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2 days before the trip

“Why are so grumpy?” Max asks as I’m dragging my feet on the mall’s floor. “It’s the last day of my period, Ryan can’t come home today and I still haven’t found the dress I’m looking for!” I pout like a child, I’m aware I’m being dramatic but I don’t care at the moment. “Why do you need a dress? You could wear a romper. Those are hot!” he pulls a black one off the rack dangling it in my face. The piece is a tight romper reaching about a third of the way down the thighs, the black material exposing enough cleavage to be eye-catching without being too immodest. Max tells me to try it on and when I come out of the cabin he confirms Ryan will drool all over it.

My next stop is at a lingerie store but I make Max wait outside while I pick sets for Ryan’s eyes only. I texted for him to choose between silk and lace, he asked me to get both. I’m planning on wearing the silk set under my romper, the bra is a push-up one. He asked for boobs, I’ll give him what he wants.

-I got the perfect outfit for my birthday. You better wear something black ;)
-Show me! Yes, of course, I’ll be in black xoxo
-I’ll show you if you tell me where we’re going
-Not a chance, baby

It was worth a try. Max and I then make our way to the restaurant to meet with Sophie. Emma and Trevor couldn’t come tonight and Maddy and Sam went home a week ago for work. Sitting down at a booth with them feels uncomfortable for some reason as if I’m intruding on their honeymoon. I wonder if Maddy and Emma ever felt that way being around Ryan and me. Sophie is calm and easy to talk to, she asks me about Emma and the baby which turns to more awkwardness when she asks if I’m thinking of having children. I can sense Max’s discomfort as I answer her question being as evasive as possible. She and I barely know each other, I’m not ready to give her my trust just yet. Her infatuation for Max makes me happy, he’s good looking but he also has a good heart, good values, and deserves to find love. Ordering cheesecake for dessert makes me think of Ryan and I get quiet. Thankfully Sophie is telling us about her favorite book, I’m only half-listening.

“Did you want to come to my place? We can maybe watch a movie or something,” she asks as we’re getting ready to leave. “Oh, no thank you. Max can drop me home and go but I have a paper to finish before we leave Thursday. Maybe another time?” I’m not lying about the paper but I also didn’t want to be the third wheel. He asks me what I thought of her as he drives me home. “She seems like a nice girl,” I smile. “Yeah? I think so too,” he’s excited.
Wrapped in my blanket with my laptop on, I start typing only to hear my phone ringing. I can’t fight a smile when I see Ryan’s face pop on the phone. “I miss you so much,” I say as I pick up. “I miss you more but you won’t be happy with me,” He sounds sad. “Please tell me you won’t miss my birthday,” my smile vanished, worried about what he’s about to say. “No! I’m not going to miss it… but… I’ll have to meet you there. I’m so sorry, baby. I swear I’ve been trying to get home but they keep on asking for more. I warned them I changed my flight for Thursday to go to...uhh… Yeah, I’ll be there shortly after you land,” He almost said the destination. “Okay,” I sigh. I know it’s not his fault and I don’t want to throw a tantrum but I do miss him. “Are you mad?” he sounds like a child who just confessed to something bad. “No, I just can’t wait to see you. I want a hug,” I say. “Just a hug. Nothing more?” His voice just went lower making him sound sexy. His accent always makes me melt. “Well, a hug until we can lock ourselves in our room,” My lips curl upwards again. I then tell him about my dinner with Max and Sophie before talking about my studies. He tells me all about his work and how Cooper has been trying to avoid bumping into Lindsey again. I wish he’d also find love, he’s a great guy.

My night ends with me watching videos on YouTube. Sometimes I see people leaving comments about me living a glamorous life with Ryan and although dating a movie star changed part of my life; I still sit on the couch in my PJs with a messy bun while being lazy.
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