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Ryan’s POV
1 week later

Cooper and Lindsey have been inseparable ever since they went on their date. She only has one scene left to film, a sex scene and then she’s done. Ella tagged along knowing that Lindsey wanted to meet her. She had her exam yesterday, she’s confident about it, she said.

“You’re here! I’m so happy to meet you. Ryan always talks about you,” Lindsey hugs my wife.
“Does he? What does he say? Nice to meet you too.”
“Oh, Ryan told me how smart and beautiful you are. He wasn’t kidding about the beautiful part,” she giggles.

Dennis waves for me to go talk to him leaving the girls behind with the bodyguards. Whilst talking to him about the scene, I realize Ella has never been on set while I filmed one. A limited number of people will be allowed around us and she’ll have to wait for me in the trailer or do whatever else she wants to do.

Soon, Lindsey joins me in a room for us to shoot the scene. I get into character clearing my mind as I kiss Lindsey. She’s not a bad kisser but it never feels right. Always reminding me that what Ella and I have together is magical, our bodies and minds were made for each other. The script has me press my hand on Lindsey’s breast and I feel her pulling away. “Cut!” Dennis yells. “Are you alright?” I ask her. “Yeah, yeah… Sorry about that. Let me try again,” she turns to the director. The next few takes are somewhat better but I can tell she’s uncomfortable and Dennis also noticed. He tells us to take 10 minutes to relax after a few hours. I’m getting frustrated myself. Although I want her to be comfortable, I can’t wait for it to be done.

Lindsey and I sit in the room next to the one where we’re shooting. “Are you sure that you’re okay? Did I hurt you or something?” I ask, gently. “No, you didn’t. I just don’t have a lot of experience in sex scenes and now that Cooper and I… And I just met Ella… It feels… weird…” she explains in a small voice. “I get it, Ella knows it’s a job. As far as Cooper, it’s between you two. I always try to simply focus on the script. It has nothing to do with having real feelings, just go with the motion. If that helps,” I say. She nods. “To be honest, the faster you let go of the anxiety and stick to the script, the faster we’ll nail it and be able to get out of here,” I add. I’m hoping she gets it and works harder. I’ve been in her shoes before but it’s been hours now I just want to get out of her and see Ella.

A few minutes later, we’re laying on the bed pretending to be close to orgasm. Everything is going smoothly now. It only takes a few more takes for her to nail the scene and for Dennis to send us home.

I jog to my trailer where I find my beautiful wife sitting on the couch, studying. “I’m done! Let’s go,” I’m ecstatic about being able to go home at a decent time after working long hours all week. We quickly exit the trailer meeting Max and Cooper outside. Lindsey is holding onto Cooper talking with them. “Oh Ryan, thank you so much! I didn’t think I would nail a sex scene but you were great,” she smiles. “Just doing my job,” I suddenly feel uneasy having Cooper staring at me. Ella’s hands sneak around my waist but somehow I can tell she’s not being jealous, only her usual affectionate self. Cooper on the other hand is still glaring at me. “Lindsey, it’s still early, did you want to have dinner with us? We can pick up something along the way if that’s okay with you guys?” Ella’s eyes go around looking at us. “Oh! I would love to,” Lindsey claps, and just like that, we’re on our way to the beach house. Instead of stopping by, Ella is using Uber Eats to have food delivered to us which should be there shortly after we arrive. The girls are chit-chatting in the backseat with me while Max is driving and Cooper brooding in the passenger seat. “What’s with him?” I wonder.

Tension is palpable in Cooper’s body throughout dinner. We then go outside to enjoy the warm weather. Ella sits between my legs on one of the lounge chairs, Cooper and Lindsey take the other while Max sits in the rocking chair. “Ryan, I have to thank you again, it was great working with you. I won’t be afraid of sex scenes anymore, you’ve made them so much better. I never thought I’d be able to let loose as I did. Even the kissing part was easy,” Lindsey smiles at me. “He’s happily married you know!” Cooper says, exasperated. “I didn’t mean it like that. I just… Ella, you know I wasn’t… God… I’m sorry!” Lindsey is flustered. “She knows, right, baby?” I kiss my love’s cheek and she smiles turning on her side to hug me. “I appreciate the compliment. Like I said earlier, I shut my brain off knowing that sex scenes can’t ever be as good as what I have right here,” I run my hand from Ella’s neck along her body going down to rest on her bum. “Wow, now you’re saying Lindsey isn’t as good as Ella? No offense, Ella but fuck off Ryan! You’re an asshole!” Cooper barks at me. Lindsey looks horrified moving to sit at the end of their chair. “What the fuck is your problem, man? Of course, I’m going to say Ella is...” my wife puts a hand on my chest telling me to stop right there. “Cooper, let me talk to you in private,” she says, her voice sounds sweet but the authority behind it is clear. Ella is only 5 feet, she’s charming and easy to love but when she unleashes her dominant side, you can’t mess with her. Cooper stands up, Ella follows him. They enter the house and she shuts the door behind her preventing us from hearing whatever is about to happen. “50$ on Ella,” Max giggles, and I give him a high five. Lindsey looks confused and terrified, poor girl.
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