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Ryan’s POV

“Why the fuck didn’t you wake me up?” I scream at her. She’s usually afraid of me when I raise my voice, and although she flinched, she’s facing me with her shoulders held high. The picture of a car that looks exactly like Simon’s, the realtor who sold us the house, was sent to me last night. “I wanted you to get enough sleep for work. You’re almost done you can’t fuck up now! Max and I will get in touch with the police and work it out,” She’s using her bossy tone. It’s way too fucking early to be arguing as we sit in the SUV with the bodyguards going to the studios. “We need to protect mum too! Fucking Alex, I’m going to fucking punch him. Do you understand how bad this is?” I still can’t believe he got himself into drugs. It’s one thing to smoke weed here and there but this is fucked up and I don’t want to be part of his life anymore. “I’ve already asked Laura if she can get a bodyguard for your mother. Just focus on your work today. I’m taking care of everything else and it’d be nice if you’d trust me to do a good job instead of yelling at me this early in the morning! I’m not stupid I’m trying to help,” she barks but finally slides closer putting her hand on my thigh. My arm goes around her shoulder with my hand under her chin tilting her head to me for a kiss. The fact that her lips taste of strawberry surprises me. “New lipgloss,” I state instead of asking. “Thanks, baby. I love you and I trust you,” I rub my nose on hers making her smile. “Have you ever been in a fight that lasted longer than 5 minutes?” Cooper shakes his head from the front seat. “I made him sleep in a car on a cold winter night in Montreal after getting drunk once. Oh and I made him sleep on the couch once,” she lets out an evil laugh. “Never again!” The memories are still painful to revisit.

I don’t understand how Simon would be the dealer and why my mum is still getting calls. Why would he be asking Alex about me? He could’ve easily talked to me directly when we bought the house. I get that you can’t judge a book by its cover but Simon never struck me as a druggie. I’m so thrown off by the whole thing. My thoughts are interrupted when I’m called on set for a day of me running around and fighting people.

1 week later
Days went by since Simon has been arrested for assaulting Alex, who’s nowhere to be found now. Mum is adjusting to Sean, her new bodyguard, she tried to tell me she didn’t need him now that Simon is locked up but I insisted she keeps him. Today was my last day and I only had to be here for a few hours. I’ve worked on the movie for a short time but it feels like I’ve been here for months. Probably because of the trial and the long hours I spent working. Dennis kept on praising me at least.

My sweet Ella decided we should go to the beach, she’s been avoiding it since we got here but she said we needed to celebrate my work on the movie. Lindsey is meeting us there. Cooper is quiet, I’m assuming he’s not looking forward to saying goodbye to her. He confided in me about the future of their relationship admitting he doesn’t see them lasting. She’s younger than him, not that it matters, but she doesn’t seem to expect the same things out of their relationship. It was good while it lasted he said but he still has a frown on his face making him look sad. “Coop, cheer up. You’ll meet the one for you soon,” I bump his shoulder with mine. Lindsey is making her way to us, I notice she’s stumbling around. She gets to Cooper hugging him, he pulls back; an upset look rests on his face.

“She’s fucking drunk,” Max whispers to me, moving closer to Ella and me. I then notice she’s holding a bag filled with beer in her hand. “Well, that’ll be fun!” I think to myself. Ella pulls me to go swimming with her, I know she feels the tension in my body. Everything that happened since we got to California from the trial to my mum getting mysterious phone calls to Alex’s dealer getting arrested and finally Alex disappearing has me on edge. Ella has been doing a good job helping me deal with it but knowing alcohol is only a few feet away is messing with my brain. My wife splashes me while laughing and jumping around in the water. I get my revenge wrapping her in my arms before throwing her a few feet away. Her laugh is infectious making it easy to forget about my thirst. After a while, Ella pulls on my hand as she swims back so we can join everyone again. Her touch soothes my soul.

“Hey Ryan, Ella, do you want a beer?” Lindsey offers as we sit with her and the boys. “No thanks, we’re good,” Ella curls herself on my crossed legs. Either Lindsey didn’t read the tabloid about me or she’s too drunk to remember, regardless, Cooper is irritated. He stands up asking if it’s fine for him to go to Lindsey’s house until we leave to catch our flight. She protests saying she wants to celebrate but he then convinces her to follow him. The tension in the air goes away once they’re gone allowing us to have a nice afternoon at the beach.

A few hours later, we’re all ready to head to the airport when Cooper texts asking for us to bring his suitcase; he’ll meet us there. Ella takes care of packing what was left to do and we’re on our way.

With bloodshot eyes, Cooper joins us in the lounge. Ella leads him to a seat by the window where they have a chat. My wife always seems to find the best approach and right words to help people, a great quality I admire. They talk until it’s time for us to board the red-eye flight to Montreal.

Her warm fleece blanket is placed on our shoulders covering us all the way down past our knees. Surprisingly, Ella asked me to sit in the window seat. The lights in the aircraft have been dimed allowing people to sleep through the night, Ella had another plan. Halfway through the flight, she slips her hand into my joggers and then into my boxers reaching for my cock. “Baby, what are you doing?” I whisper to her ear. A coy smile rests on her luscious lips, her fingers wrap around me rubbing up and down slowly. The blood flow makes me grow right away, excited to feel her touch. Only her can make me hard as a rock that quickly. Her thumb circles the tip and I can’t help the moan escaping my lips. “Shh, babe,” she giggles, bringing her lips to mine, silencing me. She keeps her sweet assault slow not wanting me to come for obvious reasons. My whole body is on fire needing more. “Ella, you know you’re getting fucked, hard, as soon as we get home, right?” I breathe into her ear. I know I just ignited the spark in her stomach but that’s what she gets for teasing me on a flight. I love the thrill of being somewhere where we could get caught but she knew I wouldn’t be able to finish, torturing me. One of the flight attendants walks by and Ella applies more pressure on me. Thank god for her thick blanket wrapped over our bodies. If she weren’t such a screamer, I would give her a taste of her own medicine but we both know that wouldn’t end well. Instead, she keeps her hand on me kissing me languorously here and there until we get to Montreal.

To my despair, we landed on a text from Trevor stating they were on their way to the hospital and naturally Ella refused to go home first. Every cell in my body is craving her but I sit back in the seat of the SUV, frustrated.
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