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Ryan got a call from his agent informing him the movie production for which he had filmed in Texas wants him to go to California to shoot extra scenes but also to work on promotional photoshoots, she talked about a two weeks commitment. My birthday is in two and a half weeks and he still won’t tell me where we’re going. Getting home after running an errand with Cooper because Max was occupied with a brunette, I find Ryan packing his suitcase. He asks me if I’m ready to pack mine while he looks for a flight.

“Umm… Would you be mad if I didn’t come?” I tread lightly. I’ve been thinking all day and although I love traveling with him, I want to spend more time with Emma. I had promised to help her since we planned to stay here until the next movie. The thought of leaving her but especially baby William saddens me. He’s not mine but I want to enjoy my time with him a little longer, I explain to Ryan. “I’m going to miss you but if you want to offer a blow job in exchange for my blessing… Sure,” he winks. “We haven’t been apart in a while maybe we should build the anticipation. You may want to think of something that will surprise me for our next play date,” He remains still as I extend to my full height, standing atop the bed, helping me meet his eyes. “Get new lingerie for me,” he gives me an order and I agree. With a mischievous grin, he knocks me over and down to my back on the bed before hastily climbing until he’s looming over me. I hook my legs around him, bringing his large figure flush against my much smaller one. Instinctively, my hips grind on him, his grin widens. “Quit humping me if you won’t suck my cock,” his thumb runs on my lips. One rotation of his pelvis leaves me panting. “Ryan, you’re torturing me,” I breathe, softly. “You did it to yourself, I offered relief and you refused,” His tone is playful. “You win.” Before I can even register how it happened his pants are off, his member is in my mouth while his strong fingers slip my pants and underwear down in one swift movement. Our mouths work on each other reaching orgasm quickly.

He tells me he got a red-eye flight leaving tonight as he sits down to eat. I feel conflicted, I want to stay and help Emma but I’m suddenly sad knowing I won’t see him for two weeks. As usual, he picks up on my feelings telling me it’ll go by quickly and give us time to miss each other. I know he’s right, ever since I quit my job we’ve been practically glued together, apart from the week I spent in Minneapolis and one weekend here when Trevor had the accident. A little distance should be refreshing.

The time comes for me to go drop him and Cooper at the airport with Max. His hug lasts a long time, he doesn’t want to let go. Hearing him say I love you one last time before he goes in with Cooper makes me miss him already.

“How did you know Ryan was the one?” Max breaks the silence in the car after a few minutes. “I don’t think I’ve ever said it out loud but from the moment his eyes laid on me, I knew he was different. I’ve been hurt before and wouldn’t admit to it at first. He helped me with my carry on and I felt a spark so powerful. Why are you asking?” I suspect it’s about the nurse. “Sophie, I feel different when I’m with her. I thought I had feelings for Rosa but I realized I was lonely and wanted a relationship for the wrong reason, you know. But Sophie, one look at her, and I feel weak in the knees. I want to see her all the time,” His smile makes his blue eyes glow. “I would say take your time but Ryan and I didn’t! Everything happened so fast,” I giggle thinking about it. “You’ll have two more weeks to get to know her. If things work out I can try to convince Ryan to rely on Cooper for a while. That’d give you time to spend with her,” I offer. “You’d do that for me?” Surprise spreads on his face. “Of course, you’re my best “male” friend! I may still need you sometimes, his schedule often changes and we may need to travel but I’ll try to give you as much time off as possible.” His happiness is infectious making the gloominess from Ryan’s departure to California a little more bearable. He goes on to tell me details of his last night with her, he stayed at her house. “I wanted her so bad but I didn’t go past foreplay. Am I giving you too many details? Shit! I’m sorry,” he gets worried. “Naw, it’s fine. Ryan did the same. I was impressed by the way he focused on my… pleasure… Don’t you fucking dare tell him I shared that with you!” I warn him. Parking the car, he holds his hands up swearing he won’t. “So when do I get to meet her outside of the hospital? If she’s going to date my best friend, she needs my approval,” I tease him. Plans are made for us to go to dinner soon.

Once I’m locked into the apartment. Alone. I second guess my decision to stay home. “When did I become clingy?” Maybe that’s what I needed as a reset to feel strong and independent again. Reaching for my laptop, I read a document to complete my latest homework. My hard work has been paying off. I'm ahead of my program which means I could become a therapist sooner than I thought given I’ll pass the final test. Studying is the best cure for loneliness right now.
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