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Ryan’s POV

Ella convinced me to let Max come with us while she stayed home to study. She used the excuse of being tired and needing to prepare for a test coming up next week. She knew Max wanted to meet Lindsey and help Cooper so she insisted I take him with us. Though her reasons seemed fair, I suspect she’s still worried about Jake.

My friend Alex rings me while we’re driving to the studios. He got out of rehab and started getting phone calls where he can hear someone breathing but nothing else. Just like the ones mum talked about before she got a new number. I urge him to get in touch with the police. Cooper, Max, and I are very confused about the situation. I get that Alex was messing with the wrong guy but why would my mum get the same type of calls? I’m also concerned about Alex being out so soon, it seems like he had started his treatment a day ago. I’m afraid he might have left early and wouldn’t admit it to me out of shame or fear of my reaction.

Ella sends me a picture of herself studying by the pool in the bikini that I love so much.
-You’re so hot. I’m hard.
-Behave! But… I’m wet ;)
-You should have come with us, I would have fucked you in between takes.
-Don’t let Max and Cooper come over tonight, I’ll be your dinner ;)

We hadn’t been sexting in a while, butterflies are dancing in my stomach picturing her pressing her legs as she’s typing her replies. I must think of something else to make my erection go away before I get called on set.

Lindsey is standing by her trailer that’s right next to mine. Cooper greets her before introducing Max to her. I wave before going to change and then head to hair and makeup. Max follows me around while Cooper stays behind chatting with Lindsey. “She’s pretty. He should definitely try to at least go on a date with her,” Max giggles. “I agree, you guys are allowed to do whatever you want when you’re not working, you know that right?” I ask him. “Yes, I appreciate how laid back you are with us. I know you and I didn’t have the best start and we had a few bumps here and there but I love working for you and Ella,” he smiles. If he would have told me this a few months ago, I would have worried about his feelings for Ella but now I can see the friendship between them, nothing more.

Cooper reappears when Lindsey is called on the set for us to start filming. The scenes are demanding with us having to fight the bad guys and then having to climb a fake mountain. We’re having a quick break when she talks about Cooper. “Is he always on the clock or?” she asks. “He’s free to do what he wants at night or even while I’m here. The studios are safe, he doesn’t need to stand next to me. Max is also around if Cooper needs time off,” I wink. “Oh, cool. I’ve never had a bodyguard so I didn’t know how things work,” she looks embarrassed. “Yeah, I only hired them because of Jake. I’m sure you’ve read the tabloids! Now they’re like friends so it became natural to have them around,” I tell her. “Right, I’m so sorry about that! I’m glad you and Ella are safe now,” her eyes are expressing compassion. We’re interrupted by Dennis telling us about things he wants us to try.

The day drags on and on and on. Part of me feels bad all those people have to work extra hard because of me. The trial not only impacted our lives but theirs too, unfortunately. It’s very late when the director yells cut announcing the day is finally done. Max and I chat while walking to my trailer. Cooper and Lindsey are behind us also engaged in a conversation. At least today was Friday and we won’t film until Monday giving me one last weekend free. The next two will be spent on set to meet the deadline. Lindsey’s role isn’t as big as mine meaning she won’t have to spend as much time filming.

I notice Cooper fidgeting as he’s sitting in the passenger seat on the way back. “What’s up?” I ask him. “She asked me out,” I swear he just melted in his seat. “Awesome! When are you seeing her?” I say, excitedly. “Well, I said I would see with you first. Work is my priority so depending on your schedule,” he explains. “Cooper! Come on! I have the weekend off, I’m hoping to spend some time alone with my sexy Ella, in bed or on the couch or in the pool. So many rooms and positions to explore if you know what I mean. So do whatever you want. The same goes for you, Max. We will let you know if we need either one of you.” Ella would be crimson red if she knew I just told them I want to make love to her multiple times. But then again we’ve never been quiet about our sex life, especially not Ella, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d heard her before.

I pull up our texts from earlier getting excited. Unfortunately for me, she was asleep on the couch when I got home and didn’t even wake up when I took her to bed with me.
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