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Ryan’s POV

Ella seemed as suspicious of Simon as I am. He remained professional but there was something in his eyes that made me feel uncomfortable. The house is perfect for us. Ella’s eyes were so bright as she walked around it loving what she was seeing. Hopefully, the offer will be approved quickly so we don’t have to deal with him much longer. Her reaction to him, the trial starting soon and the incident from yesterday with Alex make me want to do something to take her mind off of everything. My haul from the store includes candles, bubble bath, and cheesecake. She’s still asleep when I walk in giving me time to put the cake in the fridge, light the candles in the bathroom where I run a hot bubble bath.

Gently shaking her shoulder, I wake her up once everything is ready. Her eyes go wide when she sees the setup I have for her. “It’s so romantic! Thank you,” she stands on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek. She reaches for her shirt to remove it but I stop her. “Allow me,” I breathe and smirk when I feel shivers run on her arms. Slowly, I slide my hands on her hips going upwards, pulling her shirt off and dropping it down while keeping eye contact with her. Her breathing has picked up, her legs clenching together. I slip into her leggings bringing her underwear down as well. Reaching back, I unclasp her bra letting it fall in her pile of clothes. I place her in the tub before undressing to get in with her.

After washing each other, she lays against my chest. My hands rub her neck moving to her shoulders that are getting more muscular every day. Her skin is always so soft. She moans quietly feeling my fingers caressing her arms. I then run them on her chest heading for her full breasts, more sounds come out of her parted lips. With a flicking movement of my thumbs, her nipples perk up. Eager, she turns around standing on her knees. Ella kisses me with passion as I caress her stomach and hips with my fingertips. Her tongue circles mine just as I move down her legs. Goosebumps run on her body, I know her bean is pulsating. Moving up her legs getting close to the apex of her thighs, I then go back to her stomach. My teasing causes her to hold onto my shoulders for support.

“Touch me,” she begs. “I am already!” I laugh, my fingers move to her back. Her right hand captures mine leading it to her core. “That’s where I want you to touch me,” her voice is low, husky, her eyes sparkling. She knows how turned on I get when she demands to be pleasured. Moving in circles around her clit I get the satisfaction of hearing her sexy noises. I surprise her by capturing her hand pressing it against her. Shy, she tries to pull away but I rest mine on top pushing her middle finger and mine on her. A loud gasp escapes her when I touch her pleasure spot, her eyes go wide. “Do you like how it feels?” I ask knowing she’s not a fan of touching herself, she always says it makes her feel weird. But I figured with my help, it might be better. Instead of answering, she closes her eyes resting her forehead against mine. “I’ll take that as a yes,” I tease her. Keeping my movements slow I apply a little more pressure. The goal is to have her reach orgasm but we’re not in a hurry. Her body is always so responsive to me, even to the slightest touch. “Ryan,” she growls my name in that tone that sounds so alluring when she’s lusting. With my left hand pressed on her back, I bring her closer so I can taste her breasts, the action causes her to get louder. “You’re so sexy, baby,” I say before latching onto her nipple. My thumb rubs her clit while she’s still letting me guide her finger on herself. “Come for me, Ella. Let me hear you,” I entice her. Her knees shake just like her walls. I hold her up with my arm, my mouth on her left nipple, sucking, as she hits her high. She has barely caught her breath when she tries to snatch her hand away but I bring our fingers to my mouth, sucking gently while humming. I bet she didn’t know how good it would feel with my guidance. “Are you shy?” I ask her, noticing her looking down with a small smile. There’s something so innocent about her when she’s bashful, it melts my heart. Capturing her face with my hands, I apply my lips to hers in a tender kiss.

Room service arrives with the food just as she puts on a robe and I put on my grey sweatpants for her. I ordered chicken for us. “You really thought of everything, didn’t you?” she says, excitedly. “I’m an amazing husband I know. I also got dessert waiting for my baby,” I give her a half-smile. “Your joystick doesn’t qualify as dessert,” she teases. “I was talking about cheesecake but if you want to give me a blow job, I’m happy to let you,” I laugh with her. Hearing her giggles brings me happiness. The way her eyes glow, her full lips forming a smile, her cheeks get a nice tint to them. She’s gorgeous. I can’t seem to be able to stop looking at her. Even being locked in a random hotel room feels like home with her by my side. “I’ve said it before but I feel the need to remind you, you’re my forever. Everything about you makes me a better man and makes my life worth living,” tears form in both of our eyes. I didn’t mean to go deep and serious but I need her to know. She expresses her feelings for me once more stating that I’ve saved her and taught her what love feels like. “I’m all yours, forever,” she says. Even though our words might sound cheesy to some, what we have together is real and it feels amazing.

