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I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I remember being on the couch waiting for Ryan, I guess I must have fallen asleep. Walking back to the bed, I get rid of all my clothes. I’ve been craving his touch all day, our little sexting got me turned on although I’m always very frisky after my period. Laying next to him, I try to find sleep again. Fifteen minutes later I’m only getting more worked up by the sight of his muscular arms, his bare chest that’s slowly moving with every breath he takes. His soft lips are slightly parted, my fingers run on his chiseled jawline.

“Ryan? Baby, wake up,” I whisper in his ear. His body jerks up and a simple “Mhm” can be heard. I call his name again, louder this time, he opens his eyes. “What’s wrong?” He asks in a thick voice. Guilt briefly crosses my mind for waking him up but the aching for him between my legs pushes it away. “I need you,” I purr, straddling him and grinding so he can feel how wet I am. He rubs his eyes waking up as his cock starts hardening against me. The muscles on his chest and stomach contract as he sits pushing me to stand on my knees allowing him to slip his boxers off. His large hands rest on my hips moving me closer. “No,” I protest. “No?” The confusion on his face is adorable. I bite my bottom lip looking at him through my lashes before laying next to him bringing his hand to rest on my stomach. “You want me to make sweet, tender love to you, huh?” A mischievous grin takes over his handsome face. I nod my head, vigorously and in return, he gives me a smirk.

Gently, his lips press on mine, my satisfaction is expressed in a humming sound. Although we can do soft or hard, we usually end up in intense lovemaking which is always pleasurable; but I found myself craving an unhurried session all day and I’m happy to see him fulfilling my desire. He sucks on my lower lip before moving to my neck, his tongue traces a line from there to my breasts. The blaze that sat in my stomach all day has now turned into a full-on fire making me squirm in his hands. His fingertips caress my body tenderly while his lips trap my nipple sucking on it. The shivers I get from his touch combined with how good his mouth feels on me have me vocalizing my pleasure. A sharp gasp comes out of me when his fingers brush my clit barely applying pressure, just enough to make me arch my back. “Kiss me,” I request and his lips move back to my mouth. Slowly, two of his fingers welcome themselves in before withdrawing, over and over again at a torturous pace. “You’re so juicy, am I pleasing you the way you wanted me to?” He knows using that low, sexual voice will lead me to heaven and I’m there. “You always know exactly what I want,” I reach to press on his hand. Diving further in and curving his fingers he smiles at me “Even better?” I nod unable to speak, feeling so close, and then after a minute, he stops. “Why? No!” I whine attempting to press my legs together as a relief but he moves to sit with his knees on them preventing me from doing so.

Supporting his weight on his elbows, he goes back to kissing me languorously, his tongue darts in. Although I can’t see his body, having my eyes closed, running my hands on his skin increases my hunger for him. I need him. I glide a hand from his chest down to the soft skin of his cock, stroking it, he groans into my mouth. His fingers go back to where they were, making sure to hit the right spot. He’s throbbing in my hands, grunting into the kiss while I moan back; pulsating against his fingers. He moves his legs between mine before removing his hand and stares into my eyes. Communicating without words being said is easy for us, I guide him to my entrance rubbing him along my wetness a few times before letting him lovingly invade me. Instinctively, I try to tangle my legs with his to move faster but he stops me. “Slow, remember,” the tone of his voice warms me up. He then proceeds to lay kisses over my neck, chest, breasts making my inner part tingle as he rocks into me at a steady pace. My nails run on his strong muscular shoulders raising goosebumps along the way.

“You’re beautiful, baby,” he muses. His love for me is radiating through his body. The spark in his eyes when he looks into my soul, his hand pushing away a piece of hair from my face, turns me to putty. “Lift your bum,” he says, a pillow is placed under it creating a different angle. A very good angle. It only takes one deep thrust and I’m at the brink of orgasm. “Ryan, oh fuck,” I manage to say. I can’t seem to be able to keep my voice down begging him for more. “You like that?” There’s a light in his eyes, my pleasure boosts his ego. His movements increase while still being tender. Soon I’m floating into ecstasy feeling the volcano inside of him erupting. My blissful state seems to last as he brings his lips to mine stifling my cries. Our kiss is delicate, slow, filled with love.

He then takes me to the bathroom for a quick fresh up carrying me back to bed once we’re done. “Are you going to let me sleep now?” He teases, his finger runs on my cheek. “I’m sorry but I was horny and your sexy body was too tempting,” My finger rubs from his chin to his chest. “Just so you know I’ve already told Cooper and Max that we’ll be spending the weekend fucking in every room and every position,” he giggles. I’m mortified. “You told them what? Ryan Faulkner Taylor! Why would you tell them that?” I hide my face in my hands. He removes them, turning my head toward the open window. “If they heard you scream the other night, don’t you think they just heard you profess how good my big throbbing cock felt a minute ago?” He simpers. I should be even more embarrassed by what he just said but his accent combined with the dirty words and his dimples popping on his face just ignited another spark within me. “Ohh, Ella, did I just uncover one of your kinks?” He licks his lips slowly. “No…” my tone is timid. “Are you sure? Look at you, your eyes just lit up, your heartbeat quickened and your body is burning up. You want to put on an encore for them, don’t you?” His mouth then attaches itself to my neck. My hard nipples can be added to his list of signs of my arousal. “Ryan,” I feint embarrassment still. “Ella,” he replies, humor clear in his voice knowing I can’t resist him.

In a quick movement, he moves between my legs hooking his arms around them, aware that I won’t be able to control myself as his tongue makes contact with my clit. As expected, I automatically call his name, my voice is shaky. His lips are wrapped on me while his tongue flicks rapidly. “Don’t stop. It feels so good,” I press my hands on his head guiding him where I want his mouth next. I should worry about the window but I just can’t seem to care as I raise my voice encouraging him to keep going. “That’s right, let me hear you, babe,” he pulls back to say quickly. “Baby, I’m going…” I cry out. My breath hitches when his fingers make contact. The combination of his tongue and fingers is always mind-blowing. My body squirms until his strong muscular arms tighten their hold on my legs holding me still. He chuckles when I scream his name just as my orgasm shakes me. My body is still convulsing when he pulls me to lay with him. “So Ella, now, will you let me sleep for a few hours at least?” He laughs. “Mhm,” I mumble, exhausted.

His touch brings me serenity after the few weeks we went through with the trial. I try not to dwell on the fact that it’s still not over and concentrate on the positive. The possibility of Jake being freed or escaping the hospital still worries me but I trust that Cooper and Max are doing everything they can to protect us. My mind wanders to Cooper having a crush on Lindsey. “Did Cooper ask her out yet?” I look up at my husband. “No, she asked him out! He worried about work hence why I said we’re staying home. Although if something comes up, we have Max available,” He explains. My eyes are heavy but my heart is light knowing Cooper will spend time with a girl tomorrow, well today now that the sun is rising.

“Yes, baby?”
“I want you to tie me up later,” I say, softly.
“You like it when I do that? What else is on your dirty mind?” His fingers caress my back.
“I love having you surprise me and I wish we could fool around somewhere kind of public. You know the thrill of getting caught. Hmm, yes that would be fun. I also want to tie you up and then also we need to finally do it in an elevator. I’ve been dreaming about it since the day that I’ve met you. That’s all I have… for now,” I yawn.
“You’ve given it a lot of thoughts, yeah? You’re perfect for me, baby. I love you,” he lays a soft kiss on my forehead. I’m too lazy to answer him now, simply nuzzling my nose in his chest to breathe in his scent while I drift off to sleep.
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