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Ryan’s POV

Her body clinging to mine always makes my heart flutter, I lust for her, yet, I want her to experience what I went through last night. My fingers slip into her underwear, she moves her hips, a faint moan is heard. I work around her clit until she’s ready for me to slide into her hot, wet, slick entrance waking her up instantly. “Ryan,” she whimpers, her eyes still sleepy. I love how quickly I can lead her to her release but I must stop. It’s killing me to pull away, not getting to hear her orgasm for me. Removing my fingers, I push them into her mouth for her to suck on. “More,” she begs. She tries to pull on my hand, and lead it between her legs but I remove it, gently. “Maybe later,” I force myself to get up leaving her unsatisfied. She whines trying to convince me to come back but I go outside to wait for Cooper for us to go to the store for some errands.

A few hours passed, Cooper drops me home. The flat is quiet. I call Ella’s name but I get no answer. I finally find her laying on the couch in lingerie. “What a sight!” Her bra is made of a black material that looks silky making her full breasts look even bigger. Her underwear matches, the sides have cutouts showing some skin. I notice she has on her headphones which explains why she doesn’t know that I’m standing right here. The best part of it all is what she’s doing. Her knees are bent up and her thighs are pressing together, her left hand is right above her pelvis. I can tell she wants to relieve herself but she can never get off alone. She’s holding her phone with the other hand, whatever is on her screen is making her eyes sparkle while her bottom lip is in between her teeth. “What is she looking at?” I wish I could see from here. Waiting a minute to see what her next move will be, I feel the zipper of my trousers getting uncomfortably tight as I grow larger.

As suspected, she’s torturing herself by avoiding touching her private part. I startle her when I move closer. Her headphones go flying to the floor while her phone rests against her chest preventing me from seeing the screen. “My naughty girl is horny,” I tease her. The nice flush on her cheeks turns even darker. “I di… didn’t… hear you,” she stumbles on her words. “Yeah, you were busy,” I chuckle. “What were you doing?” I add. “Nothing,” she says, too quickly. “Ella! You’re a terrible liar.” Getting to the couch, I move her closer to the edge so I can lay behind her wrapping one arm underneath. “Spread your legs,” I breathe. Gulping, she does as I asked. “Fuck, I hope you know you’re so fucking hot in your lingerie. I want to know what you were looking at,” I say in a low voice looking into her eyes and pressing my fingers on her. “You,” she bites on her lip again before showing me her phone. A folder with different pictures of me is on the screen. Some shots are of me in all black, some of me in my underwear and finally the pictures I sent her during our sexting. “Don’t laugh!” She’s shy. “Baby, look,” I bring out my phone showing her a similar folder only with pictures of her. “Oh!” Her eyes go wide. I’m surprised she never realized I would need her pictures for lonely nights spent away from her.
“Now you’re going to tell what you were picturing. Don’t leave out any details,” My hands slowly remove her underwear, her bum lifts to assist me. I notice she had time to do a fresh wax down there, I always love the feeling of her smooth skin. With one hand I remove my shirt before getting rid of my trousers and underwear. I need to feel her skin against mine. She unhooks her bra, slipping it off. My arm goes back under her pulling her flush with my body. “I’m waiting,” I remind her. “I was thinking about you finishing what you started,” Her small hand brings mine to her inner thighs moving it so my fingers run up and down. “Always so wet for me, huh? What should I do with my fingers?” I coax her into being graphic and I see her hesitating. Pulling on my neck she brings me closer. “Slide them in...And out… Please,” her voice is so soft against the shell of my ear. I inch my fingers in slowly making her gasp as she calls my name. Her small hand brings my other hand to her breast. “You were caressing me,” she volunteers this time, and I grow even larger enjoying her words. “And I was also picturing you sliding your big joystick inside of me,” Adjusting her body, she guides me to her entrance from behind. My erection slides easily into the warmth of her temple as sighs of relief escape our lips after all the teasing from both sides. I keep my thrustings steady trying not to go too fast. She moves my fingers to her clit going in tight circles. My mouth is on her neck sucking. “Feels even better than I’ve imagined,” her voice is still small. “Yeah? Do you love having all of me worshiping your body? My mouth on you, my hand on your boobs, my fingers on your clit, and my big cock buried in you,” I hit her harder causing her to cry out loud. I laugh when I feel her tightening on me loving my dirty words. “Ryan, hard… just like that,” She begs and I oblige, hitting her in rough movements. Within minutes, she’s shaking in my arms going through her orgasm, the one I robbed her of earlier.