Ella cuts the cheesecake once we’re done with the main course. I tease her saying her piece is bigger than mine. She adds whip cream on top of them before we dive in. I get a flashback of the first time I had dinner with her and her friends when she hums while taking her first bite. Her tongue swipes on her spoon collecting the whipped cream that remained there. She catches me gawking and giggles.

We later sit on the couch, Ella sits with her back against the armrest, her legs are bent up as she scrolls through her phone. Her legs are spread apart for me to see between them, she pushes the top of the robe to one side revealing part of her breast. Her bottom lip is trapped between her teeth. I’m pretending to watch the random show that’s on tv but I can see her from the corner of my eye. I know she’s still horny and is getting impatient thinking I’m not picking up on her subtle attempt to tell me and I’m amused by it. I’ve been hard ever since we were in the tub together, lusting, but I want her to initiate things now. Her hungry eyes follow my hand as I run it from my neck down to my lower stomach and that’s all it took to convince her to act on her impulses. In a swift movement, she straddles me making sure her heat is resting on my erection through my pants. “Ryan?” she calls for me as her tongue licks my neck, barely making contact just enough to raise goosebumps on my chest. “Yes, baby?” I know what she’s after but I want to her hear her sexy voice say the words. “I want you,” her voice cracked from her excitement. “I’m yours, babe. Take me,” my hands grip her hips holding her in place as I push myself against her. Her lips brush my right cheek leaving kisses before reaching my jawline. My eyes flutter when she then moves to my neck, that one damn spot that always gives me butterflies. Her nails run from my shoulders to my chest down to my lower V where she spends a few minutes running along it, back and forth. My hips jerk up in response to her touch. With her hands resting on the waistband of my sweatpants, she lets herself slide down kneeling on the floor never losing eye contact. A salacious smile lights her face when she pulls my pants down exposing my hard cock that bounces up begging for her. “What do you want, Ryan?” she’s using my famous line. “Your mouth,” my hand gathers her hair leading her head to my length. Her hand holds it still while her tongue lightly licks across the vein that’s pulsating. Ella knows what she’s doing to me, it makes her feel desired, as it should. Her mouth is so warm against my cock, her hand fondles my balls while moaning, expressing the pleasure she gets from ravishing me. The way her tongue strokes me is making my eyes roll in their orbits. I can’t fight the need to hold her head down, just a few seconds, as I move my hips to hit the back of her throat pulling gagging sounds out of her.

“Ella, come here,” I pull on her arms bringing her back to my lap ready to feel her. Her robe drops to the floor just as she lowers herself, I guide my cock to assist her while giving her time knowing the position always feels deeper for her. As soon as I’m all in, she moves up and down at a slow pace that’s killing me. After a few minutes of her torturous assault, I can’t take it anymore I need her to get loud. With her wrapped around me, I stand taking her to bed.

Hotel beds are usually high, I place her down sliding her bum closer to the edge. Bringing her sexy legs up to rest on my shoulders and I guide myself in, filling her completely. I can’t stop myself from pounding hard now. The sensation is overwhelming. I can’t get over how good she feels, her beautiful breasts are bouncing, she and I are perfect together. Readjusting myself, I feel her, all of her, she hisses and squirms. “You okay?” I slow down my thrustings. “It’s so deep… but I’m fine, keep… going,” she breathes the words out. My arms hold her legs together before slamming into her again. “You feel so good, fuck,” I try to stop myself from coming too quickly but I’m too fucking turned on by her beauty. Thankfully she’s already hitting her high, her screams can probably be heard on the whole floor. I speed up loving the feeling her orgasm is giving me and I cannot hold it anymore, I spill into her warmth vocalizing my relief.
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