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A week later

After the past few months, I figured our anniversary celebration would be simple, however; Ryan surprised me by organizing a trip to Mexico so I can visit my baby lion. Instead of having a villa, he booked a hotel at a resort. He rented a room for Max and Cooper too, he insisted on keeping the bodyguards even if Jake is still locked up. I’ve gotten used to having them around making the awkwardness I first felt, go away. Even Ryan and Max seemed to have built some sort of camaraderie which makes it easier for all of us.

My excitement level goes up as we arrive at the Black Jaguar White Tiger facility. I opted for black pants knowing it was safer around the animals, I’ve paired a purple top with them. Ryan is in blue pants with a white t-shirt looking sexy. We get to the enclosure where Ella lives with other lions. She even has a partner I’m told. I’m amazed by how big she got. Eddy said he would try to let me pet her which made Ryan nervous. Eddy walks into the enclosure to test their mood and willingness to let people come closer. Ella lays down looking at us while I’m told I can come closer, Ryan follows me keeping his hands on my shoulders. My girl is quiet, letting me pet her. She’s so majestic; I wish I could cuddle with her but that would be too dangerous. Her nose nuzzles under my arm melting my heart. A few pictures are taken before I tell her goodbye.

Eddy then brings us around to see more lions, jaguars, tigers, and other animals. I’m ecstatic to be able to see them so close. We finally enter his house where he introduces us to baby tigers and jaguars he just rescued. All of us get the opportunity to hold them and pose for pictures. My heart is full of happiness being surrounded by all these beautiful creatures. All four of us have permanent smiles on our faces.

The time comes for us to leave but not without promising we’ll be back again. Ryan will put the foundation on his Instagram to help as well. We made another donation not only for Ella but for all of his animals. Max and Cooper kept on thanking us for allowing them to come to such an amazing place.

Back at the hotel, I grab my bikini ready to enjoy the pool. Ryan told Cooper and Max they could meet us there giving us a moment of privacy. The black bikini I chose has some ruching enhancing my breasts and my butt. My husband comes out of the bathroom with his black swim shorts on, he’s always so handsome in black. “Is this new? I love it!” A mischievous smirk grows on his face, taking my hand leading me out the door to the pool area. Surprisingly, Max and Cooper were the only ones in the pool when we got there. I guess the ocean is right behind us and it’s a private resort but I’m still happy for the concealment. The water feels amazing when I dip in. The boys are wrestling around while I swim across. I love seeing Ryan being relaxed. The loss of his dad has been hard on him, he’s been angry saying his biological dad should have been the one to die. I know he’s hurting and doesn’t really wish harm on anyone but I hope he’ll talk about it in therapy. He didn’t say it out loud but I know he thought about drinking somehow found it within himself to find the impulse.

Getting out of the pool, I head for a lounge chair wanting to enjoy the sun. Before I’ve even opened the bottle, Ryan walks to me grabbing the sunscreen lotion out of my hands. “Let me help you,” A devilish grin lights up his face. His hands run on my neck first before kneading my shoulders. An involuntary moan escapes me when his fingers rub on my chest an inch away from my breasts. Nervous, I look towards the bodyguards, luckily, they’re swimming and talking to each other. Ryan chuckles feeling my pulse racing as he rubs my wrists and arms. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” I whisper. “Maybe,” He smiles, innocently. My back, stomach, and legs are next; by the end of his mission I’m incredibly turned on. “Kiss me,” I ask. He cocks his eyebrow. I don’t normally like to kiss in front of the bodyguards but I can’t seem to care right now. A lot has happened in the past weeks and we’ve been working hard on avoiding sex as an escape. My body has been longing for him though. He sits next to me cupping my cheeks bringing his mouth to mine. It starts slow until his tongue roughly slips inside my mouth. My touch on his chest is rising shivers on its path. He finally breaks the kiss with a smile on his lips. “You can go back you’re blocking the sun,” I giggle. Laughing, he gives me a quick peck before jumping in the pool again. I lay here watching him, his muscles moving as he goes back to some wrestling thing with Max and Cooper. His laugh makes me happy giving me hope for brighter days ahead.

The waitress of the hotel’s restaurant comes over to get our orders and I notice Max’s cheeks getting rosy. She’s short, long dark brown hair, brown eyes, cute smile. “You should ask her what she’s up to after work,” I tease him. “What? Why would I?” His voice sounds like he’s going through puberty all over again. “One; you’re bright red. Two; she seemed to like you too!” I say. He looks down avoiding my eyes saying he doubts she would want to spend time with him, he’s usually shy but I never knew his self-confidence was low. Max is an attractive man but he also has a great personality, he has nothing to worry about. Cooper encourages him to just try; we’re here for a short period, the chances of him ever seeing her again if she refuses are slim to none. He could just enjoy his time tonight. Ryan finally jumps in giving him a friendly punch on the shoulder. “Come on, just go for it,” he says. The waitress comes back with our orders. A fidgeting Max asks her to talk in private leading her away from the table. All three of us look at them waiting to see her reaction. She smiles and moves a piece of her hair nodding yes. After a few more words, he comes back to the table, grinning and confirming that they’ll go for a walk on the beach at the end of her shift. “Cooper, you have to come to our room, you can sleep on the couch. I’m sure things will go well for Max and he’ll need the privacy to end the night,” I giggle. Ryan gives me a look but he seems happy for Max. At least our room has a closed-off bedroom from the couch area.

After asking Cooper if he’ll be alright on the couch for the tenth time, I head to bed where Ryan is waiting for me. His hands press on my waist pulling me to him as soon as I lift the blanket to get in bed. “Ryan, behave, we can’t do it with Cooper on the couch!” I’m sure the tremble in my whisper gives away my real intentions. “We kissed by the pool, what’s the difference?” his lips curl up. Unable to fight him any longer, I bring my lips on his before parting them to welcome his tongue in. The kiss is gentle, sensual. “Fuck, he’s killing me!” My hand glides on his chest and, as if it had a mind of its own, it starts going lower. He chuckles into the kiss wrapping his fingers around my wrist before I can reach the goal. “Let me touch you!” I purr. I’m so turned on. “You said it yourself, we can’t right now!” He gives me a quick kiss. My lips are pouting as I whine a ”please” in response. He laughs, flips me over before laying behind me making sure not to press his erection on me. ”Ryan, I want you!” I attempt to turn around. “Behave!” Using the same word I served him a minute ago, he secures his arms around me preventing me from moving. It takes me a very long time to find sleep. He’s snoring by the time my brain finally shuts off.
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