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A week later

“Why can’t we be here for a month?” Sam whines. Today’s adventure was fun but left us exhausted. The best way to unwind was to enjoy the privacy of our pool. Maddy who’s usually shy about public displays of affection swims closer to hold onto him. She even goes as far as kissing him tenderly, I smile at their happiness. Emma is hanging with Trevor by the water jets section after complaining of back pain. Max and Cooper are doing laps around the pool that’s very big for an indoor hotel pool.

All of a sudden, Ryan pulls me out of the water taking me to a lounge chair. He wraps towels around us, holding me against his body underneath them. One of his hands rests under my breast. His thumb moves the material of my bikini allowing him to graze it on my nipple, making it harden. The heat is rising within me while I try to act as if nothing is going on. Although I’ve found my hunger again, we’ve been so drained after our busy days that we haven’t been active since we made love the second day.

Soon, we all call it a night knowing we have to be up at the crack of dawn, all of our flights are leaving within minutes of each other.

Our phones stayed behind in our room, both of us sit there scrolling through messages we’ve missed. He looks at me, gulping. I question him on his behavior. “Lay with me,” he settles in bed opening his arms for me. Whatever was on his phone is making him nervous which also makes me uneasy. “I got a message from the attorney informing me the trial is set to start in a month,” his hand runs on my arm. I knew it was coming but now that we have a time frame, I’m scared. I was told I’ll have to face Jake while telling everyone what happened. My body is shaking, picturing his face, remembering the atrocities he put me through. Knowing he’ll be looking at me soon makes me nauseated. Rolling around I run to the bathroom where I get sick. Ryan, who followed me, rubs my back. My head is spinning as the painful memories are coming back up. I brush my teeth before heading back to bed.

“How are you?” I ask him once I’m secured in his arms. “Me? It happened to you! Will you be okay, baby?” He says with concerns in his green eyes. “As far as I remember, you saw him… kiss… And he fired his gun at you!” I can’t stop the images from floating in my mind. “Typical of us to think about the other first, huh? I’m not looking forward to revisiting the scene but I can’t wait to see him sent to jail once and for all,” he says, pulling me closer to trap me in his bear hug. There’s a long pause, both of us lost in our thoughts. My body is so tired but my brain is racing through painful thoughts. “Babe, can you kiss me? Just one kiss, please,” I sound needy but I want him to help shut the voices down. Gently, his left hand runs on my cheek, his right hand sits on my chin brushing his thumb on my bottom lip. Licking his lips he then presses them to mine. Instinctively, I want to climb on him but I resist. We’ve been doing a great job avoiding solving everything with sex and I intend on sticking to my one kiss request. I slip my tongue in to taste him, he groans. His lips are molded to mine moving in sync. I can only focus on his heart thrumming in his chest, his hand that’s still caressing my cheek, and his mouth that’s sucking on my tongue. Pulling away slightly, he brings his lips to my right cheek for a tender kiss. My love for him grows deeper with every single attention, hug, and kiss, every single day. “I love you, forever,” he whispers. I lay in his arms finding sleep within minutes.

The next day
We got to the airport early to have breakfast with our friends allowing us to inform them about the trial. At least, Ryan was already scheduled to shoot a movie in California but Laura has to talk to the director and producers about it knowing he’ll have to be away from the set for the whole duration. Hopefully, they’ll be understanding and work around it. We’ve had an amazing vacation and I hate feeling the pressure again. Talking about Jake here, now, feels like he’s winning. I refuse to let him spoil the moment. Ryan is in the middle of a sentence when I cut him off. “Babe, I’m sorry but now that everybody knows, can we talk about something… pleasant? Please?” I give him puppy eyes. He kisses my lips softly. Trevor cracks jokes saying his proposal was better than Sam’s. The two men argue back and forth distracting us while we finish our breakfast before heading to our gates.

Parting ways with my friends is never easy even if we know we’ll see each other soon. Emma is overly emotional as she hugs me and then Ryan. Maddy and Sam’s gate is further down and they head there making sure not to be late. “Alright, I didn’t want to ask in front of them but will you be the godmother? And Ryan will you be the godfather? I love you so much Ella, and I know it’s not the same but I want you to have a special bond with my son,” she sobs. “Emma! Of course, I’m honored!” I feel tears rolling down my cheeks. Ryan accepts as well, he doesn’t cry, but you can easily tell he’s moved by their request. Too soon we have to head to our gates as well. More hugs and kisses are shared as we say our goodbyes.

Checking my Instagram before boarding starts, I notice many people tagged us in a post. Ryan’s fans put together a video of support for our struggles with personal messages. Excited I show him the post, more tears roll down my face. I notice a hashtag was created where people can add more pictures, videos, messages. My husband is deeply touched by his fans. We promise ourselves to figure out a way to thank them probably by posting another video later.
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