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I expected Emma to be delivering her baby but instead, we find her sitting in her hospital bed looking annoyed. Trevor explained that the contractions slowed down and they now have to wait and see what will happen next. She lights up when we walk closer. She pats the bed inviting me to sit with her, the boys sit in chairs near the bed.

“Apparently it was a false alarm but they want me to see a doctor before I get to go home. Thank you for coming straight from the airport!” she beams. “Oh, it’s such a pleasure,” my husband says, bitterly. I chuckle knowing he’s dying to get his hands on me. Emma’s eyebrow raises in confusion Ryan has never been snarky with her before. “Don’t worry about my grumpy boy,” I wink.

We’re in a conversation about the trial when a male nurse walks in, immediately I get uncomfortable. Brandon, a guy I hooked up with a few times before, smiles when he sees me. “Ella, nice to see you! How have you been?” he asks. “I’m doing well thanks, just here to support my friend,” I can feel my cheeks burning up. “Why am I so embarrassed?” I ask myself but then I remember I had feelings for him and he did not. At the time, he told me I was only good for one thing. My experiences with men were so different before Ryan, he showed me what being loved feels like. Brandon tells Emma her medicine is in a form of a suppository, she rolls her eyes. “Okay, that’s my cue to go,” I tease Emma. “Yeah, Ella, I know you’re not into anal stuff, right?” Brandon laughs and I want to disappear feeling myself turning bright red. Right as I’m ready to bolt, Ryan laces his arms around my waist, tightly. “Brandon, this is my husband Ryan. Emma, we’ll go grab something to eat and be back later,” I want to move but Ryan’s hold prevents me from doing so. “Hi, so nice to meet you,” he extends his arm to shake Brandon’s hand. The interaction between the two is stiff and awkward as they stare each other down for a minute. “Oh yeah, I forgot you were married to a superstar now,” Brandon tries to sound as though he doesn’t care but I can tell he’s bothered by it. I don’t understand why he would be he’s the one who rejected me, not that I would ever want to be with him again. He’s got nothing on my sexy husband. Ryan chuckles and then allows me to move with him heading to the cafeteria.

Sitting in front of a blueberry muffin and chocolate milk while facing him, he finally speaks. “How do you know him?” he takes a sip of his coffee. “I...umm… we hooked up before,” I look down. Ryan and I have never talked about previous love interests, not that I had any. Mine were all hookups, most of them resulting in heartache from their rejection. I assumed he’s had a few girlfriends but he’s never told me about them. “That explains why he knows about the anal part,” his eyes are hiding whatever emotion he’s going through. “Are you upset?” I ask, softly. “I don’t like thinking about you having sex with someone else but it’s not like I was a virgin when I met you,” he says. Although I’ve seen him kissing girls and simulating sex on screen, I also don’t like to think about him being with someone else. For some reason thinking about my previous encounters with men makes me shudder. I was broken back then thinking that no one could ever love me. The realization that I disrespected myself in a way, all because I was trying so hard to please people, sounds equally sad and foolish. Seeing Brandon brought back memories that I’ve been trying to forget for a while. The feelings that I had for him were nowhere near the ones that I have for Ryan, yet, I let him make me feel like I wasn’t enough at the time. I let him tell me that I didn’t qualify as girlfriend material. “Who are you mentally punching?” Ryan’s mocking voice pulls me out of my daydream. “No one, we should check on Em,” I lace my fingers with his.

We find my dear friend in tears feeling frustrated for having to wait for the doctor. Ryan and Trevor are both yawning in their chairs. I suggest for them to leave while I take care of Emma. I’ll have Max drive us once she gets the okay from the doctor to leave the hospital. The bodyguards went to drop our luggage at home when we got here and have been waiting for us to call them. I was surprised when Ryan said he felt the hospital would be safe for us without them.

“Now that we’re alone, how did Ryan react to Brandon?”
“Better than I thought actually. He’s rarely jealous but I got scared when Brandon made the anal comment, what a dumb thing to say. Clearly, he saw Ryan and knew that he’s my husband. But Ryan was calm. He’s just dying to get some. I teased him during our flight, poor baby needs some release,” Emma and I burst into laughter.
“Well, Trevor has been neglected lately. They say it’s safe to make love but I’m so big, I’m not into it right now. I just want William to pop out already,” she growls. “William! I love the name,” I beam up.

Maddy sends a facetime request apologizing for not doing it sooner, she was busy with work. Time flies as the three of us talk about the trial, Maddy’s wedding, and baby William; next thing we know the doctor finally walks in. He allows Emma to go home and tells her to come back once the baby is ready to come out. Max is here to pick us up, dropping her at her place before driving me home.

Ryan is sound asleep in bed, I join him being exhausted myself. It’s still daylight outside but the time difference and the red-eye flight is getting to me. I usually sleep on flights but I was busy last night, a smile creeps on my lips at the thought.
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