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A few hours later, Trevor walks to me and Ryan looking exhausted but the smile on his face could light up a room. “He’s here! William is here!” he chants as Ryan hugs him. “Emma says that she wants to see you. Maddy is on her way, she texted me,” We’re led to the room. My sweet Emma is sitting down, her face is glowing, her messy bun still looking flawless. “Ella! Come say hi,” her eyes are glossy. Taking a seat on her bed next to her and the baby, I get choked up. She asks if I want to hold him, Ryan, who’s standing next to me, smiles. Gently, she hands me baby William. He’s sleeping peacefully wrapped in his blanket looking like an angel. A little beanie is covering his small head to keep him warm. Happiness overtakes me when I brush over his hand and his fingers trap mine in them, my heart is full. Emma snaps pictures before asking Ryan to get closer for more pictures to be taken. “May I?” his tone is soft as he asks to hold the baby. William looks even smaller into Ryan’s long arms but somehow he fits perfectly. My throat feels tight looking at my husband, my sweet loving man holding a baby. Trevor is the one taking pictures now.

“Are you okay?” Emma’s hand rests on my arm, gently. Unable to speak, I nod as I throw myself into her arms no longer able to hold the tears. The funny thing is I’m not feeling sorry for myself or sad that Ryan isn’t holding our baby but I’m moved that this little guy will be part of our lives now. “Is it too much for you?” Emma asks, trying to understand what I’m going through. Clearing my throat I explain to her as well as Ryan and Trevor that I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a godmother, she and Trevor are giving us the best gift ever.

The next day
Maddy is sitting in a rocking chair holding the baby when I walk into the room. Ryan and Sam dragged Trevor out to go eat, giving their friend a chance to relax. Emma is sound asleep in her bed and doesn’t wake up when I sit by her.

“Isn’t he so perfect?” Maddy coos looking at William.
“He is! The cutest little baby. I’m glad you and Sam made it.”

I’m not surprised when Maddy asks about my state of mind now that William is here. The truth is even after admitting to being emotional seeing each other holding a baby, Ryan and me both feel blessed for the opportunity of being godparents. The baby isn’t ours but he will be part of our lives forever, he’ll bring us joy and happiness. I no longer want to waste my time on negative thoughts when it comes to my fertility issues. If life ever decides to bless us with a miracle, we’ll take it but until then; we were meant to be on William’s path and to cherish him.

“You’re so strong, Ella!” Emma startles me, I hadn’t noticed she was awake now.
“Thanks to you and Ryan. Although I’ve worked on myself, you guys never gave up on me, even when I’m a whiny bitch.” I stick my tongue out.

I take the opportunity to tell them Jake killed himself. The lawyer sent all the details explaining he found a way to get hold of a knife while at the hospital. I guess they weren’t keeping a close eye on him if he managed to do so. Ryan is angry, so am I but I also feel bad for his family. His parents were present at the trial and they seemed appalled by my statement and the video, they didn’t know he had it in him. I can only imagine the torment they’re in right now knowing their son not only did horrendous things but also took his own life. I’m hoping they’ll be able to find peace eventually.

“What are we doing for your birthday?” Maddy asks out of the blue.
“Nothing, we don’t need to celebrate it,” I shrug.
“Nonsense! You promised to hire a nanny for our trips, we’re going somewhere. Pick a destination,” Emma gets animated.
“I don’t know! It’s not important,”
“Is she whining about her birthday? If so, it’s already booked,” Ryan who just walked in says. I know even if I beg and whine he won’t tell me where he’s taking me. He does send the information to my friends including flights and hotel confirmation. Everyone seems excited about it, except me who’s pouting because I’m clueless.

Maddy hands me the baby for a little while before Ryan and I head to the gym for some kickboxing. Surprisingly, I’ve been enjoying it and I’m proud of my new toned body. I feel more confident, I’ve always been comfortable with Ryan but now I feel sexier when he looks at me a certain way.

Max keeps nagging Ryan warning him about me kicking his ass again. “Shut up! Come here!” Ryan beckons him, Max walks to us. “You try to beat her! 100$ on my lioness,” Ryan’s eyes are smiling as he pulls me close for a quick kiss. “Don’t hold back, baby,” he adds, moving to the side. The first punch on Max’s shoulder surprises him, I’m stronger than he thought he says. I’m having a blast beating up Max who’s strong, but I’m quicker. “Time out! Time out! I’m not giving up but… Cooper, your turn,” he says after a while. The tall blonde man faces me with a mean look on but I’m not afraid. Them being tall is challenging for me but my speed and agility are on my side. I fight as hard as I can until he’s defeated. “Are you guys letting me win or are you just weak?” I tease them, Cooper flips me off. Ryan then faces me but our fight turns into him trying to grope me any chance he gets. “Ryan! Stop!” I yell at him though I can’t hide the grin on my face. “If we were alone and naked, you’d be screaming “Don’t stop” and you know it,” his eyes are bright. He’s trying to use my weakness for him as a weapon. “I see through your little attempt at distracting me with sex talk. I may love to come on your big joystick while begging you to fuck me harder but you’ll have to grow some balls if you want to beat me,” His mouth hangs open, flabbergasted. Guess he did not expect such a bold statement. When the bodyguards were hired, I was shy to even kiss him in front of them; now we’re all friends and I’m comfortable bringing up sex around them. I take the chance to lay a punch on his stomach causing him to fall. Max and Cooper are congratulating me through tears of laughter. “That wasn’t fair!” Ryan pouts as he stands up. He doesn’t even let me pull him down for a kiss. “Babe, come on, kiss me,” my hand sneaks under his shirt feeling his muscles, my eyes are begging. With his arms around my waist, he picks me up before brushing his lips to mine. “Can’t ever stay mad at me, huh?” I giggle. Max and Cooper are making a gagging sound behind my back teasing us. “Shut up! Are you seeing the nurse later?” I turn around, still in Ryan’s arms. Cooper and Ryan start pressing Max for details, I guess he didn’t tell them that he met a nurse while waiting for me at the hospital. A short girl, brown eyes and brown hair that has been taking care of Emma. My bodyguard is blushing as he tells us he’s meeting her at the hospital after her work shift.
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