She brings the fingers that were on her clit to her mouth. Her lips capture my middle finger, sucking on it. “Oh fuck, Ella!” Her wet mouth has a direct line to my cock making it quiver. She moans, never letting go of my digit, lapping around it. Moving faster, my movements are powerful, I groan when her walls grip me tightly before releasing. “Don’t stop, make me come,” I coax her. She does exactly what I need to get there with her tongue twirling around my finger. I feel the pull in my spine, my erection is pulsing. “You’re driving me crazy,” I’m out of breath. I can’t seem to slow down while I’m marking her as mine. My eyes are screwed shut, my throat producing sex sounds.

Just as I finish she moves my hand back down. “I need your fingers again,” her delicate frame rolls on its back. I trade my cock for them. “Deeper... Yes, there,” She hums, her tongue laps on my neck before sucking on it. Her skin always gets so warm when she’s turned on. My lips wrap on her nipple, teasing it. “Baby… so close,” Her sexy noises are filling the room. My fingers are hitting on her sensitive spot and her body goes rigid. “Kiss me!” She’s urging me. I trap all her screams with my mouth just as she’s coming on my hand, her clit throbbing against my thumb.

Flipping around she lays with her chest against mine. No words are needed when we stare into each other’s eyes, our love is written over them. My fingers run through her brown hair, they’re always so soft to the touch. The notion of time disappears when we’re in that state together, she consumes my every thought warming up my soul. Our conversation earlier reminded me that all previous relationships were foolish compared to ours. No one has ever connected their heart and soul to mine the way that Ella has. I never stood a chance when she smiled at me at that Starbucks and later sealed the deal when our bodies first made contact. A shiver runs on her body, it’s no surprise considering we’re in Montreal in November laying naked on a couch. The idea of moving away from her delicious body doesn’t sound appealing, even for a minute, but I know I need to cover her up.

“Where are you going?” her whiny voice sounds adorable. I quickly made my way to our bedroom where she had left her fleece blanket and brought it back to wrap it over her, she pulled me under with her again. “I was looking at your naked butt as you went to get the blanky, you’re so damn sexy,” her seductive voice makes me blush. Her finger finds the dimple on my right cheek.

The ringtone of my phone interrupts our cuddling session, Mr. Hale is calling. Ella being so close can hear everything when he tells me Jake tried to commit suicide again, only this time, he succeeded. The news is about to come out in the media and he wanted us to hear it from him first. Thanking him, I end the call. Ella stays in our embrace, without a word. I allow her a moment.

“Hey,” I move so I can see her face.
“No…Just hold me,” tears form in her brown eyes as she clings to my body.

She goes from silently crying to sobbing uncontrollably to screaming against my chest, I never let go, my fingers still stroking her hair. I can feel her pain intensely, we both wanted him to pay for what he did to her. His death seems like an easy way out. We’re both hurting from the news yet a part of me feels good about her not making any attempt at running away; instead, she’s using my body as a haven. Her old habits are slowly dissolving and for that I’m grateful. After a while, she calms down resting her head on my arm.

“Thank you,” she hiccups just as her phone rings. An excited Trevor announces the baby is coming. I hear the conflict in Ella’s voice as she tells him, we’ll be there later. I can feel the exhaustion in her body and also in her mind. “We can wait until tomorrow, it’s already 7 PM,” I say knowing she’ll refuse the offer. As expected she invites me to shower before applying an extra layer of concealer on her face before getting dressed. No matter what she’s going through, she shows up for her friends.
“Jake is dead,” I’m surprised Cooper and Max heard her small voice as we’re going to the hospital. “Asshole,” Max lands a punch on the dashboard, Ella shudders and he notices. “Sorry,” he whispers. “It’s okay, we need a kickboxing session tomorrow. I might beat all of you up though,” she says, and we can’t find a smile. “Cooper, could you please stop by the Tim Hortons right there? We need doughnuts to cheer up,” she asks, politely, in a true Canadian manner.
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