract my words.

“Should we go swimming?” Trevor suggests. “Trev, is that your solution to everything? Don’t answer, I’m in I’ll meet you there,” Ella giggled before adding, “Thank you. Every single one of you makes my life better and brings me happiness. I love you,” She looks at everyone making sure we all know she means it.

Everyone exits the room to go put on their swimsuits leaving us alone again. Ella is looking through her suitcase while I strip down. “You better wear a bikini,” I tell her. “No, if I do, you’ll try to get your way again and I need a day to recuperate,” she says. “But what if I bury my face in your pussy that’s always juicy for me, making you feel good with my tongue? If I’m lucky, you might wrap your luscious lips on my cock while I do so, huh?” I said that in a low, sexual tone that caused her breath to hitch, her pupils are dilated. She walks closer pulling me down for a kiss. “But you’re right, I also need to refuel so we can skip a day or two,” I say against her mouth and laugh when she slaps my chest. “Jerk!”
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