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Ryan’s POV

I’m grateful to have Ella in my arms as we cuddle on the couch after a long day. My heart bled today looking at my mum’s torn features from having to deal with the arrangements. She’s had to face so much in her life and went through the process when we lost Mindy; I’m all she has left. Stepping into the house earlier, knowing I wouldn’t see my dad, was so painful. I already miss arguing with him about football. I now realize I should have been more patient and enjoyed our interactions whenever he rambled about his favorite players.

“Hey, are you okay?” My wife’s soothing voice pulls me out of my thoughts. “I’m just thinking about dad, I miss him,” I run my hands on her back. “Is there anything I can do to help?” she asks, moving so she can look at me. “Baby, you’re helping by being here. I love you!” With a kiss, I express my appreciation.

I go on to tell her about some memories I have with my dad. Reminiscing of a time when he would take me to football events growing up and buy me candies but he made me promise not to tell my mum. I’m sure she could tell by the hyper state I was in when we would get home. But I now understand she didn’t mind as long as Robert and I had a great time building a relationship together. The very first time I called him “dad” will forever be engraved in my memory. He had been with my mother for two years and I finally thought it was the right thing to do. We were having dinner and I asked “Hey dad, can I have some juice?” with a smile. His eyes watered and he said “Of course, son!” before filling my glass. My mum couldn’t hold the tears. We were a family again. My mum would then introduce him as my dad from now on. Ella is listening to me her nails are running on my chest, we never bothered putting on clothes after our bath. It’s always the little details that make me fall in love with her over and over again. She, listening to me, her touch, comforting me.

“I didn’t know him for a long time but he always made me feel like I belonged in the family. When he offered to walk me down the aisle at our wedding, I was deeply touched. I wish I could have gotten to know him better and attend a game with you two maybe.”
“We could always go to a game with my mother and have a moment of silence as an homage. He would be happy knowing we did something, all together, for him,” I suggest.
“Sure, we’ll have to ask Grace later and plan it,”

Her cute little nose crinkles as she starts yawning. She got up early to make breakfast for us as well as being there for mum and me offering support all day. Wrapping my arms around her small frame, I bring her to bed. My hand runs in her hair as she lays on my chest. Soon, she’s lightly snoring looking adorable.
The urge to drink came to me earlier when we were making plans for the ceremony. Ella squeezed my hand giving me the strength to shake it off. She always seems to feel my emotions and help me through them. I know I treated her poorly in the past year being consumed by my demons. I was honestly expecting her to leave me at one point but she stayed and helped me. My fingers run on her cheek tenderly, she stirs a little bit before tightening her hold on my waist.
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