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Ryan is on the phone when I get out of the shower. Based on what he’s saying, I understand he’s talking to Laura, his agent. I’m assuming she’s calling about the pictures and Ryan is telling her about my plan. He beckons me to come to sit with him on the sofa while he ends the call. Sighing, he holds me against his chest quietly. “Are you still mad at me?” I ask in a whisper. I know we reconnected, in the most intimate way yesterday but I need to know. “No, baby. I know it wasn’t intentional you didn’t know someone would take pictures. Laura thinks it’s a good idea to give some sort of explanation but not in a live where comments would be vile,” His lips rest on my forehead. We conclude that recording a video that we will both post on our pages is the best option. Hopefully. We have a busy day planned and we figured we might as well do it now. “Get dressed, let’s do this quickly,” he tells me but then his fingers linger on my bare stomach. Giving him a salacious smile, I reach for his crotch, he gasps. A knock at the door interrupts us, rolling his eyes he slaps my butt sending me to the bedroom before going to get the door.

I put on clothes, tie my hair in a messy bun knowing it’s warm outside and I don’t want to fuss with it all day, I also put on minimal makeup. Cooper was the one who knocked, he’s helping Ryan with a setup for our video. Knots are twisting my stomach thinking about what I want to say. He asks me if I want to rehearse it or go with the flow. I type in key points on my phone and sit with him. Taking deep breaths we then record a video of us briefly talking about my fertility issues leading to my mood swings to explain why I was crying. Talking about it brings back memories that I’ve been trying to hide from the moment we arrived here. Ryan feels the shivers taking over my body and he captures my hand to run circles on it. I avoid mentioning what triggered me that day but talk about my bodyguard being a friend while Ryan was busy. Again minimal details are given about where Ryan was considering he was with Charlotte looking at a house. Ryan’s arms are around my waist as I sit on his lap during the whole video. He concludes by saying we’re strong together, in love, and happy being on vacation before kissing my lips tenderly. We watch the video back to make sure we’re fine with it then it gets uploaded to our pages.

Cooper was only here to discuss our plans for the day, he goes back to his room to meet Max for us to leave soon.

“Say you’re wearing your bikini underneath your clothes.” He licks his lips, seductively. I’m in a yellow top with black shorts. “Guess you’ll find out later,” I giggle, jumping off his lap to run to the door before he can try to peek. I quickly open the door coming face to face with Trevor. “Oh, hi, Ella! Can I see Ryan? In private… Please?” I notice dark circles under his eyes, he looks nervous. “Sure,” I walk out to go meet my friends in Emma’s room.

“Is Trevor in your suite?” Emma’s voice is shaky. I nod. She then goes on to tell Maddy and me that he tossed and turned all night, barely spoke to her before running out of the room. His behavior is definitely odd. Maddy and I try to distract her by talking about our bridesmaid’s dresses. We’re supposed to meet in New York to go try on a few that we saw online. Maddy is still hesitant about which color she wants us to dress in. She was set on pink for a while but then she saw some rose gold dresses online. We offered to try four dresses, two of each color for her to decide. Hopefully, the decision will be easier to make then. The distraction worked until we all gathered downstairs getting into the cars taking us to our destination. Sam announced the boys would be riding in one car while we ride in the other. Emma is giving us worried looks. “What is going on?” I think to myself while Ryan quickly pecks my lips on his way to the other SUV.

Emma is usually laid back but her hormones and her boyfriend’s attitude are making her irritated. She can’t seem to enjoy the amazing view. Thankfully the ride to our destination wasn’t too long. We all hop off the cars when we get there. The boys seem to be having a good time laughing with each other. Poor Max had to ride with us and missed out on their fun.

Heading towards the water, I link arms with Emma, Maddy does the same on the other side. The boys are walking behind us, giggling. We set our bags on the sand when Trevor calls Emma’s name. We all turn around to see them holding a sign that says “Will you marry me?” before Trevor gets on one knee.

“Emma, I’m sorry it took so long. I never thought I’d love someone as much as I love you. I should have done it the traditional way but our son beat me to it. I cannot wait to see you holding him, you’ll be an amazing mother. So, baby, will you marry me?” He asks, his voice cracking.
“Oh my god! That’s why you were acting weird!” Emma laughs.
“Sorry I kept you up, I just wanted everything to be perfect,”
“Aww, you’re cute!” She beams, hugging him.

We’re all standing there, big smiles on our faces waiting for her to answer and when she doesn’t, Sam reminds her that we need a yes or a no. “Yes! Yes! Of course, I love you,” she giggles. Trevor’s eyes are so bright, he can’t wipe away the smile on his face. Everything is a success. Hugs and congratulations are exchanged with the newly engaged couple. I’m ecstatic about my friend. My sweet Emma is not only having a baby but she’s getting married. “Ella, maybe you should become an event planner instead of a therapist. You know I’m going to ask for your help!” Emma laughs. A few pictures are taken to immortalize the moment.

Our time at the beach is filled with laughter and happiness. Ryan smirks when he sees me removing my shirt and shorts to reveal the black bikini he’s fond of. He’s looking handsome in his black swimsuit especially when it sticks to him as he comes out of the water. My eyes linger on his crotch for a moment.

“Your appetite is definitely back, girl,” Maddy teases me. “Honestly, I think it’s even bigger than it was before,” I bite on my lip while still looking at Ryan. “Oh my, I hope he’ll be able to keep up with you,” Maddy whispers. All three of us burst out laughing.

Ryan later joins me as I reach for the sunscreen bottle. His large hands work on my body slowly, he’s definitely trying to turn me on. “Stop!” I whisper. He’s unphased by my attempt at pretending I don’t want him to keep going. “I never thought I’d say that but it’s nice seeing you guys back to your normal “sex addict” selves. It was fucking weird when you were distant on the first day,” Sam laughs from where he’s sitting with Maddy. “I’m glad you don’t mind us, I have a lot of catching up to do to make up for the past few months,” Ryan laughs with his friend. Once he’s done with his mission he lays with me under the sun.
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