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1 week later

“Hello Ella, when can we meet for me to officially give you the keys to your house?” Simon asks. I’m a little confused about him calling me, Ryan has been the one dealing with all the details. I ask him to hold on while I consult Ryan who’s just walking into the room. Plans are made for later this afternoon. I can’t shake off the bad vibe I get from Simon briefly questioning myself on whether or not I had given him my number. At least we won’t have to interact anymore now that the house is ours.

“Are you excited?” My husband asks. “Yes, very! What about you?” I already know he’s relieved and happy to have found a place for us. He confessed to being annoyed with Charlotte for not showing him the type of houses he wanted, he’s glad Simon took over. He did confess to also having an uncomfortable feeling around him.

Parking in front of the house feels surreal especially since I’ve never lived in a house, especially not one in a gated community. I stay behind hanging with Max by the car while Simon gives Ryan the keys. “You really don’t like him, huh?” Max surprises me by saying. “There’s just something about him,” I confirm. “Don’t worry, I’ll kick his ass if he tries anything,” he jokes trying to make me laugh, and it works. Soon Simon waves as he gets in his Audi driving away.

I run to my husband jumping on his back wrapping my arms around his neck, giggling. He holds my legs as we enter the house. The previous owner left all furniture behind for us although we planned on changing a lot of it to match our style. At least we don’t have to go shopping right away, it’ll be a long-term project. His mother offered to return the favor by helping us with the task. We’ve already started looking at different ideas.

The police are still on the lookout for Alex’s assailant and we haven’t been staying at the apartment since then. Although I’m used to hotel rooms by now, I’m happy to be able to sleep in our house tonight. We stopped by the apartment to gather some of our belongings before coming here. The boys bring everything in while I keep myself busy by cleaning.

Grace came over to visit since she hadn’t seen it before. Her face lights up walking around every single room, her eyes are glossy. Grace brought dinner, knowing we hadn’t been to the grocery store yet, she’s always very thoughtful. We’re in the middle of dinner when she gets a call, one where all she can hear is someone breathing before the line cuts out. “I keep getting those calls lately it’s aggravating!” She complains. The number is listed as unknown, she says. “Change your number! Why didn’t you tell me, mum?” He’s always protective when it comes to his mother or me. “Why would I pester you with something so silly? I’ll get a new number, it’s not that big of a deal, son,” her voice is soft.

She stayed late helping me clean the master bedroom and bedding. As soon as we ended up alone, Ryan pounced on me ravishing my body.
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