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Ryan’s POV

Cooper and I got to our gate in the nick of time, out of breath we take our seats on the plane. They squeezed in an interview earlier this morning which almost caused me to miss the flight. Ella would have been devastated. A few minutes later, the captain makes an announcement informing us our flight will be delayed. Cooper gives me an exasperated look. “I know just our luck!”

We’ve been sitting here for at least twenty minutes when I spot two girls making their way to me. “Fans… Tell them to be discreet,” I instruct Cooper, he nods before standing up to talk to them. One by one he lets them sit in his seat for us to snap a quick selfie. They’re both respectful and sweet, going back to their seats as soon we’re done. I always enjoy meeting my fans when they’re calm. I never understand why someone would cry or scream, I’m just a regular guy doing something that I love. Touching people with my work is a blessing.

Another twenty minutes later the captain finally says we’re ready to go. I send a quick text to Ella telling her not to wait for me as we had originally planned, we’ll meet everyone at the hotel. I can’t wait to see her, hold her, kiss her. “Fuck, Ryan, chill!” Ella always has that effect on me. Listening to music, I try to focus on something else while Cooper sleeps next to me.

I wake up to Cooper shaking my shoulder telling me we’ve landed. “Folks, I’m sorry but we will have to sit here for a little while as our gate isn’t ready for us just yet,” the captain’s voice is heard. Everyone on the plane is exhausted and aggravated at this point and pretty vocal about it.

Waiting for our luggage takes forever as well, more fans come up to me asking for pictures. Cooper is doing a good job keeping everyone calm and making sure they don’t prevent me from leaving when we spot our luggage.

Surprisingly, I’ve never been to Florida before but I thought going to Universal Studios and Disney World would make Ella happy. The drive to the hotel takes a long time with all the traffic.

A text from Ella informs me that they’re all at the beach when we get there. After dropping our suitcases, we go look for them.
“About time you show up, man!” a familiar British accent is heard, Sam hugs me when I reach him. “My guy! It’s been a nightmare getting here!” I hug him back. I scan the beach looking for my wife but I can’t find her. The sun makes the sky look pinkish as it sets, the beach is nice here. I finally spot her swimming with her friends. Her smile lights up my world, the way her bikini sits on her body makes me warm inside. As if she knew I was here, she turns around to look my way; her face has a nice glow as she comes back to shore meeting me halfway. All the frustration I’ve been feeling all day washes away as soon as her arms sit on my shoulders while her legs wrap around my waist. Her familiar vanilla lipgloss is back, I get to taste it as she kisses me softly.

“New bikini? I like it,” I smirk. The baby blue material looks amazing on her. Her tight hug makes the time stop for a moment. Sam and Trevor interrupt us after a while suggesting we go back to the hotel. Everyone is exhausted after a day of traveling and they know tomorrow will be busy. As much as I love my friends, the thought of being in a room alone with Ella sounds exciting. I had requested that our rooms be on the same floor and they gave us the top floor. All eight of us get into the elevator and Ella leans back into my body, the sparks are there.

My hands are all over her body as soon as the door closes behind us. “Babe, slow down,” she gets hold of my wrists, stopping me. I know she’s as turned on as I am making her actions confusing. “Why? What is it?” I ask. Releasing me, she goes to sit on the couch and I follow her sitting next to her. “I just want to keep the anticipation for tomorrow for my birthday,” she explains. “She’s joking, right? I want her so bad!” The realization that she’s serious comes when she turns on the tv looking for something to watch. For the past two weeks, I’ve been dreaming of making love to her again. I know she wants her birthday night to be special but my balls are hurting.

“Are you sad?” she sticks her tongue out at me. “Yes! I want you,” I push my bottom lip out in a pout. “Come on, baby! I just figured we could wait one more night, you know things are amazing when we build up the excitement,” her hand moves a piece of my hair from my face. “Can I kiss you at least?” I’m sure I sound desperate but I kind of am right now.

Her lips brush my cheek, gently, leaving little kisses on a path leading to my lips. Butterflies are dancing in my stomach. She licks my bottom lip then traps it between her lips sucking on it. I’m fighting the need to pull her closer to feel her center, which I’m sure is warm and wet, on my crotch. I respect her wishes. Our mouths part allowing our tongues to touch. “Stop, stop! I won’t be able to control myself if you don’t,” I move her back. “I love you,” she hugs me. I’d be an asshole if I’d make her feel bad right now so I wrap her in my arms, tenderly.
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